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Deep breaths were released from the young Uchiha's lungs as his body felt like it was increasing in weight. His lips departed from one another attempting to siphon as much oxygen humanly possible, but it felt as if the chemical element was scarce. Becoming a victim of the Earth's gravity, his body gave into the increased weight and fell to the ground almost instantly. The young shinobi could feel his chakra nearly depleted and begin to rationalize why it made sense to give up as his body remained attached to the lush grass. Gyoken's eyelids folded and covered his onyx black eyes as if there were curtains, shielding him from the oncoming wave of frowns and visually seeing the sighs of disappointment. Thoughts of him succeeding to be a successful shinobi did not seem probable and he often wished that he was born into a noble family that was not shinobi. Standing in the abyss of darkness, his tranquil thoughts and wishful thinking suddenly came to an end as his mind begin to be flooded with traumatic memories. "You're just wasted potential.", "I don't know if I should be happy or disappointed that your Sharingan hasn't matured by now, your eyes have no worth in an enemy's hands." the words lingered in his mind, and attached to the verbal abuse were physical scars that were used as encouragement to help the boy gain stronger. His eyelids frantically opened once more returning to reality and forcefully picked his body up from the ground. While one would commend the Uchiha prince for his willpower, they were sadly mistaken. Haunted by his father's disciplinary actions, he returned back on his feet standing only ten feet from his mother.

Yozu's voice was stern, but he could feel the love and support infused in her vocal cords. A slight smile raised from his face and his eyes twinkled as he felt an increase in his motivational level. Gyoken's use of ninjutsu was proficient, but nowhere near mastered. He struggled with controlling his chakra, frequently adding excess chakra to his techniques which quickly exhausted him in battle. While he understood the fundamentals of chakra and why it was important, his body had not attached to what he mentally comprehended. Taking a break from his own training, his eyes directed toward Ryojin, a shinobi whose strength had not correlated with his age, his prowess far exceeded that of his rank, and was regarded as a profit in his own right. Gyoken's onyx black orbs attached to the interaction between his mother and pupil, piercing her stick onto the boy's skin to correct his stance. Ryojin was showered with compliments only being asked to make minor adjustments, but this was not at all the case for Gyoken. For a brief second, he envied the young prophet whose motivation levels seemed limitless and trained under the most talented shinobi in the Land of Fire. It was foolish to not believe that he was the next Hokage. Helping defeat the nine-tailed beast it only solidified how great of a shinobi he was. "Maybe papa Ichijo would have appreciated having a son like Ryojin" Gyoken muttered to himself, while he pinched himself to prevent a rain of tears.

Doubt corrupted had corrupted his mind, but the young Uchiha shook his head from side to side aggressively, forcefully making the imprisoning thoughts dwindle away. Expanding his chest he began to slowly absorb the air around him and shortly released the excess air from his body. Gyoken's tiny hands lifted from his side and formed a hand seal that was foreign to most. In unison, the Uchiha's prince index, middle finger, and thumb from both hands connected together and constructed a diamond shape. "Channel my chakra into a single point", the words mimicked the advice from his mother as he stared intensely at his hands as chakra fire chakra molded there and became a small orb of fire. Though the fire had some features of a sphere and was not entirely round. With his tongue sticking out, Gyoken's mental energy was directed towards his hands struggling to condense the chakra into a single point. The fire chakra began to mold into a perfect sphere and as instructed during his initial training, he then began to incorporate Yang Release into the jutsu, something he could not innately do. Yang release energized the fire chakra and made it several times faster than before. His yang and fire chakra were both proportionate and safely synched with one another. He mastered the first two steps of the Kasodama but was unable to do so when his nose encountered a grotesque scent. The ghastly smell disrupted the prince from completing the third step of his step-father's jutsu. The sphere of fire launched without warning and incinerated a nearby bolder.

"Hey what's the big idea Menzu! I almost completed the Kasodama this time..." his frustration vocalized and a surge of anger corroded his body as he yelled at the intoxicated cat. "I almost made mama happy," closing his eyes while he said in a soft voice. Gyoken's volume was rather low almost like a whisper. His vocal cords were shaky and had not emphasized his words as he had before. He surrendered to the ocean of sadness that tainted his heart. A stream of tears materialized unconsciously. Gyoken's vision became blurry as he opened his eyes with a different worldview and perspective. A shroud of sadness awoken something inside Gyoken, but he could not tell what manifested. His brain passively released a special form of chakra that affected his optic nerves. For a brief second, the princes' eyes transformed from onyx black to crimson red with one tomoe in each. He could feel his low chakra level decrease even more as his remaining chakra nearly drained chakra steadily collected in his eyes. Before he could answer his mother's question if he wished to train with Menzu, his body yielded and he fell into slumber due to the lack of chakra and stamina.



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Jin was quite talented for his age, being able to create his own Jutsu if given some time, though when it came to trying to perfectly copy someone else's technique without the use of his sharingan was a bit more challenging. He wouldn't need to worry about perfectly mimicking a posture just to do a technique, he'd simply make his own or avoid them altogether. That had to be the one thing that irritated the most about training with his mother, he knew it'd come down to posture mimicking before he could actually do the Jutsu itself. Taking a look at his younger brother, his posture was always good but when it came down to actually performing the Jutsu is where his problems arise, Jin was literally the exact opposite; His postures were the problem but performing the jutsu itself is where he excelled. Feeling the push of a stick to his body by Yozu, followed by her words of pointing out the obvious to him didn't make matters any better. Especially after what she said towards Ryojin, someone who's not even of Uchiha Blood but can perform a technique created by an Uchiha, better than Uchiha. "Tch... There's no way Ryojin should be better than me or Gyoken. This is stupid."

