NarutoRoleplay T1 Rules and Guidelines

General Roleplay Rules
  1. No Godmodding
    1. God modding is the act of controlling/manipulation/taking of another person's character, that character's assets and property, creations or any possessions otherwise that the roleplayer of said character would have to control, without their expressed permission, or any validated effort or process in character. This can not be tolerated for sake of the roleplay continuity and fairness to the players and will result in an irrefutable void of the post.
  2. Combat Contact
    1. No Auto-Hitting or Auto Dodging, these are sub-categories of godmodding but not severe enough to put directly there so this will be addressed separately. We are in a typical T1 turn based roleplay setting - to the basest of the extent to allow new player accessibility. With this it is known that you are not required to take a hit after a certain turn. HOWEVER That being said. You can not dodge everything, all the time, every time, and some things are more subject to hit given a particular scenario then others. Judging the content and scenario of the ongoing combat is very important and it is even more important as a roleplayer that cares about the integrity of ND and those that put hard work into its functionality, that you reasonably access and determine a situation that it would not be likely to escape. If one person has the upper hand and element of surprise, and their attack is moving at a rate that would either be hard to perceive in a moment of unaware shock - or is even moving or aided by factors that make it too quick to even perceive mentally given the range, situation, and type of attack. It would be cheating a member of the community, to suddenly pull out a move that plausibly, would require time to work, get to where it needed to be, and even prepare to take the impact. What this is basically addressing is just furthermore. Make it make sense, it will be subject to "Continuity check" as well. On the opposite side, unless it is a technique of significant merit, reputation, or prep/set up has already been undertaken. Not every attack should be a killing blow. You should not simply assume in your post that if whatever lands it's going to kill the target immediately. The idea in roleplay is that "If I take a hit I lose, automatically." is caustic to the quality of roleplay and perpetuates a culture that results in people making characters that are far overpowered, absolutely void of logic, and just further dilute the quality and content of the roleplay. Let's avoid this at all costs.
  3. Post Editing Restrictions
    1. It is highly recommended that you get your post as close to what you wish it to be the moment that you are posting. The idea of editing a post after it has been posted is one that causes a lot of contention in the minds of the roleplayers involved with the post and if possible should be avoided entirely. However in the case that you need to make a post edit (it is suggested that), you first inform the roleplayers involved and confirm that you are about to edit. (Only if the next in line has not been posted). Syntax, post dressing and other similar things can be done perfectly fine. But you should still notify you are editing and post a new notification in tags that you have edited the post so those posting after you can read and re-access their response to the post. This will only be allowed one time. However if the next person has stated they are in the process of posting, or has already posted - you now lose your ability to edit anything, and any edits posted after the timestamp of the player next in line, will be considered as a non-post and treated to the discretion of the parties involved in the roleplay. This means if you are in combat, the opponent posts, and you edit your post after with no warning - their post succeeds automatically.
  4. No Metagaming
    1. Metagaming is extremely prohibited and frowned upon. This being defined as the utilization, possession, expression, or acting upon information in character that there is no possible manner of being ascertainable to the character in question - and is solely based on knowledge that the roleplayer themselves have attained. This not only is set to this stipulation but as well the communication, motivation, and implication of characters not yet aware of a situation or unaware of ongoing events with no current connection suddenly into a situation. For instance - Tenwa Sozo is fighting Ketsugo Uzumaki. Suddenly, Izanagi appears from nowhere and aids Ketsugo in battle. There was no connection between the characters. No relation, no information exchange, no motive, and no way that the character should have known the location of the battle. This is a metagame and purely a result of roleplayers communicating OOC and conspiring to align their characters to oppose a single force. Not only is this form of metagame (and related others) extremely prohibited and subject to void pending court. But any form of "Ganking'' like this where the characters in question have been brought to oppose a single character unreasonable out of the power scale to defend themselves is just in bad taste and unless provoked in character - should be avoided to be fair.
    2. Ganking: Multiple characters appearing in direct opposition of a character without in character motivation or reasoning as a result of direct metagaming.
    3. Some examples of metagaming are as following:
      1. Using certain types of attack or defense based on the strengths and weaknesses of an opponent of which the player's character has no knowledge.
      2. Acting on any knowledge that the character does not know and could not learn - for example, applying real-life chemistry to create gunpowder in a pre-firearms setting, without said character having any foreknowledge or interest in chemistry or any precedence for its development.
      3. Adjusting a character's behavior towards other player characters based on real-life relationships with other players. This extends to and includes attempts to engender friendships or relationships, and manipulate those of others, via favoritism in-game.
  5. Character Overpowering
    1. Where as it is possible to create a very powerful character at the start, it should be noted that such should only be done within reason, with sufficient draw-backs to counter the power level of the character for balance, and with significant and sensible (as well as plausible) background story and motivation for how this characters power level came to be. Though in doing this there are some things that should be expected to come with such territory:
      1. Extreme Scrutiny of the character biography
      2. Requirement in detail of key components of character content
      3. Viability of the characters powers and abilities. (If you can create a sun in the middle of a better make sense how.)
      4. Power Scale Cliffing: If you are already at or close to a peak in power. There is no reason for you to pursue senseless items and features of power for yourself with no central theme or purpose. It's in bad taste and leaves upcoming characters no chance at it, a reasonable and friendly scrutiny of character motive and potential denial of access (or at least heavy draw-backs/catches) should be reasonably expected to allow others a chance.
      5. Reasonable Character Theme: If you are the strongest Aburame Master Scout assassin ever. It's probably out of theme to have wood release, Flying thunder god, Rinnegan, Lightning armor, and Zetsu.
    2. If these things are looked over and inspected and too many of these things are found without reason, not only should you expect denial of character finalization. But expect a significant expectation of lowered character standards. If someone is seen trying too hard, or especially having a volatile reaction to being denied having a multitude of ultra powerful and senseless things on their bio especially out of theme, then its a consideration that perhaps the roleplayer themselves should not be allowed to make a character of that scale in the first place and would need to be seen that they can roleplay a character in stability and activity at a lower level first.
  6. Post Order
    1. Post order is very important, as said in most roleplay settings if it wasn't typed, it did not happen. With that being said it's important to crack down on proper posting order. This is a T1 turn based roleplay and as such the posts should typically consist of a post in order of the arriving characters and any newly arriving character posting into the setting after the very last in the order. Regardless of intention to interrupt. To elaborate the following is how an order between roleplayers should go:

(1) Naruto > (2) Sasuke > (3) Obito (Cycle 1)
(1) Naruto > (2) Sasuke > (3) Obito (Cycle 2)

  • If Naruto Summons a toad, while Sasuke attacks Obito, Obito can address and the next turn will be in response to that.

Now lets say another party that is yet to be present AT ALL gets involved. Then it could go like this.

1 > 2 > 3 (Cycle 1)
1 > 2 > 3 > 4 (Cycle 2)

The 4th being the new party that just became involved.

  • The newly entering character has nothing in place at all. they have not stepped foot in the room before at all. They saw from the window there was trouble. They must first get there to be involved. What happened the turn before they arrived has been responded to and hence it has happened and can not be undone. Upon their entering, they are free to address and counter/cancel anything that happened that turn Unless there is an Ongoing effect from the last turn that would make that action still "In play" from the previous turn.

However there are cases this can be averted.

Let's say the entering person has assets in play at the scene of the roleplay before physically arriving. As long as those assets are approved, and valid, they can interject. But it has to be very specific. Say for instance in the given example this is the case:

(1) Naruto > (2) Kakashi > (3) Sasuke

Sasuke has a curse seal, and as such this is Orochimaru's asset, live in play. Let's say Naruto summons, while Kakashi attacks.

(1) Naruto > (2) Kakashi > (3) Orochimaru > (4) Sasuke

  • Orochimaru springs from Sasuke's Curse Seal, to negate Naruto's seal, and counter Kakashi's attack. Orochimaru has a live asset that is in play any time Sasuke is around with the seal on. Hence - Orochimaru technically is in play in any post order Sasuke is involved in, so long as sasuke keeps and does not alter his asset. But an asset from the character must be in play. Otherwise you have to get there first.
  1. Character Approval
    1. All characters must be approved by an administrative or moderator team before roleplay has commenced with said characters.

      NarutoData Roleplay Rules
      1. Character Death Cooldown Period
        1. Character deaths happen often, it’s just how roleplay goes. Casualties occur and that is necessary for the roleplay. Unfortunately, roleplay time goes much slower than real life time. Essentially, a roleplayer character could die and a month later (real-life time) they could be up again. However, in RP only a few hours have gone by. It’s unrealistic. Therefore a month, real time, cool down period has been placed before any plans or actions are taken into the revival of an OC.
      2. Clone Usage and Variants
        1. When posting as clones, it is important to state that it is a clone or not. That does not necessarily mean you blatantly state that it is a clone. You can if you want, but if you wish to take a more strategic approach you are allowed to allude to such. Of course, it has to be alluded to in a fair manner and cannot be ambiguous beyond comprehension. Therefore, whenever a new interaction begins it should be stated, or alluded, in your first post with said party. To make this simple:
          1. Party A and B are in a new interaction. Party A is using a clone. Therefore, in their first post, they must state (or allude to) that they are a clone or not their true self.
          2. Another instance could be that Party A and Party B have gone through several post cycles and now, Party C has joined. Since this is technically a new interaction with a new party joining, it must be stated in the following post of Party A that they are not themselves or rather a variant of clones.
        2. Once a timeskip occurs, roleplayers will also be responsible for stating how many clones or variants they have active and their location in the very first post, as well as which is the real version of themselves.

          • These sets of rules are living documents, meaning they are subject to have information added on, taken out, or revised. Of course, this will be done after careful consideration by the moderation and administrative team, and if changed, the roleplay community will be updated immediately.