Leaf District



"It's... quiet."

[Leaf District]
There was never any signifier that the Uchiha lord was present. The air didn't chill or warm. There was no feeling of eyes on the back of your head. The wind didn't shift or carry the echoes of her footsteps. Simply, there was emptiness, and then there was her. She stood stoic, watching Mujin as he reentered the village, and as he trekked home, she followed.

Her status, appearance, and dress may have all usually attracted attention as she followed behind the returning man, but it seemed as if eyes avoided her, brushing past her figure as though she were nothing more than a lamppost in a bustling street. Her dark gray eyes watched carefully as he entered his residence, still unaware of his newly acquired tail. She took a careful step forward, ready to move to the door and-

"Lady Uchiha!" A voice called in a harsh tone, and her egress halted, her features flashing disappointed for a split second before she glanced over her shoulder. Behind her, approaching rapidly, a spread of various interns and assistants, each precariously balancing an array of scrolls and pens in their arms as they rapidly approached. The one that had called to her, a young assistant by the name of Mochi, was the first to reach her. "Lady Uchiha! We looked away and you disappeared! Our sensory-nin couldn't find you!" Mochi's eyes darted to the seal on her clan lord's forehead, both hesitant and annoyed.

The woman hummed, and all at once the illusion that seemed to conceal her shattered. Eyes found themselves attracted to the Head of the Uchiha Clan: Mirai Uchiha. People halted their daily activities to issue a rushed bow, pointing in a blatant manner at the small woman as they whispered her name. She was enveloped and escorted quickly, all aiming to have her firmly seated in the lord chair to pour over documents that required her viewing.

"The UCP Defense Plan still needs your-"
"Your wedding coordinator needs your decision on-"
"The USC's training regiment still requires your-"

The list continued, and Mirai disappeared in a flurry of scrolls and bustling robes, leaving the front door of the residence empty once, save a single, singed card wafting in an undetected breeze. It came to rest on the front step. It was the very same card that Mujin had signed and left for her the last time he was home. It now had the addition of singed edges and the burned shape of a butterfly hovered over the words "See you tomorrow."

Her message, while not in writing, was clear. Mirai was annoyed with Mujin.




The Uchiha Main Center of Operations (UMCO) serves as the main headquarters for all Uchiha operations, including their personal security force. It is composed in a similar manner to the Hokage's Office, and stands just as tall. While most of it's operations center around the clan's function, anybody may enter the first floor. Uchiha clan members have varying degrees of access to different floors. Only the Clan Lord has access to all floors.
Various seals and security prevent any entrance that is not properly authorized.
3rd Floor- Uchiha Lord: Mirai Uchiha's Office, VIP Guest Meeting Room
2nd Floor- Map room, Operations Tracking, Investigation Ops
1st Floor: Security, Police Operations, Sealing Corps
Basement: Prisoner's Cells


[Uchiha Lord: Mirai Uchiha's Office]
Her eyes carefully perused a report laid in front of her, her features blank as she read.

"Tenbo and Ichijo?" She asked simply.

"They were last seen with some kind of Monster Hunter? Our trackers lost them somewhere in the Sand District." Mochi stated in a small voice.

"When they return, have them summoned. I would like to be debriefed on their adventure." She ordered, sliding the report to the side. "Disappearing into a foreign country with no explanation while a bounty is on our Clan's head had better have a good explanation."

"Yes, my lady... And Mujin?" She looked up from her notepad hesitantly.

"His summons has already been issued. Ensure that when he arrives he is made to wait." There was the slightest hint of bitterness to her voice as she spoke of her soon-to-be husband. "Have you set an appointment with Lord Fourteenth yet? The UMF will be unable to proceed without his approval, and our current contract will need a renewal before it expires."

"Do you believe he will renew his contract with the UMF this time around?"

"The UMF will need to prove it's value, this time around."
She frowned as the memories of why the Uchiha stood where they were now floated to the forefront of her memory, staring at their proposal. "Edit this, ask for double. And set the appointment for later this week."