With that, Jin was annoyed with the entire situation and looked directly towards his younger brother Gyoken while he activated his 2 Tomoe sharingan. Jin wasn't really the patient type when it came to learning new Jutsu since the way he stood determined on rather or not he could even attempt to do the actual jutsu. Jin was able to perfectly mimick the stance of the Kadosama technique, performing it in sync with Gyoken, however, once Menzu appeared and the scent he gave off filled the air, it threw off his brothers focus and caused him to incinerate a boulder. While Jin was proud of his brother, for even getting it out, the power it had behind it was also impressive. Jin himself didn't like Menzu to begin with and he made it known every time the feline came around. "You know I don't care this stupid cat and his techniques. Besides, he sticks every time he's around." Before, Jin got ready to take the stance, he took another glance at Gyoken and noticed the emotional stress he was going through due to the entire situation as he awakened his first stage of the Sharingan before passing out. While this wasn't the greatest moment for his younger brother, witnessing the awakening of his sharingan made Jin proud as an older brother.

Now, back to Jin himself; He'd get in the stance he copied from Gyoken perfectly this time and try to perform the Jutsu which he was just attempting. However, what Jin didn't realize was that the Kasodama jutsu was made from Fire and Yang, not Fire and Yin like he was attempting to do. As such, Jin did manage to use his fire release and condense it into a small orb that fit perfectly in the center of his hands like some sort of blast bomb forming. After that, he added in his Yin Release which altered the color of this technique even more. Gyoken's was yellow, but with Jin's prior training, his flames took on a white coloration when performing normal fire style techniques; Now added with yin release, this jutsu began gaining black tribal like marking all over it to give it a more unique design to it. The power of the fire was powerful enough and causing a surge of energy which was shooting Jin's hair backwards along with Kimono. "What the hell is this?! This doesn't look like what Gyoken was just doing!" As seconds passed, the jutsu that was being created was only beginning to surge in a more unstable manner than before. Eventually, the power being created from the technique was too powerful and flew forced Jin to fly backwards strong enough to knock him out if he collided with something. "AHH SHIT!" However, the jutsu itself continued forwards and collided with a tree, burning it with both white and black flames but the scent coming off the tree along with the scent of the flames will put those who smells the burning tree into a genjutsu, as this was a fire release genjutsu technique created by accident.



The breeze was strong at the top of the wall around the perimeter of the village, Shiryu was stood atop the wall looking down into the town the breeze causing his blazing crimson hair to blow about, it had been many years since he had been in the village after his first mission he was sent on had gone bad, having to abandon it he travelled for awhile in search of what he was supposed to retrieve on his mission to no avail.

"it's good to be back home, I wonder if ill finally get a team!! or... maybe they think I'm dead because ive been gone so long lets find out!"

As he went to jump down from the wall something caught his eye, a burst of flames in the distance coming from the Uchiha compound, somewhere he had never been before intrigued by what he saw he jumped down from the wall onto a nearby rooftop and started making his way towards the Uchiha compound with a fair bit of speed in his step, a look of excitement on his face as each rooftop brought him closer and closer.

Finally reaching the entrance to the compound Shiryu looked behind him, making sure no-one could see him since he was unsure if he was allowed to be going in or not, having not been in the village for a few years who knew what state of affairs the village was in. Seeing that the coast was clear he darted inside his jacket billowing out behind him from the speed he was moving at.

Alright im in! its so nice in here the Uchiha are definitely well off id say."

Taking off again he headed towards where he had seen the fire from stood atop the wall, looking around as he sprinted about he didnt notice the tall black haired woman known as Yozu Uchiha stood there, running straight into the back of her he fell backwards onto his butt, rubbing his head.

"HEY! what's the big idea lady youre in the way of my exploring!"

He had an almost angry yet pouting like expression on his face as he looked up at her, literally not knowing who she was so he spoke with a tone that held no respect in it what so ever.


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Deep in the Uchiha compound, the Legendary Yozu Uchiha had entrapped several budding shinobi into her lair.

Enraptured by her beauty and mythical status, these young shinobi were unwittingly lured into several weeks of hellish training.

Specifically, the last several weeks had been filled with austere Yin training for young Ryòjíń.
He had the honor of testing the metal of his mental prowess against the frightening might of the Uchiha lords legendary Sharingan, thus skyrocketing his genjutsu proficiency: the beginning of the resolution of the cracks in his mental domain that had previously abided deaths door.

However, this day Yozu had decided to switch young Ryòjíń's training regiment to Taijutsu: having the opportunity to master the cat stance under the tutelage of the Sangami who's trained with actual cats themselves, little Ryò was overjoyed with the opportunity and worked his well tempered body to a slick and sweaty sheen: however he was far from the only one hard at work!

Neko Ashi Dachi.png

Hearing the frustration and the dismay of the naturally talented Jin, couldn’t help bring a smile on his face.
He knew that taking the slow lane with a race car would come with its frustrations, but he also knew that taking your time only deepened your understanding that natural talent would inevitably take advantage of.

