Location 3: Teams 5 and 6


A Heroes Calling

Ketsu Uchiha, a tempest of arrogance and ambition, laid nonchalantly upon the rooftop of one of the last vestiges of a city swallowed whole by the relentless ocean. But then... he heard something that would cause his heart to suddenly sink; much like his surrounding environment. He sensed a new purpose, a motivation born of reckless heroism.

Faint screams, like spectral whispers from the depths, reached his keen ears. The cries of those in distress reverberated through the silence of the submerged city. Ketsu's focused gaze sharpened, and a spark of determination ignited within him. He had always possessed an undying savior complex, a relentless drive to protect the innocent, even if it meant throwing himself headlong into danger. A wry smile played on his lips as he contemplated the challenge before him. "So, this is the true test," he muttered, his voice resonating with unwavering confidence. The Chūnin exams, once a measure of his prowess, paled in comparison to this unexpected crucible.

The salty breeze, a constant reminder of the unforgiving sea, ruffled his attire. Ketsu's resolve was unwavering as he contemplated the serene expanse below. It was a sea that concealed the city's agony beneath its tranquil surface, a deceptive veneer that masked the desperate struggle for survival. With calculated arrogance, his mind raced, formulating a strategy that balanced his desire to save the innocents below with his reckless audacity. He was no stranger to danger, and the prospect of rescuing those in peril fueled his resolve.


Suddenly, without a moment's hesitation, Ketsu leaped from the rooftop, his lithe form slicing through the water like a blade. He descended into the murky depths, guided by the distant echoes of screams and the determination burning within his heart. As he swam through the submerged streets, the disorienting labyrinth of the city became his domain. His arrogance pushed him forward, his intellect forging a path through the submerged chaos. The screams grew louder, a cacophony of despair that fueled his determination. With each stroke, each calculated movement, Ketsu drew closer to the source of the screams. His savior complex burned like a beacon, casting aside fear and doubt. He would not rest until he had saved every innocent soul trapped beneath this watery prison.

Ketsu Uchiha, the reckless and arrogant hero, had found his purpose amidst the submerged ruins of the city. The allure of the Chūnin exams had been replaced by a far more profound challenge—one that tested not only his strength but his undying commitment to protecting the innocent. In this submerged world, he was a beacon of hope, a force of nature, and a testament to the indomitable will of a Shinobi driven by an insatiable savior complex.

Though, the boy came to a startling realisation; that this must've been set up by the world leaders... they had all come together and agreed this was an appropriate test of their Shinobi slaves...

An unfathomable rage coursed through Ketsu, turning him into a tempestuous fire, a searing fury that consumed his every thought and inflamed his indomitable spirit. His cocoa-coloured hair, normally unruly, seemed to crackle with an inner fire. His onyx eyes, sharp as the cutting edge of a sword, blazed with righteous indignation.

The Chūnin exams, now tarnished by the unforgivable actions of its leadership. The Chūnin exams, an institution steeped in tradition and honor, had become a dark stain on its legacy—a stain that festered with the reckless endangerment of innocent lives.

The Kages, the supposed guardians of their villages, had made a grievous error in judgment, one that had submerged a city and thrust its inhabitants into a cruel and unforgiving trial. Ketsu's fury was not born of arrogance or self-righteousness but of a profound respect for the sanctity of life.

With measured anger, he whispered words of condemnation, his voice like the hiss of a viper. "How could they?" he seethed, the words dripping with bitter reproach. "The lives of innocent citizens should never be gambled for the sake of a spectacle."


The salty sea breeze, once a soothing reminder of nature's majesty, now carried with it the acrid stench of betrayal. Ketsu's anger was as potent as the salty air, and he allowed it to fuel his resolve.

In the depths of his fury, Ketsu unleashed one of his many sealed Fūma Shuriken—a symbol of his strength, his heritage, and now, his unwavering determination to right this grave wrong. The weapon gleamed with a menacing intensity, a reflection of his righteous wrath.

He contemplated the city below, the submerged homes and streets that had become a watery graveyard for the innocent. His mind churned with thoughts of how to rectify this dire situation, how to ensure the safety of those who had been callously endangered.

