Chūnin Exams

Part 1: Amidst the tranquil serenity of the village, an eerie transformation took place. The air, once crisp and filled with the sounds of everyday life, began to shimmer with an otherworldly haze. Unbeknownst to the genin, a malevolent gas was seeping into every corner, every alley, and every room, seeking out those with the rank of genin. Invisible and insidious, the gas crept into their lungs, its effects swift and unforgiving. The world around them blurred and darkened, a disorienting descent into unconsciousness. It was as if a sinister lullaby had been sung, and one by one, the genin succumbed to its ominous embrace. When they awoke, it was not in the familiar embrace of their village. Instead, they found themselves scattered across four remote and hostile destinations, each more nightmarish than the last.