Meanwhile on the other spectrum, as Gyoken marveled at the application of knowledge that dwelled within the boy, Ryòjíń too marveled at the young Uchiha.

His body and mind seemed to hold a weight and trauma that far exceeded the capacity of years his current life could possibly afford. His chest tightened at the recollection, as he had shuddered at the thought of what he must've endured to be plagued by such a seasoned disease at such an early age. And yet, the young Uchiha persisted brilliantly, adamant against the back drop of a stark black reality.

The surging juxtaposition of ideas from his partners intrusive thoughts threw Ryojin's focus off kilter as his chakra control and poise dropped down to a less than perfect ideal, a deviation that Yozu was swift to address. Ryò took note of her expert instruction delivered in the kindest way possible, for what it truly amounted to was this:

A motif of his training since day one.

But today, why has his training suddenly changed? Perhaps it was to give his mind a break, perhaps it marked the completion of everything that Uchiha Lord had to offer (an unlikely narrative) or maybe, just maybe it was to confirm something that even her blessed eyes could not see.

As Ryòjíń breathed into the Neko Ashi Dachi, Yozu watched carefully as the shift of his muscles internal energy relaxed into…
something else.


He sat in his stance almost suspended in time, effortless, as the hanging of an impossibly beautiful work of art in the backdrop of our reality.

The truth was that the boy had long since extinguished his remaining reserves of chakra:

he hadn't enough chakra to commit to even a single jutsu, which is why she had suddenly switched him to Taijutsu.
Even so, he adamantly continued on with his training, yea even harder than before, a fact that would likely intrigue or profoundly disturb her.

As if to answer this growing unease, the Uchiha princess casually cut through the epidermal layer of her thumb with her leading incisor, and slapped her blood soaked pact into the ground to summon an incredibly cute and morbidly drunk animal summon:


Menzu the Cat

The boy squealed in excitement at the sight of Menzu, but knew Yozu would beat him silly if he broke his focus once again.

"Ayeeee, who ya training now? huh? an Uchiha? Oooh.. surprise surprise.. ANOTHER.. Uchiha.. my my.. so unique - Oh? what's this? someone NOT from the Uchiha Clan huh? - what is your name friend and why are you training with Yozu--"

That’s when he'd see it.


A luminous gilded aura radiating warmly from his body

A glow foreign, almost alien to most shinobi and beyond the sensory prowess of even the most seasoned sages. An animal however, born and molded of nature as he, would bear witness to an other worldly phenomena. Menzu, likely to sober up at the sight, would instantly understand why he was summoned. Yozu, keenly gauging Menzu's reactions, would also know her suspicions were spot on.

In the mean time through the midst of a flurry of doubt and frustration, the young Uchiha would compile success after success, first forming the trappings of an incredibly advanced fire based jutsu, before succumbing to all emotional and physical exhaustion.

It was at that moment that the child of fire's concern for his younger compatriot superseded his focus and fear of reprimanding, and with refine musculature, the pair of instructors would watch young Ryò move with the ease of the wind, as a gust of the self same element simultaneously flooded the training establishment.

Gentle and quiet, much like the boy, his body had moved with profane speeds in order to catch the lads fall, thus averting any risk to Gyoken of concussion. Weeks of arduous frustration had pushed the Uchiha incarnate to his limits, but had awarded him with Gods apology: the red crimson flicker of his clans inheritance.

Jin in the meantime, whiling away the hours in training with his absurd talent ignorant to all things that were not success had forcefully blended two noncompatible elements into a volatile brew, a mad scientist with out his protective equipment hell bent towards a violent and catastrophic end

"No don’t!"

He cried reaching his hand out towards the boy,

His secret ability had worked subconsciously to protect him, but immediately released him in fear of being discovered and to make way for that which was to come.

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"Do you believe in gods...boy? My name is Joy and Laughter, it is Power and Providence. I am The Light, now walk into it."


The dawn will come. It will come from despair and hatred, from solace and solitude. Like a setting sun it shall wane only to rise again. It shall linger, in hearts, as it does on the horizon. Like the children that grow from the nourishment of its light, the dawn shall gorge and grow upon the void, the hole in each and everyone of them. An addict would understand it best. An endless abyss with an endless NEED to fill it; the dawn understood it better than anyone else. He understood what it felt like, for a pure soul to be scarred by a corrupted world till its light could no longer push back against the ever entrapping shadows encroaching in. The dawn understood it, because that is all that it lives for. For years it has fallen and has risen. For generations it has denied the Pure Lands of its grace, lingering in the world that needed it most, lingering in the hearts that kept it alive. Because that is ALL that it lives for. It lives on for Joy, for Laughter, to deliver Power and Providence. When twilight fades and the night settles in, as darkness begins to take its place on the throne, the dawn will come.


On this day, the sun rose not from the east, but from the south. On this day, the dawn returned. It returned at its very namesake, the Land of Sun. A land of scattered islands devoid of village or shinobi, a holy place which few have step foot upon since founding of the first clans. It is a place buried in mysteries born of sailors' mouths that swear the place is bathed in constant day.