Ketsu's mind darted about with many dire thoughts; mostly ones of hatred and despair, sheer anger towards the World Leaders. He would confront the Kages, hold them accountable for their reckless decisions, and demand justice for the lives that had been needlessly imperiled.

As he navigated the submerged labyrinth of the city, his anger was a guiding force, an unyielding beacon of determination. The Kages would answer for their actions, and Ketsu Uchiha would see justice served.

In this submerged world of betrayal and anger, Ketsu stood as a harbinger of retribution, a force of nature determined to bring those responsible to account. The allure of the Chūnin exams had faded into insignificance, eclipsed by the burning need to right the grievous wrongs that had been committed.


Gen watched everyone set off on their way but one of them in particular stood out as everything began to pan out. The puzzle pieces were falling into place on just what the exam was about at that moment. One of which was like watching a toddler play superhero in their parents living room and the other was a bit more intelligible. Gen hung his head in that moment disappointed at the display before him as he watched his own teammate dive into the depths that surrounded them. He certainly wasn’t going to chase after him as he was certain that whatever the creatures were that haunted the depths. Their presence alone was enough to deter even the smallest of sea life and that much was apparent the moment Gen had looked outward into the sea. If there was one thing that stood out about him it was analytical nature and he was doing just that analyzing it all. He was tearing apart the very idea of the exams at the moment. He had heard the screams, he could feel the screeching vibrations these creatures bestowed upon the structure of the building and more importantly he could see the entrance into the depths below. His chest bellowed with a heavy breath as he calmed his mind to speak on the circumstances.

“How disappointing, a body for the pire this early in as if we could use any more disadvantages... I'm going inside.”

His voice was stern even for someone his age as he headed towards the rooftop entrance on his side of things. He would look back to his more excitable teammate for a moment in hopes that he would follow suit. This level of interaction at the very least should be unspoken in nature. He was almost positive the young man that remained on the rooftop with him would understand just how unintelligent jumping into the ocean truly was given all the information given to them in the past few moments. If he didn't, Gen was aware enough of his own predicament to keep himself safe and the lives of whoever was down here in his thoughts. He knew the reality of the shinobi world was that not everyone could be saved and perhaps these people were no exception. He stepped within the confines of the building and the first thing he noticed was just how wet everything was. Things weren’t floating about but things weren’t completely soaked either. He could certainly give a nod to whoever designed this building that was for certain.​



With a determined nod to Gen, Taichi would reply, "You're right, Gen. Jumping into the unknown without a clear plan could just make things worse. Let's stick together and figure out what's really going on here." Taichi would then follow Gen into the building, his senses alert and his fiery chakra simmering just beneath the surface, ready to be unleashed when the time called for it. His trust in his teammates, especially Gen's analytical mind, gave him confidence as they ventured deeper into the building.

As Gen made his way into the building, Taichi fell into step behind him. The interior of the structure was dimly lit, and the smell of dampness lingered in the air. The sound of echoing footsteps on tiled floors resonated through the narrow corridor, a stark contrast to the tumultuous world outside. The building's architecture was impressive, with walls that had managed to withstand the relentless assault of the sea. Despite the unsettling circumstances, Taichi couldn't help but admire the craftsmanship that had gone into its construction. It was a testament to the resilience of the people who had once inhabited this now-submerged city.

Taichi's fiery orange eyes scanned their surroundings, taking note of any signs or clues that might shed light on their predicament. He couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to this situation than met the eye. His curiosity burned as brightly as his chakra, and he was determined to unravel the mysteries of this bizarre trial. The duo moved forward, their footsteps echoing like a solemn cadence as they ventured deeper into the building. Taichi's senses remained alert, his instincts finely tuned to detect any potential threats or hidden secrets. His trust in Gen's analytical mind and his own fiery resolve fueled his determination to confront whatever challenges lay ahead.

Together, Taichi and Gen embarked on a path of uncertainty, ready to face the enigmatic trials that awaited them in the submerged city. Taichi couldn't help but wonder what antics their third team member was getting himself into by recklessly swimming out into the open. Taichi would remain vigilant on anything that could surprise them, keeping his mind sharp as they ventured further in looking for any clue that would give them an advantage.