Mochi rushed off with a nod, disappearing and leaving the lady to review the empire she was building for her people.
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Sparrow, akin to an unassuming black ant, had stealthily returned from his daring adventure, traversing through the Cloud and Mushroom districts before finally arriving back home in the Leaf District. He and his dedicated subordinates moved with the grace of shadows, slipping through the unnoticed crevices of the district, concealed from the prying eyes of both people and surveillance.Once safely ensconced within the formidable walls of their clandestine stronghold, Sparrow led his team through a concealed passage that led to an astonishing underground facility. This subterranean chamber had been meticulously designed to replicate an outdoor setting, complete with bedrock terrain and artfully arranged lighting. To the uninitiated, it would appear as an entirely unfamiliar location. The facility skillfully mimicked fluctuating temperature changes, shifting air pressure, and ambient sounds to maintain its convincing illusion.

Standing horizontally before Sparrow were his elite Anbu operatives, who had carefully unsealed the colossal beast they had recently vanquished. The massive creature lay sprawled before them, and the operatives had invested their expertise to split open the gargantuan neck with practiced precision. From this gruesome opening, they delicately extracted the skull and vertebrae. Their skilled hands then deftly dissected the skull, removing the brain with surgical finesse. With the brain now in their possession, they meticulously sliced it into sections. The rest of the beast's body was carefully placed into separate compartments, each containing canisters filled with a preserving liquid to maintain the integrity of the valuable materials.

In the midst of this eerie operation, a platter filled with the freshly harvested brain was presented before their commander. Sparrow accepted the grotesque offering without hesitation, and, in a surreal and nightmarish scene, he voraciously devoured the entire organ. There were moments when he felt the urge to retch, but his unwavering determination overpowered this instinct. Once the bizarre feast was consumed, a loyal subordinate approached Sparrow, bearing two syringes brimming with a mysterious concoction derived from the beast's brain matter, flesh, and blood. Sparrow was acutely aware of the grave risks he was taking to augment his power, yet he willingly embraced this peril, injecting himself with the enigmatic mixture.


As Sparrow devoured the raw brain, a twisted mix of revulsion and determination played across his features. The grotesque act was an agonizing adjustment for him, and the initial moments after consumption felt like an eternity. The very taste seemed to revolt against the very essence of his being. A sharp, searing pain coursed through Sparrow's body. He could feel it clawing its way from the pit of his stomach, spreading like a wildfire through his veins. Time seemed to stretch as he grimaced, clutching his abdomen. Minutes passed, and the pain appeared to recede, granting Sparrow a brief respite. For those fleeting moments, he might have thought the torment was abating, but it was a cruel illusion. Just when he dared to hope for relief, the torment returned with renewed vigor, more intense than before.

The renewed onslaught of suffering persisted for a relentless ten minutes, during which Sparrow was locked in a nightmarish state of torment. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he writhed in agony, his muscles contorted with pain. He could feel the very fibers of his being straining against the torment. Then, as if mocking him, the torment waned once more. But Sparrow knew the cycle was far from over. It was merely biding its time. In a cruel twist of fate, the agony returned with an even greater ferocity, a relentless torrent that raged through his body for thirty interminable minutes. Sparrow's screams of anguish echoed in the underground chamber as he clutched at his chest, his body wracked by the unrelenting pain. It was a trial that defied human endurance, a test of his determination. The excruciating suffering seemed to stretch on for an eternity, but Sparrow knew he had to endure it to achieve the power he sought. And then, after what felt like an eternity, the pain began to subside, but not completely. It lingered, a dull ache that coursed through his body, a constant reminder of the excruciating ordeal he had endured. Hours passed, and Sparrow remained in the underground chamber, his resolve unbroken, his body forever altered by the torment he had willingly embraced in his quest for power.

After the grueling and transformative ordeal, Sparrow finally found some respite, allowing his body and mind to recover during several hours of rest. His breaths became more steady, and the pain that had coursed through his veins began to wane, though its memory lingered like a shadow. As he slowly regained his composure, Sparrow began to change back into his customary attire, his movements still tinged with a lingering fatigue. The familiar garments served as a stark reminder of his true self, separate from the grotesque act he had undertaken earlier. Once dressed, he gathered his resolve and made his way toward the Uchiha Main Center of Operations. The path to the Uchiha Compound held a significance that was not lost on Sparrow, as it was here that challenged his ambitions. After some time passing, he made way to UMCO and stood in front of the building looking upwards to where the leader of the clan occupied.