"Ya aint gon anywhere boi, I tell ya the place is haunted!"
"Dammit Wallace for the last time don't call it haunted! I want no curses 'round here ya hear me? It is a sacred place. Get it right before the gods punish you a third time."
"Twas no Gods that day. Don pay no mine to yo motha boi she a fine ninja but she ain't no sailor. If she couldn walk on water she be a drowner. Now ya listen here, it was a dark stormy night and the lads 'n I were chasing after what we thought were a light house right? Small little golden light waaaaaaaaaaaay out in the distance. We knew the currents had taken us south of the mist but none us reckon just how far from home we'd been pulled. And I tell ya boi something pulled us to that there island that night. Water n wind going erry which way and yet dragging us straight to her. Oh we were tryin ta head there alright, was hoping it was some small village's light house so we could hunker down until the sky clear away. But as we got closer ye ole little light started getting bigger and bigger, till Iroh on the crow's nest swore twas the morning sun comin on in. And when we got there boi. Light, from golden clouds hanging high on yonder, pushing away all da dark storm walls like they were ghosts being banished. And the water, calmed to a smooooooooooth low tide soon as we could see da sand bars. Jeriah hopped off the Misty Scabbard sayin he saw someting a glowin in the biggest mountain at the center. Heard not one word from the crew shoutin our warnings and goodbyes. That's why ya aint seen ya uncle Jeriah no mo boi, the island took him and it never let go. Don nothing natural nor holy glow in da darkest of storms like dat. Them currents was a beasty, tore apart many lesser boats and crews than us and ole Misty dat night and the only ting da coulda held back that demon was da devil himself ya hear? You become a sailor like ye ole man n ya promise me ya never set sail south. Go east towards the real sun boi."

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ON THIS DAY, Joy to the world, Laughter for the souls, Power to the worthy, Providence for the innocent. Let the heavens, and the sun in all its very nature, sing.

From the south to the north, stretching west to east. You could see it, golden light stretching out across the sky in a brilliant flash, seeming to fill the heavens entire faster than one could blink. From the desert sands of Sunagakure bathing in the morning sun to far opposing reaches where Kumo and Kiri lay under clouded darkness of the night. You could see it, as mother nature sang his praises. Sailors' whose ships sway to and fro against assaulting currents would calm along with the winds as they looked up to see clouds cast out like shadows, like puddles drying up in the summer sun. You could hear it, the singing. A faint ringing from above as white light turn golden. You could hear children cheering at the familiar sight and in wonder of the unfamiliar scale of it. Children of the Leaf and the Cloud cheered the loudest but you could hear them, everywhere. Children who recognized the golden sight from a comic book, or a game, from bed time stories and rumors here and there. You could hear the teenagers gawking and jeering, just old enough to remember the light from a decade ago. Still young enough to dream as the children did but old enough to question it being some natural phenomena... You could hear the adults, crying, the few who remember, and the few who knew. The adults who knew the dawn was real. The ones old enough to remember The Hundred Year Peace, who had awaited to see that same light years ago when Amoghisaddhi came to end it. The adults old enough to remember when they lost their homes, their families. The adults who knew that if Yukio was choosing to wake up now, that it was either to celebrate their survival and help rebuild, or he was here to help stop something far worse than the Otsutsuki disaster. You could feel it, the tension, the excitement. Sages would feel the truth. Though it may have seemed to have expanded from the south at the speed of light, the truth was everything was heading for the Land of Sun. Natural light from every corner rushed to a focal point as if it was a black hole in a glorious display. They would feel the energies being dominated and commanded, feel the weather bending knee in kind. It would be as if the sun itself knelt and gave up some of its power in a welcoming display. Power that held partial key to a lock. Sensory shinobi of even the lower magnitudes would feel it, an explosion of chakra from the south that had previously been invisible to the senses, as if a barrier had suddenly been torn down. It was un-natural. Years would have to be taken to store up so much, a decade even. To them it would stand out more than the suddenly glowing sky. Even the sensory deprived could feel it, for the singing echoed deep into one's soul as it was the collective prayers of the world entire that made up its chorus. All would feel the approaching dawn.

golden light would linger in the sky for but a moment before seemingly vanishing before the eyes as Mount Takamagahara had taken what it needed and began to glow in the same very manner. Deep beneath its rock in a hollow chamber lay the dawn sleeping, training. Sealed away in the mountain, into its own dimension where time slows to a crawl. Ten years have passed for the world, fifty long gone for the dawn. It is here in its solitude it can rest and grow stronger, more capable, more prepared. Algorithms encompassing forgotten knowledge of centuries past and secrets of clans and shinobi renowned in their creation lay deeply carved into the surrounding rock, scrolls and tags. Fuinjutsu and Jujutsu on every inch of the hollow chamber all surrounded by layers of seals and barrier ninjutsu to cover it all up. As the soul sealed inside the room reacted to the world beyond it told the garbled mess of encoded scripts that it was time, like a caged animal beating against the walls as it demanded to be let out. And so the tether became yet another of the keys, signaling for the ritual of the awakening to begin. Body and soul became anchored together once more like a shadow being re-sown to the sole. Curses would be lifted, shackles torn and with a similar yet smaller flash of brilliant light like before, Yukio would emerge from the mountain core.


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As the golden light above Konohagakure faded away it would be replaced by brilliant white flashes everywhere under a newly darkened sky for the dawn would choose the Leaf as its first destination the moment it awoke. Decided by familiar feelings and a gut wrenching sensation that told Yukio of something terrible beyond the negative emotions he lay deeply connected to. Everyday, every little ounce of despair replaced with a sudden desperation as a soul called out to old friends in danger. The same kind of feeling that warned him of a terrible future a mere decade ago. Consciousness that had been stretched across the world focused on the hidden leaf before the emergence of the dawn, giving the Senju the forewarning needed.