In the heart of the Shinobi Verse, where the chakra-infused world held mysteries and perils alike, Setsuka Yuki stood at the precipice of a daunting mission. He was not alone in this endeavor, flanked by two enigmatic teammates whose abilities and origins remained shrouded in intrigue. The mission: to enter a sunken building and locate innocent civilians trapped within. The city lay submerged beneath the unforgiving waters, a testament to the chaos and destruction that had unfolded. A twisted turn of fate had led Setsuka and his teammates to this submerged world, where the very essence of life depended on their abilities and determination.

Setsuka, with his Executioner Blade at his side, bore the weight of responsibility with unwavering resolve. The blade, an enigmatic entity with its own mysterious past, pulsed with a sinister energy, as if aware of the impending danger.

As Setsuka and his team ventured into the sunken building, the murky waters pressed in around them, creating an eerie and disorienting atmosphere. The remnants of what was once a bustling city now lay in desolation, a haunting reminder of the tragedy that had befallen it. The Executioner Blade hummed with anticipation, its ominous presence casting flickering shadows on the submerged walls. Setsuka's mind was a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions—determination to save the innocent, the weight of responsibility, and a lingering sense of unease about the mysteries that surrounded his teammates.

The sunken building loomed like a forgotten relic of a bygone era, its silent halls and submerged chambers a haunting testament to the devastation that had unfolded. The water, murky and foreboding, seemed to pulse with a life of its own, echoing the tragedies that had befallen the city. Setsuka's heart beat like a war drum, each thud a reminder of the weight of responsibility that rested upon his shoulders. He knew that innocent lives were at stake, and the Executioner Blade, its malevolent aura palpable, throbbed with anticipation.

The water, both an ally and a foe, threatened to obscure their path, but Setsuka's resolve remained unshaken. As they traversed through flooded corridors and debris-strewn rooms, the eerie silence was broken only by the faint hum of chakra and the echoing footsteps of their small party. Setsuka's blade remained vigilant, poised to strike down any threats that might emerge from the depths.

Finally, as they reached the heart of the sunken building, the presence of innocent civilians became apparent. Their desperate cries for help echoed through the waterlogged chambers, a stark reminder of the urgency of their mission.

Setsuka, his grip on the Executioner Blade unyielding, led the way in freeing the trapped civilians. His formidable weapon cleaved through debris and obstacles, creating a path to salvation.

"Free the innocents, that is top priority. If there is any sense of danger; such as an enemy or seabeast, call out each other's names loudly. Mine is Setsuka; Setsuka Yuki. And you guys?"


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ARC Continues
Chunin Exams - What's going on!?

Within the flooded city, the group of individuals embarked on their journeys to begin their search and rescue for survivors in the depths of this ruined landmark. While the team of Setsuka, Shinsuke, and Saito embarked on their adventure through the semi flooded building; Setsuka took charge of the trio and rescued the first group of trapped civilians. His display of leadership and careful swordskills allowed him to free them without destroying the building and causing the pressure from the water to collapse in the process: "Setsuka Yuki Gained 25 Points"

As for the other team Gen and Taichi stayed and ventured off into the building to get a better and saver look at the entire situation instead of jumping head first into the water with no real clue of what the situation truly was. Ketsu however not only abandoned his team at the start but also jumped head first into the water with one of the creatures lurking below the surface: "Ketsu Uchiha Lost 10 Points"

Amidst the tranquil yet treacherous depths of a hidden lake, a heart-pounding chase began to unfold. After the young genin Ketsu jumped into the water, the sound of his splash alerted the 2nd beast closest to him and his team of a potential meal. As such, Ketsu will have found himself being pursued by a monstrous water creature. It was a grotesque fusion of land and water, its misshapen form lurking just beneath the surface. Its eyes gleamed with malevolence, and its almost smooth scales glistened ominously as the chase continued as a relentless dance of survival. Moving with a fluid grace, its body undulating beneath the surface as it closed the gap between them as the beast let out a horrifying bellow swimming directly past one of the many windows that Gen & Taichi may have been moving past. While the beast was big, it was also very fast and could move up to speeds of that 2 times faster than a Killer Whale. It was up to the young genin to decide his next move, will he be able to fight back and survive while underwater, or will he become a victim of the creature and be eaten alive via swallowed whole.