[Leaf District - > Foundation -> UMCO]
[FYI: Mirai wouldn't know where Tenbo or Ichijo went. However, for story purposes she can know they left the village. Anything outside of that, wouldn't make sense as it was an secret mission and they covered their tracks.]






Listen while you read~

Mujin's return to the Leaf District brought a sense of comfort, the familiar sights and sounds of the village filling him with a profound nostalgia. After his long journey through the treacherous terrain of the Land of Wind, he yearned for the simplicity of home. His first stop was his own modest apartment, where he could finally shed the layers of sand and dust that clung to his clothes.

As he stepped into the small, cozy bathroom, the hot water cascading over his body was pure bliss. He lingered beneath the stream, savoring the simple pleasure of feeling clean after his rugged travels. His journey had taken him through harsh deserts and unforgiving landscapes, making the warm water feel like a well-deserved luxury.

With renewed energy, Mujin dressed in his Jonin attire, careful to ensure that the Uchiha clan logo was prominently displayed. The emblem symbolized his heritage and allegiance and was a source of great pride. His Leaf headband was fastened around his left arm, a subtle reminder of his loyalty to the village.

Before leaving his apartment, he couldn't help but notice a slightly scorched piece of paper he had left on the kitchen table weeks ago. Upon closer inspection, the distinct impression of a butterfly adorned the paper, a testament to the passing of time. He chuckled, unfazed by its transformation, and pocketed it. Such minor reminders of his days gone by were always welcome.

Outside, the Uchiha compound buzzed with life. Children played and laughed, some engaged in earnest training sessions, while others found quiet moments for rest. The compound embodied a living history of his clan, and its vibrant energy was a reassuring sight.

He finally made his way to The Uchiha Main Center of Operations (UMCO), an imposing structure that held the secrets and authority of the Uchiha clan. There, he was met with officials who, upon recognizing him, offered a nod and a wave, signaling his passage.

Upon reaching Mirai's office, he was met with the request to wait. It was an irritation he couldn't quite mask, but he decided to make himself comfortable. He opened the window, letting in a breeze that stirred the room. Seated on the windowsill, an unlit cigarette dangling from his fingers, he gazed out at the compound below, awaiting the unfolding events of the day.






Shijo Uchiha, the child of the legendary Ichijo Uchiha, had risen to fame and prominence not solely through the success of his father, but by his own achievements. His name and legacy cast a long shadow that struck fear into the hearts of many. As he strolled through the streets, he could hear the hushed whispers and praises of his name from those who caught sight of his imposing figure. The breeze brushed across his face as he made his way towards the Uchiha Headquarters, his eyes focused squarely on what lay ahead, undistracted by the world outside.

Amid his journey, Shijo sensed the presence of another in the corridors of the clan. Though the chakra was faint, he could still discern its presence. Was it a problem? He chose not to question this newcomer, known as Tenbo Uchiha, a high-ranking figure within the Legendary Uchiha Clan. The Uchiha clan, known for its mastery of the Sharingan and their prowess in battle, had a long history and a complex web of relationships and rivalries. Shijo's attention was firmly fixed on the unfolding events within the clan, as he continued his stride towards the Uchiha Headquarters, where he undoubtedly had important matters to attend to.

He walked through the doorway and into the hallway towards the upper level and his master’s office. It was nearly a month since he last laid eyes upon his sensei, it was solely because he was out of the village on missions during the month period. Suddenly he struck upon the door several times and awaited for an answer from his sensei, Mujin Uchiha. Before even a response his voice could be heard with each knock simultaneously.

“Hey Ol’ Man, what's going on?” The voice would not represent something he had not heard before as it was particularly similar to something had heard before. Mischievously stood as he waited for the hearing of his master.




*Listen while you Read*

She knew the second Tenbo had entered the building. She knew when Mujin had entered. Her nose twitched as she rose with a sigh, gently running her fingertips over her dress to smooth it.

"Have them brought to the VIP meeting room please." She instructed simply to Mochi, before she herself disappeared into the room.

Tenbo was simply enough to retrieve, an assistant seemingly materializing out of thin air next to him as soon as he had entered The UMC. She cleared her throat politely, bowing deeply.