He would emerge, in the same brilliant white light flashes that had light up the now darkened streets, just as the third individual to have catch his attention would begin to play around with fire release. He would sense the Uchiha's error, or should he say, genius, before he could finish molding it and cause an accident. To protect himself and the others around, Konoha's Guiding Light would cloak the surrounding people in the very same aura that made his armor, the same energy that would have sent the chakra sensory shinobi of before into high alert as they seemed to suddenly gain the power of sages. It was a Holy armor that did many things but among them acted as a defensive layer that pushed back against foreign chakra's trying to enter, rendering genjutsu quite useless. Curiosity couldn't help but illuminate from the golden eyes of the Senju as he watched on at Jin Uchiha's display. No longer in need of worry by its illusionary affects that threatened to emerge, all that was left to witness was whether or not the boy could control it. They all got the answer about as quickly as Yukio had appeared as the jutsu became unstable and sent the young Uchiha flying in a similar manner to the first individual who had caught Yukio's attention and had been the primary reason he chose the Leaf as his first stop. A mere snap of the male's finger's was all it took to save Jin from his impending collision, instead dropping him back in front of the Senju where he had just stood a moment ago. The sound of Yukio's snap as well as the plop from Jin hitting the ground ass first would be overshadowed by a loud...



Among the many tools and various objects stored within Yukio's invisible Fuinjutsu seals along his body, practical joke items were certainly among the most abundant next to weed and adventuring gear. Chief among the classics, a whoopee cushion. As Jin fell towards his safety and one of Yukio's classic pranks, the Senju would form a single half sign with the opposite appendage that had snapped a split second before. With perfect timing, the child would land as his dreamy monochrome flames smashed against the tree and turned a vibrant gold. Just as the heavens above it would be overtaken and commanded to extinguish itself, leaving the tree and everyone else unharmed. All around them the white flashes would continue as the entire village had began to fill the streets in a stir. Many pointed up at the darkened sky, black clouds now shutting out the mid day sun that had changed color just moments before, others began to rush towards the supply drops of the surrounding lights. Stalls, stages, games, rides and so much more set up around the entire village as if a festival had started. The cheering of the children from before now grew to an uproar as many of them spotted the figures appearing in and out of the flashing lights who were starting to take places up in a few of the stations as if to urge on the rest of the villagers to pick a spot and start having fun. Some adults walked outside to see similar wares of their stores now set up in stalls out front as if they were just begging them to get to work. It was as if whoever was setting up the festival had years to plan, or was someone who knew them all personally. It was as if Yukio knew everything they wanted and needed to laugh and have fun.

"It's Yukio! It's Yukio!"
"He's real!"


"Thank the Gods he's finally back, does Kumo know?"
"Didn't you see that light? It stretched out beyond the horizon, there's no way he didn't alert the Land of Lightning."
"I thought he was just a comic book character..."
"I TOLD you he was real!"
"Shut up nerd."
"Where's the real one? Is he talking to Hokage-sama?"

With the rest of the village becoming a crescendo that started out with confused mumbling and rose to a celebratory chorus, Yukio would finally set his sight on the first and second individuals that brought him to the Hidden Leaf. Ryojin would be able to feel the same kind of sensation as the sensory ninja before as a warmth engulfed the boy. Where the first felt by the others was a heralding, what Ryojin would experience was like an affectionate and grateful embrace that waned as quickly as it appeared it. It was a hug given by the same energy radiating from Konoha's Guiding Light. The chakra armor cloaking the others would fade away the same moment the embrace on Ryojin was released. Yukio would set new senses upon the boy to replace the ones that failed him before and what he saw confirmed his suspicions. A life force as radiant as Yukio's chakra. It was no wonder the young man was able to catch Gyoken before Yukio's seal could be undone and he could teleport to the rescue first. It took every ounce of Yukio's mental strength to keep up his playful facade as he looked down at the Uchiha in Ryojin's grasp. The same sight that was placed on his savior set upon him, and the sight nearly broke the man.


It was him, after decades of searching for the chance to apologize, it was him. The soul was a reincarnation, Yukio could feel the pull of old bonds he could only feel from such souls. A small part of Yukio questioned it, begged to test it. But the Senju wouldn't dare wake his long dead brother from such an exhausted state. There would be another time. He could push back the doubt inside of him, the soul was a match, Yukio was sure of it. Hell, they even looked alike. He became use to seeing old souls with new faces, maybe it was the resemblance that left him shaken up? All of it lay buried, beneath the mask. Yukio dare not let it go, not in front of children. Not in front of HIM. Yukio never showed the real him to Gyoken, he wanted nothing but joy and pranks for the boy. How would he be different? Was he still the little prankster Yukio tried raising him into? He doubted it, he hadn't been here for him like befo-

enough, Enough, ENOUGH!

Yukio buried it all before the emotions could begin to erupt from his aura again and looked back up at Ryojin.


"Nice catch kid! Tell me, do ya like fireworks?"