, submerged in the depths besides the sunken city, Ketsu Uchiha was thrust into a nightmarish confrontation. The stage was paradoxical—a serene ocean, its surface bathed in the silver glow of the natural light, concealed a grotesque abomination beneath. This monstrous amalgamation of land and water, a perversion of nature itself, emerged with malevolent intent. Its form, an affront to all that was harmonious in the world, lurked just beneath the deceptively placid surface.

With a sinister swiftness that defied its grotesque form, the creature surged upward within the murky depths, its colossal form racing with deadly precision to ensnare its unwitting victim—Ketsu himself. In the vice-like grip of the slimy lips, he hung suspended above the yawning abyss, his gaze fixated upon the creature's horrific maw, brimming with rows of jagged, bone-white teeth. The creature's breath, an odious miasma tainted with the stench of decay, filled Ketsu's senses. Panic threatened to overtake him, but Ketsu was no ordinary shinobi. His mind, a crucible of unyielding resolve and ingenious stratagem, sprang into action.

In an extraordinary display of shurikenjutsu, Ketsu unsealed several lightning-infused shuriken, a pulsating electric charge sparkling from them. It was his out-of-the-box wit, a hallmark of the Uchiha clan's cunning, that ignited the spark of inspiration he needed. With the precision of a true master, Ketsu unleashed his electrified shuriken upon the monstrous creature's face. A tempest of crackling lightning erupted, in a tempestuous storm of electrified fury. The sea itself had ignited in a spectacle of crackling currents, and the monstrous abomination writhed in the agonizing throes of suffering; its grotesque form convulsing in a frenzied dance of pain.

The creatures lips recoiled, its vice-like grip on Ketsu relinquished, and he plummeted toward the monstrous maw that had sought to make him its meal. Yet, Ketsu's resolve was unbreakable. In the final moments before becoming the creature's next victim, he gathered his wits. With chakra control honed through years of rigorous training, Ketsu cocooned himself within a protective barrier of chakra—a desperate bid for survival. The creature's colossal jaws snapped shut, enveloping him in an inky abyss. Inside the grotesque belly of the beast, Ketsu bore witness to a cacophony of grotesque sights and sounds. The stomach's corrosive acids threatened to consume him, but Ketsu's determination held fast. He triggered his shuriken, each one a beacon of electrified fury within the creature's foul digestive chamber. With an explosion of searing lightning, Ketsu ignited the shuriken, setting off a chain reaction of electrically charged detonations. The creature's innards convulsed as surges of scorching electricity coursed through its monstrous form.

The beast's agonized wails reverberated through its grotesque belly, but Ketsu's chakra control shielded him from the electrifying onslaught; redirecting the blasts of lightning that threatened to take him along with the beast. With a final, thunderous detonation, the creature met its demise. However, Ketsu's ordeal was far from over. The once-calm lake now churned and roiled as the creature's life force dissipated into the water. Lightning crackled across the surface, illuminating the tumultuous aftermath of the cataclysmic battle.

As Ketsu emerged from the dark abyss of the creature's belly, victory mingled with the agony of his battered and burnt body. The air was charged with the acrid scent of burnt flesh and ozone. The serene ocean, once a somber symbol of tranquility, now roiled with tumultuous currents and the aftermath of a cataclysmic battle. Though Ketsu had survived, he was not unscathed. His injuries, both external and internal, bore witness to the ferocity of his encounter. His once-pristine form was marred by burns and exhaustion that threatened to consume him.

In this estranged world, where peril and challenges were ever-present, Ketsu's triumph over this grotesque monstrosity would be forever etched into his own legend. His unwavering resolve, chakra control, and quick thinking had propelled him through the jaws of death and into the obliteration of an unspeakable horror—a testament to the indomitable spirit of the Uchiha clan; a monstrous sea beast of nightmarish proportions, had led Ketsu to a precipice that defied reason and tested his very limits.

"If I Don't Take Any Risks, There Is No Way I Can Beat You... Right, Gyoken?"