"Lord Tenbo," she began, rising. "Lady Mirai has requested your presence in the VIP Meeting room." She held her hands out, gesturing for him to follow her. As the pair walked, the faintest flash of a seal on the back of her neck could be seen. Every question she may have been asked was seemingly disregarded, and when the pair arrived, Mirai stood waiting patiently, her arms tucked neatly behind her back as a gentle breeze drifted into the room from the open window she stood next to.

The assistant seemingly materialized next to Mujin, taking a deep breath as she took a step forward and spoke.

"Lord Mujin, Lady Mirai ha-"

“Hey Ol’ Man, what's going on?”
Would loudly interrupt her sentence, and the assistant would take a step backwards, falling into silence with a blush. It was proper protocol for her not to interrupt any of the higher ranking members of the clan if they were speaking. Instead she would wait until his conversation with the young Shijo was finished.

[UMC VIP Meeting Room]

[A Simple meeting room with a teapot for guests. Often reserved for meetings with high ranking officials. The Lord's seat is centered at the head of the room. Seals are placed around the room to prevent any snooping that would expose what is going on]

Mirai was always a formal woman, but there was something... wrong with the way she smiled at the assistant and Tenbo as they entered. And her posture was off, rigid. Guilty?

"That will be all, Ammitsu." She assured in a hurried tone, and the young assistant bowed, closing the door behind her and leaving the pair alone. The scent of a burnt tobacco would begin gently tickle Tenbo's nose, and the lady would smile guiltily as she relaxed ever so slightly, her arms coming out to reveal that she held a lit cigarette in her hand.

This person who stood before Tenbo was something more than just the clan lord. She seemed more relaxed when she was around the brothers, the need to be imposing and unaffected unnecessary in the presence of her former teammates. She brought the cigarette up to her lips, inhaling deeply as she reached out her other hand, offering the pack to Tenbo. Her eyes seemed trained on something in the distance, beyond the boundary of the Leaf District.

When he approached, her eyes flicked to him, watching carefully, her eyebrow cocked. She sensed something that she had not sensed before his departure. Did he know? Had Mujin told him?

"Something is different about you." She stated simply, the smoke escaping her lips and being carried by the breeze out of the room. She looked him up and down, her eyes relaxed but taking in all of his details. "Something..." She didn't finish her sentence, instead raising the cigarette to her lips and inhaling again.

"I didn't tell Mujin, but his protege, Shijo, has been lurking around the building, looking for him since you two disappeared." There was a bite to her words as she spoke them. An accusation. "So he'll probably be a minute still."





The bustling streets of the Leaf remained as active as usual, where civilians roamed freely about their generalized regular routine, the day itself seemed quite peaceful, and yet standing upon a rooftop was a man dressed in Uchiha robes of a iron gray pigmentation. Obsidian black gloves and pants with silk white cloth wrapped around his shins to the base of his feet which sported sandals. Adorned with a Hyokkoto Festival Mask, this individual's wavy yet bewildered jet black locks flowed with a gentle breeze. To his hip held up by a dove white sash remained a Sheathed Katana as the young man with his left hand to his hip analyzed the surrounding scenery. His silence which was almost deafening remained as he seemed to catch wind of a strange fox like spirit placing a bounty on the Shinobi Mission Board. Such a perplexing creature piqued his interest as the mysterious shinobi seemingly flickered from his position by the utilization of the Body Flicker Technique; by doing so his physical appearance reformed towards the frontal view of the Mission Board just as the Spirit had departed. The masked individual noticing a new bounty being placed, observed the mission before taking it from the board; it was an assassination request from the Kage of the Grass District, one in which details information of an attempted assassination of the Kusakage by a clan called the Shimo Clan. To this mans knowledge this clan was nothing more than a mystery, so such a tribulation to test out his skill was all but needed; as he'd place the bounty inside his robe, the mysterious individual once more flickered his physical being from the spot that he stood proceeding his way towards the gates of the leaf. Though a Chunin guard standing post would come to halt him, this individual turned to face the guard, his Hyokkoto Mask seemingly off putting as the guard spoke with quite a stern voice,
"Going off to do a mission? You Members of the Underground truly are freaks. Like look at that mask, what are you a child?!"
But the mysterious individual who sported the uchiha crest upon his back merely stood and stared at him, before alas speaking with an almost goofy and childish personality,​
"Little old me? Why I have no idea what you are talking about! I'm just going to go get some dango's!"
This left the guard completely flabbergasted as the mysterious individual proceeded to walk out of the village, proceeding Northwest towards the Mist district. His silence during his leaving of the village was one of true puzzlement, but deep inside this individual was properly gathering the necessary information that he had present to figure a way out to properly execute this mission.
Leaf District-> Mist District
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He was greeted and escorted through the UMC, destined to arrive at the meeting room. As he entered, he saw most of Team Ichijo, as he smelt tobacco upon entry. Mujin and Mirai were both in their respective positions, as anticipated, he had adorned a smirk upon entering the residence. It seemed Mujin and another Uchiha had matters to attend to, but his own was to show up and see his former teammate in glory.