Before Ryojin could utter his answer the white flashing lights around the village came to a halt as the last of the preparations were completed, leaving the darkened sky to be suddenly lit up with fireworks of all shapes and colors.

the celebrations kicked into gear and the sky was reignited with a wonderous display of lights one figure could be seen slowly approaching the hokage manor, the one area of about 5 blocks surrounding the building that had been kept clear of festivities out of security and respect. The same senses that had reached out to Gyoken would be set upon a man standing upon the roof of his office, Ketsugo Uzumaki. As they did so, golden stairs of condensed light would shape before the building leading up to its summit, allowing the figure to approach the hokage face to face. And such is what it was, he would not appear before his old friend with a mere clone like the others. He would hope the Fuinjutsu master would understand why he was not the first in the village Yukio met, having only just recently switching himself for a clone in the Uchiha Compound. Upon arriving at the roof and standing before the Hokage, the Senju would outstretch his closed fist in a greeting that would be echoed by his voice appearing in Ketsugo's inner being. This communication was similar to a tailed beast host speaking to their bijuu and was only capable for Yukio with those he is closest to either in this life or one of their previous ones which have openly accepted the bond. It was a way for Yukio to allow his most trusted friends to recognize it was truly him before them and not some imposter. And Ketsugo was a friend Yukio trusted enough to take off the mask and let go of the facade.

"Forgive me... I couldn't protect either of the villages. But what I sensed back then wasn't Amoghisaddhi. I can still feel it lingering in the future. We need to talk..."



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The three had been performing admiralty, far exceeding her own expectations of the three. Yozu had watched the three carefully, for flaws in their stances, chakra moulding and chakra releases, by combining her own experience with her knowledge of chakra as a whole she would be able to guide them perfectly to their goal. Yozu considers herself to be one of the best Kunoichi to control chakra and all its forms, due to her rather "toxic" chakra supply, able to change the filter of her own bodies natural chakra supply to three different types. Her own Chakra, her additional clones chakra and a unique source of chakra yet to be disclosed, all internal thoughts while she observes the three.

Naturally, having sharp earing, she would be able to hear every word of her son's, taking the moment to think to herself..

"Have I been to hard on them?... No it's how Mother trained me, they're both strong. I'm sure they can break their limitations"

She loved her son's, so much as to that emotionally displaying it would make them emotionally weaker.. but perhaps they already are emotional impaired?

With that. Yozu had activated her own three tomoe sharingan, observing the technique that Jin Uchiha had released, she had watched the technique come crashing into a tree, its destructive power seemed to be lacking, yet its spiritual(Yin) power seemed to be heightened.

Yozu's sharingan.png

Should Jin be watching his technique burning the tree, he would soon see the tree absorb the entire technique. This is due to Yozu's wood release being littered across the Uchiha compound designed as a fail safe to protect from invaders. And this time it had devoured the Yin Kasodama - from the source of the fire to the scent it emitted before it became infectious to anyone.

Her attention was caught by an unknown child, using her own chakra sensory barrier she was able to predict and see his path, imminently side stepping the moment of his impact, this would cause him to still fall on his backside, due to the initial burst of her side stepping, before he even looked up to see whom/what he'd have bumped into, Yozu would be staring down at him. Her eyes shining bright red, almost like a solar eclipse at point blank range
Yozu Uchiha in Konoha.png

"Who are you?" her words echoed, not filled with hostility but genuine curiosity, having her sharingan already activated, she would be able to see the inner workings of this Genin, having already taken assumption he was from the Uzumaki clan, due to his high resaves of chakra at such a young age, it had simply reminded her of her Partner and current Hokage, Ketsugo Uzumaki.. was he a son of Ketsugo? she was unsure.

suddenly her attention turned toward Gyoken whos words echoed through her mind once more

At this moment in time - Gyoken had awoken his sharingan! a proud Mother smiled, knowing full well what is to happen on the first activation of the Sharingan. A break down of the mind and over stress due to the unique chakra's first contact with the brain and eyes. Her own speed considered unrivalled due to her cat like reflexes. she was able to see the path Gyoken would have fallen, without even flexing a muscle. The ground shifted beneath her feet as she had caught Gyoken in her arms, holding him firmly in her arms with a smile, she was proud. Another son with the bloodline limit, the Sharingan.

Holding Gyoken in her arms, she would have leaned down and planted a soft kiss on his forehead.

"I'm proud of you, Gyoken."

Hopefully her words reached his ears and mind, hoping in some sense this would cause his turmoil to calm.

"Jin, when I'm not around I'm going to need your help with helping your Brother."

she said, almost like a direct order rather than a question.

side by side to these events

Menzu the cat

Menzu's booze.gif

"Ooh! what serine light!.. it almost makes me.. BARRRFFFFF!"

He said rather obnoxiously, taking another swig from his much larger than him bottle of wine, chugging the entire bottle in one fell swoop, before throwing it off to the side. The glass bottle would instantly shatter into small pieces, should Ryojin and Jin's attention remain focused on Menzu. They would potentially notice the ground had a huge crack in it, this was due to Menzu's unnatural strength. While most summonings are larger in size to regular house pets, Menzu had gave up his large form for a ridiculously strong body, able to go toe to toe with most jounin and not break a sweat.

"The stance is good! I approve! rather than focus your muscles, relax them, if you focus them to much they become stiff and there for you cant move them when you need to."

Menzu had jumped onto Ryojin's arm and perched himself down firmly, using his soft paws to kneed into his arm, forcing his focused muscles to relax, taking the time to jump from arm to the next.