The sun hung low in the sky, its fading light casting an amber sheen upon the submerged city that sprawled beneath Ketsu Uchiha. He stood atop a rooftop, one of the two that peeked slightly above the water's surface, gasping for breath and teetering on the brink of exhaustion. The weight of his own chakra-depleted body pressed upon him, threatening to send him spiraling into unconsciousness. As he fought to steady himself, Ketsu's thoughts turned inward, the turmoil of his emotions mirroring the turbulent waters below. His mind, ever analytical and sharp, began to churn with a mix of emotions, chief among them a sense of insecurity and a looming shadow of doubt.

Gyoken Uchiha, his closest friend and rival, had always been the measure by which Ketsu gauged his own abilities. From their earliest days as academy students, their paths had been intertwined in a dance of competition and camaraderie. They had pushed each other to greater heights, each striving to outdo the other, to prove their worth not only as shinobi but as Uchiha. As Ketsu gazed out at the submerged city, his thoughts turned to the ongoing Chunin Exams. The very nature of the challenge, with its enigmatic phases and hidden trials, had pushed their rivalry to new extremes. The Chunin Exams were a crucible of skill, cunning, and adaptability, and Ketsu had always been keenly aware that Gyoken was not one to falter in the face of adversity.

A wry smile tugged at Ketsu's lips, but it held little mirth. He had always admired Gyoken's unyielding determination and his ability to remain composed under the most daunting circumstances. In Ketsu's eyes, Gyoken was the embodiment of greatness, a shinobi of unparalleled skill and potential. As he leaned against the rooftop's edge, fatigue gnawing at his bones, Ketsu couldn't help but entertain a nagging thought—one that whispered in the recesses of his mind, fueled by exhaustion and self-doubt. He couldn't shake the notion that Gyoken had likely already conquered this phase of the Chunin Exams, that he had already proved himself as the superior shinobi. A pang of insecurity gripped Ketsu's heart. The weight of that perceived inferiority pressed upon him, threatening to overwhelm his weary spirit. The Chunin Exams were more than a mere test of skill; they were a measure of one's worth as a shinobi. And in this crucible of competition, Ketsu couldn't shake the feeling that he was falling short.

He closed his eyes, the sunlight casting his shadow upon the rooftop's surface. The distant sound of water lapping against submerged buildings filled the silence, a reminder of the world he inhabited—the shinobi continent, where the pursuit of excellence was a relentless journey. With a deep breath, Ketsu steeled his resolve. Doubt and exhaustion may have clawed at him, but he knew that surrendering to those emotions was not the path of the Uchiha. He would push forward, strive to overcome the challenges that lay ahead, and, in doing so, prove to himself that he was every bit the shinobi that Gyoken was. The sunlight bathed him in its orange glow, a reflection of the determination that burned within his soul. Ketsu Uchiha may have faced moments of insecurity, but he was a shinobi of unwavering resolve, and he would rise to meet whatever challenges the Chunin Exams had in store. His rivalry with Gyoken would continue to shape him, but it would not define him. In this unforgiving world, where the strength of character was as important as the strength of jutsu, Ketsu would forge his own path and leave his indelible mark upon the world.

"I'll Keep Fighting. I'll Break Myself. Even If There's Nothing Left Of Me. I Will Win The Way I Want To."




Saito Shimo -Youth.jpg


Saito Shima listening to his suspected teammates, he spoke with a calm tone, his voice seeming somewhat monotone,​
"My name is Saito Shima, and you may be right; prioritizing the rescuing of the Innocent may be out top objjective. So Leave sensory to me..."
Stating this Saito slowly clapped his hands together, his body releasing various strange black tendrils from his legs that pierced forth into the building spreading out like an intricate web of information, his eyes seemingly turning milky white as he stood firmly. These tendrils which spread through the building seemed to pierce small holes where eyes can observer for signs of life as Saito spoke once more from the doorway of the building;​
"Each Floor possesses around twenty to thirty survivors, The higher up the floor the less apparent danger, but the further down it seems to be obstructed with minor flooding. I'd suggest going straight down and helping those in a more apparent danger Setsuka. Other Kid, you can work from the middle levels towards the top. I'll alert you of any changes!"
Having stated this, though not fond of making orders, his sensory due to his exotic Kekkei Genkai was necessary for informational gathering; one in which could prove vital to the success of this test!