The inquiry to partake in the use of Tobacco was rejected with a hand wavering signal, it would be odd as he was typical to accept such a gesture. He wasn't absent of Mirai's body language, in fact, he noticed it the instant he observed her. She was pondering, this was evident based on the scrutiny within her visage when Mirai looked at him. The leader of the Uchiha was a skeptic, and an intelligent woman. His smile persisted, and he made way to pour himself a cup of tea. As Mirai made her initial statement, he drunk some of the black tea. With each each drag of the cig Mirai took, Tenbo sipped. He allowed her mind to fester into whatever was thinking, boiling like the teakettle still on.

"When have you ever known me to be stagnant?" He questioned her statement and the sense of it, he was ever different from her, including Mujin, in fact, the closest person to him was their sensei, Ichijo. He stepped closer to Mirai, then turned his face to look outside the window that allowed in the careful breeze. "Disappeared?" He inquired, it carried a dry and questioning tone. Obviously, he did not appreciate such an assumption or rather statement. He took a sip, and his turned his sides to her with his smirk remaining. "Someone who is as perceptive as you, should been able to find me. I been here this entire time." He then turned his body to take a seat. "Does Mujin student present any distinguishing talent?"






Shijo's heart raced with anticipation as he stood outside his master Mujin's office, but there was no immediate response to his knocking. He was eager to share the good news of his appointment as the Captain of an ANBU squad, a remarkable achievement for someone of his age. This accomplishment had been kept secret, known only to him and his master, as it was not public knowledge and was not meant to be. With a sense of purpose and unwavering loyalty to his master, Shijo turned away from the locked office and left the Uchiha headquarters swiftly. His intentions were clear; he wanted his master to be the first to know. Not even his own father would hear the news before Mujin.

Shijo redirected his focus toward his meeting with the current Hokage, Suzaku. He could feel the weight of the moment, sensing that it held the potential for something inspiring. Shijo had yet to learn which squad he would lead or the nature of the missions that would be entrusted to him, but he was ready to take on the challenges that lay ahead. His chakra remained calm, reflecting his outward composure. He carried himself with the confidence that only a young Uchiha could muster. Moving briskly, he suddenly transitioned into a high-speed dash, covering the distance to the Hokage's office in the blink of an eye.

As he arrived at the Hokage's building, he gazed at it for a moment before striding confidently toward the entrance. Shijo didn't hesitate to alert the Hokage to his presence, knocking firmly on the door, even if it meant waking someone up. He understood the significance of the moment and the importance of the position he was about to assume. His dreams of becoming an ANBU Black Ops operative were on the verge of being realized. All that remained was to be granted the position in front of the man who controlled the Leaf Village's military and shinobi forces,
Hokage Suzaku. Shijo's exceptional perceptiveness had brought him to this point, and now it was time to stand before the Hokage and embrace his new role and taking it wholeheartedly.

A young talent like himself was drenched in the blood of men, figuratively from the moment he was born. He inherited the will of his father and the past of his mother both who stood as significant figures within the grooming of the young man as well as his siblings. He was in fact the more outstanding of the others one could call him the prodigal son. He was someone who supported change and dealt with it wholeheartedly as he did every situation. His dedication met no limits, and he was by far one of the most intelligent Uchiha of his generation probably even further. The likes of
Itachi Uchiha, Sarada Uchiha and even Ichijo Uchiha had maybe paled in comparison. Groomed for the day he could be the perfect assassin. This position itself would deem his grooming to be a successful campaign. Within seconds after striking the door several times the Uchiha named Shijo collectively began to speak aloud, even making more further highlight that he was outside and waiting.