"Can you feel the difference?" Menzu asked Ryojin as he now sat on his shoulder and burped directly in his face, causing a rather elongated echo to shudder the entire compound.

And finally.

Yozu had taken Gyoken firmly in her arms, having held him tight she continued to observe their training and Menzu's rather obnoxious advice, she had simply shook her head and turned to Jin.

"Jin, can I see you try that technique one more time?" she asked this time in the form of a question. It had the potential to be a unique combination of Ninjutus and Genjutsu and Yozu would do her best to see her Son advance the technique should it be relatively easy to remake. She would help him control it if produced again.

Yozu's barrier had been "breached" she had used her eyes to try and locate where from and whom, but currently no one reveals itself in her line of sight.. smart. a unknown source of chakra to her and a unique signature.. she was now cautious..​


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The young frail body laid dormant within his brethren's arms. Briefly assuming the fetal position, the young Uchiha comfortably rested in what felt like his mother's arm. The warmth and nurturing feeling that discharged from the soft human hands made the Uchiha prince's body adapt to the warm sensitive touch. Unconscious due to almost exhausting all the chakra he contained within his small frame, he missed the majestic arrival of the famed shinobi who went by the name of Yukio. The sky was illuminated with a brilliant white hue of light. By no means was this a natural phenomenon as chakra emitted from the radiant energy that traveled to a particular destination. While he was completely shut, entrapping Gyoken into a world of complete darkness, the radiant energy traversed past the large first of trees that shielded all from the sun. The dappled light dripped upon Gyoken's skin, forming sweet golden pools. A small twitch relinquished from his body without warning seamlessly reacting to the dazzling glow that somehow felt oddly familiar.

Within a few minutes of his slumber, Gyoken's body rose from the ground that sogged beneath his boots. Upon first arriving there was so much moisture the ground felt rotten under his feet, but instantly changed once the dazzling figure made his entrance. Relieving himself from the Hyuga's arms, Gyoken's body stood perfectly balanced while his eyelids remained tightly shut. His breathing patterns were distinct yet incompatible from before and coordinated with the gentle breeze. While his chakra almost ceased existing his stamina and willpower became puppetmasters that controlled the genin's "lifeless" body. Without needing to apply chakra, Gyoken's nails grew exceptionally long approximately 4 inches. His chest diverged downwards, while his rear remained upwards to their ground. A scent entered his nostrils that were unfamiliar and essentially became his target. Gyoken kept his mouth closed while pushing air through his nostrils creating a special noise called a chuff. The sound was thunderous and bolted throughout the close vicinity. Closing the distance between himself and the unknown individual, the target became Gyoken's prey.

Pouncing off his feet off the dry grassland, a cloud of dirt rose up from the Earth engulfing the small frame where he left an afterimage from where he once stood. A shadow that mirrored the features of the young Uchiha remained in the ebony brown smog. This was only a delayed response from the naked eyes and within two seconds his four-inch claws targeted the red-haired Uzumaki who only stood 7 inches away from the insensible shinobi. Fixated on his scent, Gyoken followed Shiryu making sure to pierce his metallic-like claws into the shinobi who attempted to attack his mother.

The amount of physical training Gyoken endured was by no means normal. A biological product of both Yozu and Ichijo Uchiha, the Uchiha prince was pushed to surpass his body's limits. While Yozu motivated her youngest son and indoctrinated her willpower to help Gyoken reach his natural born potential, his father Ichijo produced something far more worst. Overtraining his son, Gyoken was charged and fighting due to his muscle memory. Was the boy completely absolved of the curse of hatred? Or did it spawn when Gyoken was not conscious?



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With the mighty power of his own accidental technique, Jin had been sent flying and hurling backwards beyond his own control. However, with the help of an unknown source, at least to him; Jin was suddenly back at the spot he had just stood but this time he fell to the ground on a sitting position. Expecting the ground to be hard as the ground is just that, hard, it was the exact opposite case as he felt like some type of soft cushion kept him from hitting the solid ground. After the land and hearing the absurd sound it made, Jin's eyes widened with a confused expression before he came to realize exactly what it was he had just landed on. "A whoopee cushion... Out of all the things... Why a whoopee cushion.?" Jin's eyes would be fixated on the tree his technique had just set ablaze and a few things were happening regarding the tree, the first was the sudden change his fire made in color from monochrome to gold, and the next was a the sudden disappearance of the flames altogether. He figured the color change was from an effect the Jutsu had, and the disappearance was from his mother's technique. He knew it wasn't the same type of Jutsu his brother created and as such he couldn't refer to it as the Kasodama anymore, but what exactly should he call it?

His thoughts of a name had been cut short after finally sensing and seeing someone else near them, he had completely forgot about the whoopie cushion until he adjusted himself to stand up just to hear it once more, after such; Jin himself reached behind him to grab it then tossed it to the side before finally sanding the rest of the way up and dusting his clothes off from the debris. He definitely had questions for this person but they would have to wait as he looked over and saw that their mother was just as proud of Gyoken as Jin was. The young Uchiha also nodded his head towards his mother with a smile as she mentioned needing his assistance in helping Gyoken when she wasn't around, it wasn't really something she needed to tell him since that came with the responsibility of having a younger brother.
"Yes mother. I understand." The light that was being produced within the village has just caught the eye of Jin as well as previously his only focus was on his technique and the words of his mother, he had never seen something like this before; And on top of everything there were boxes and other things suddenly raining from the sky. While Young Jin was curious of what everything was for, his responsibilities lied with better controlling his own techniques so he could properly defend his family should the time ever arise for it.