Shinsuke Divider.png

The red headed male who was partaking on the team of Setsuke and Saito, now knew their names and even though he wasn't fond of actually working with anybody he didn't know, their current situation didn't give him much of a choice; And as such, he nodded his head to both things that was said by his partners as he began making his way down the building, and as he did so there was a couple doorways and staircases that were being blocked by rubble and debris. For that reason he'd place his hand onto some of the blocked doorways and stairways to absorb the heat from the debris to freeze it before using his chakra to cause a slight forceful push to shatter the ice and clear the ways; While on other's he used his spear to wrap around the debis and pull on them until they collapsed, this allowed those people to safely escape while directing them to head up stairs to meet with Saito while also suggesting they be careful and quiet as there is not only certain weight limit this ruined building can handle in one area, but there is also a creature outside and none of them know if it's aggressive it passive.

As he continued down the building and eventually made it to a colder floor about 3 to 4 stories down within the building, Shinsuke utilized his heated chakra and body to warm down the certain parts of the floor as he traversed through it just enough for the civilians body temperatures to return to normal, this will have taken quite a while as he had to wait patiently and maintain a steady output so he didn't overheat the civilians, after each groupd temperatures returned to normal, the young shinobi sent them up and gave them the same warning as the others to stay expanded throughout the upper floors so they didn't collapse from too much weight. Meanwhile, he spent some time thinking of ways to deal with the creature outside their building since whatever happened in the water seemed to have done absolutely nothing to the creature as it continued to roam around the building.
Shinsuke: I need to think of something to make it safe for us to leave since that thing is outside... If there's a way to take over it then saving all these people is going going to be a breeze.​
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Gen and Taichi pressed on through the eerie silence of the submerged building, their footsteps echoing in the hollow spaces. Gen's mind remained focused, his determination unwavering despite the unsettling atmosphere that surrounded them. As they descended further, the chill in the air grew more pronounced, a tangible reminder of the depth they had reached. The young man, whose fate had already been sealed in Gen's eyes, served as a grim reminder of the sacrifices made for the village's ambitions. The village, it seemed, had its own agenda, using events like the chunin exams to mold the future generation of shinobi. Gen understood the harsh reality of their world, where lives were expendable resources in the pursuit of power and dominance.

Finally, the duo arrived at the source of the distant screams. The echoes filled the air, creating a haunting ambiance within the waterlogged building. To Gen's surprise, the situation seemed almost mundane, lacking the grandeur of a typical life-or-death battle. Perhaps it was the simplicity of the scenario that brought him a sense of relief, a brief respite from the complexities of their shinobi existence. With a heavy sigh, Gen steadied himself, preparing for whatever awaited them. The screams served as a reminder of the harsh truth they faced – in their world, even the most promising young talents could meet a tragic end. As they ventured further, Gen's focus remained unbroken, his blades ready for whatever challenges lay ahead, in the depths of both the building and the moral ambiguity that defined their lives.

Gen and Taichi were fairing well for a pair of kids that had been forced into a situation like this persay. It wasn't long before the two of them came to the conclusion of their little adventure within the bowels of this bulding but between the two or rather three of them their goal had been accomplished even amongst their third teammate who had thrown themselves to the wolves. While their teammate clung to what would likely be the throws of life and death Gen and Taichi both managed to bring the screams of the weary to an end. The pair found the source of the screams and not long after began their rescue. Gen didn't really care for the idea of someone who couldn't fend for themselves when the time called for it but when they simply ended up being the victim. Perhaps his views on the weak and helpless would change but it was merely a matter of time before something changed within the azure haired young man.

These sorts of things were still tongue in cheek for Gen but he couldn't say the same for his teammates. He let out another heavy sigh as if to say another burden was added to his list. He shook his head before the pair continued on their way with their new found rescues. He hoped their was more to the exams beyond playing the hero which wasn't exactly Gen's favorite thing. He could only think about just how mudane the life of a shinobi could become. He stoked the thought of it from his mind as they trudged along bringing those in tow to safety.​