"Lord Suzaku... Its me Shijo of the Uchiha Clan"
He explained, bring much clarity to the man who was hitting his door over and over.


Owner and Founder
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Suzaku - The Fire Lord

The room lay shrouded in silence, an eerie stillness that hinted at secrets yet to be unveiled. Upon crossing the threshold, Shijo was met by Inoka Yamanaka, whose countenance bore a mischievous grin, a silent yet warm welcome conveyed through their telepathic communication. This unspoken interaction was the standard mode of conversation employed by Suzaku and his closest aides for matters of the utmost discretion.

Inoka, standing resolute in his Intelligence Division uniform, accentuated by the flowing black trench coat, was notorious throughout the village, known by the fearsome moniker "Mindweaver Inoka." This title attested to his unparalleled mastery over the intricacies of the human mind, allowing him to extract, manipulate, erase, or fabricate memories, rendering his abilities as potent and unsettling as the Sharingan's hypnotic techniques. Inoka's partner in this formidable team was Ayame Uzumaki, an exceptional sensor shinobi whose sensory prowess exceeded even that of the Byakugan and Sharingan, a formidable medical ninja in her right. Together with Suzaku, this trio represented an unrivaled force in the realms of espionage and intelligence gathering.

In telepathic tones, Suzaku commenced their conversation. He began with conventional pleasantries, remarking, "Congratulations on your well-deserved promotion, Uchiha Shijo," and offered an assuring smile to temper the prevailing tension. However, his countenance grew solemn as he addressed the heart of the matter, "As the newly appointed Captain of my Anbu task force, you will find yourself in situations where difficult decisions must be made. Your judgment must always align with the best interests of our village."

With an air of gravitas, Suzaku continued, his words carrying a weighty significance, "You see, Shijo, I have an insatiable desire for knowledge and an unwavering commitment to the safety of our village. I wish to have my eyes and ears everywhere, especially when it concerns the activities of Leaf Shinobi. I have a nagging suspicion that both Tenbo and, regrettably, your own father may be concealing information from me."

Now, the gravity of the request was inescapable, as Suzaku outlined Shijo's mission, "I need you to keep a vigilant watch over Uchiha Tenbo and ensure that no pertinent information eludes our attention. Your role in this endeavor is of paramount importance. Furthermore, you will be collaborating closely with Yamanaka Inoka, the esteemed leader of our Interrogation and Intelligence unit."

Suzaku's message hung in the air, the significance of his words lingering, and he patiently awaited Shijo's response.


Location: Hokage Office





Shijo's presence in the Hokage's office, particularly after receiving his promotion to Anbu Black Ops captain, marked a pivotal moment in his shinobi career. As he entered the room, he was surrounded by esteemed figures, including Inoka Yamanaka and Ayame Uzumaki, known for their diverse and potent skills. He recognized their significance but maintained a stoic demeanor to avoid any unintentional telepathic communication, adhering to the Shinobi code of discretion.

As the meeting commenced, with the likely Hokage, Suzuka, taking the lead, Shijo listened intently to every word, carefully digesting the crucial information while also guarding his mind against potential intrusions, particularly from Yamanaka, a master of mind-related techniques. His unwavering mental resilience was evident.

The Hokage extended congratulations and issued orders, stressing the demanding and often treacherous nature of Anbu duties, which might involve betraying one's own clan. Shijo's confidence swelled, particularly when the Hokage mentioned a specific Uchiha, indicating that he believed in Shijo's capabilities to undertake the mission. The manner of his response would come with great immediacy especially after the Hokage had spoken.

When it was his turn to speak, Shijo delivered impassioned words with a distinctive tone:

“I'll be your eyes, as I will watch over the village, and I'll be your ears as I will listen to the streets as they speak... But most importantly, I will be your will.”

These words were directed at all three prominent figures in front of him, symbolizing his unwavering commitment to their cause. Shijo extended his hand to the Hokage, offering a handshake as a gesture of respect and acceptance of the position. He expressed deep gratitude and humility for the opportunity that had been presented to him. This moment marked the beginning of a new chapter in Shijo's shinobi journey, as he assumed the critical role of Anbu Black Ops captain and dedicated himself to safeguarding the village's interests.