Phase 2 - Location 4: Team 1 vs Team 2


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As planned, the location of both the others had been revealed to him as well as his technique triggering upon the enemies from his roar, as such 2 apparitions manifested directly in front front of both Soma & Gen simultaneously trapping them with his clutches before either of them could come into view of each other; However, their actions will play out like normal until they 'met up' which will be when the apparitions came into view of both their partners and another entity. Near Gen, will be a visual of a large Wendigo rushing through the treelines and snatching up Soma before hopping onto another tree holding the girl in the air by her neck as it's claws began gutting her alive, filling the genin's ears with pained screams and the demonic roar of the creature itself as it claimed its first victim. Meanwhile, Soma will be seeing Gen suddenly falling to the ground from a Kunai that had been embedded into his chest, standing over him will be an apparition of Mellow stomping on the Kunai and firther pushing the blade through the chest of the poor boy though with his eyes being as black as the void with a small glow of white emitting where the eyeballs will be.

As this scene was unfolding for both individuals, the air thickened with an intense and palpable feeling. The light reflected off their hollow eyes, creating an unsettling gleam that hinted at the malevolence lurking within.The feeling emanating from these apparitions were overwhelming, suffusing the forest with an icy tension. It was as if the very essence of the cursed bloodline had materialized, creating an atmosphere of dread and impending doom. Each movement radiated a sinister overpowering feeling, an unholy resonance that seemed to pierce the very fabric of reality. The air around them quivered with a malevolent energy, causing leaves to rustle and the temperature to plummet. The weight of this power was an oppressive force that pressed upon the mind and heart. It was as if the very spirits of the forest had been awakened to witness the macabre dance of the darkness. Mellow, controlled these apparitions with a chilling mastery. His eyes glowed with an unnatural light, reflecting the power he wielded over the manifestations of his cursed heritage. The intent exuded by the apparitions mirrored his own internal struggles, the constant battle between humanity and the primal instincts of the curse.


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