Time-Skip: June 28th, 1206 AH 1:00 AM


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Land of Fire:
- Shinobi of the LOF have successfully defeated and captured the nine-tailed tailed beast
- Ketsugo Uzumaki has learned Edo Tensai
- Ryojin has started nature training with Ketsugo Uzumaki and acquired slight boost stats due to fighting the nine-tails.

Land of Water:
- Captured the Six-Tails
- Soma Chinoike and daughter Tsuitsui officially became citizens of the Kirigakure
- The Khan: Discovery of the Sanbi in the Land of Rice 3. Failed to delegate with the Land of Rice leaders peacefully to retrieve the Sanbi and completed preparation for the Invasion of the Land of Rice. Experiments are handled by 3 other NPCs other than the Khan that are of high intelligence. High-Profile Sensory-Nin Parties sent out to find the three-tails Beast. The Khan would more than likely always have his military at the ready, regardless of whether it was a time of peace or war.
- Kazuo learned and mastered the summoning technique and can summon Eels of all sizes.

Land of Lightning:
- Mission To Capture The Wolverines was successful (Mito & Sayuki)
- Mito & Sayuki Report That Okami Was Also Killed During The Mission To Capture The Wolverines
- Wolverines Have Finally Been Sealed Inside Of Kyaro
- Land Of Lightning Effectively Captured Gyuki And locked Him In The Thunder God's Temple (Tenken - Tang - Kyaro - Npx Jonin)

Land of Earth:
- The previous Tsuchikage has successfully defeated and captured the four tails Yonbi
- The LOE has also captured the five tails

Land of Wind:
- Captured the Shukaku

Land of Sky:
- Captured the Zero tails

Land of Blood:
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