Moving on to others things though, while Jin wasn't the biggest fan of Menzu for obvious reasons. His strength itself was something that the child was able to respect. While Ryojin seemed to have followed in the path of Yozu to be a cat sage, Jin seemed to live in the moment and chose not to make a decision until he got his power at a place he felt comfortable with. As such, he wanted to continue on with his training, and since Yozu asked Jin to produce the technique again that only gave him a set goal much faster which is what he decided to focus on. Just like before, Jin got in his proper stance with legs spread shoulder length apart and his knees bent slightly to give himself a bit of stability, then proceeded to bring his hands together in front of his solar plexus making an triangle shape with his hands by putting the tips of his fingers together and the tip of his thumbs together. From there, he'd take a deep breath just to relieve himself of a bit of stress before finally focusing his chakra into his hands. After a while, his white fire began forming into his hands in a swirling like formation until it finally took the shape of a perfect sphere with the obviously flaming on the surface. This alone was easy to control since he's been working with this variation and power of his fire style for a while now, but the force and heat emitting from the technique as it Jin was trying to keep it stable was still tuff on its own. Especially since this was a jutsu he was trying to recreate; Nonetheless, the Uchiha child closed his eyes once more to focus more on keeping the fire stable since that was something he was able to do on his own. "Alright mother, the fire is stable. But this is where I'm going to need your help."

After a few moments, Jin stabilized his fire sphere and began slowly adding in his Yin (Spiritual) Chakra, at first things seemed as if it wasn't going to work a second time. However, immediately after those thoughts, the pure white sphere began gaining the black tribal like markings all over its surface to give the technique a monochrome-like coloration. From there the power and force of the technique boosted and presented the area with the exact same powerful wave of force as before. His outfit and hair was flailing in the forceful breeze wildly and the sound of wild flames could be heard as the heat further intensified. Jin's arms and legs began shaking as he struggled to keep his stance and balance on top of keeping the jutsu from flying out of control like before. "Alright! I'm trying to keep it stable, I don't know how long I can keep this up though!" Jin was proud at the fact he was actually able to produce the technique again, however it was clearly visible what he was going through trying to keep it under control and the way he was speaking gave away the extra strain as well added with the grunting he was making from time to time.



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It was as if time was stilled, as if light itself, as a single filled procession, coalesced to one singular point,
and that singularity's name was Yukio


Everyone was forced to close their eyes.

Within the cover of the light, Jin's body descended slowly and gracefully as if suspended from every law of the universe at once, (that is until his body was suddenly transported right atop a children's gag toy). Ryò's body in tandem swirled and surged with all the esoteric and rare energy signatures about as his mind would swoon from the extra sensory stimuli, creating and germinating (in tandem) the seed of study for years to come: the miracle of the light, and witnessing Yozu's wood release, up close and personal was a special treat he did not take lightly: taking in all the energies, he did indubitably take note.

A lot of spatial and cognitive dissonances filled the air, the electromagnetic field danced in an almost jeering way, bending and shimmering in ways that confounded all logic and understanding. That disconnect would suddenly be given strident clarity:

Yukio was the dance

Young Ryò beheld the miracle of the Mirror particles, a name he gave the quantum entangled phenomena he saw before him, (more research was needed to fully illuminate its secrets), flickering on in front of them long enough to give the illusion of a static presence, Ryòjíń was soon himself approached by the quantum visitor, the masked particle taking particular notice of the boy lying dormant in his own arms.

Ryòjíń would for some inexplicable reason, feel a single tear implicitly fall down his cheek for reasons he yet understood, but one thing he knew for certain was that the boy somehow belonged to him.

Beneath the cover of darkness, the liminal light from the gorgeous fireworks that bursted through the heavens above, seemingly a mysterious wind would take hold of the mysterious man's mask and place it gently in between Ryòjíń's fingertips.

"There's no need for masks here, and
there's no need to hold back


he said, offering the stranger the unconscious lad.

Within the festival of lights, Yukio's emotions were allowed to lay bare against the backdrop of this inner sanctum of the now…. that is until the moment was interrupted by a rather large and morbidly drunk feline perched on his shoulders.

With a fleeting look in his eyes, he said "I've got to get back to training, I'm sorry… " and with that he left the stoic wanderer.


Back in the training room, he could feel the soft kneading pads of Menzu paws evict away all stress and worry from each muscle band to the next, until his body was like a tranquil stream, as that familiar energy surged through his body like water once again.

"Can you feel the difference?"

"Yes, I…."

He did not so much as flinch when the belch came, for his focus he had now had been perfected. The serene glass like ocean of his will and intent was not so much as disturbed even when the Uchiha boy, previously asleep, was taken whole and transformed by the elements and darted off towards an undisclosed location.

He took note on how easy jutsu came to his Uchiha compatriot, and he knew that Jin was no ordinary ninja. Perhaps an incarnate that he read about in the texts long ago? Either way, it was clearly evident that this man's talent was beyond the reach of his years to aspire for, and it was an honor and a pleasure being able to walk along side him these last couple weeks.

Ryòjíń's keen yin control, cultivated by his intense genjutsu studies, has allowed the passive energy disruption necessary to be freed from his works caustic control.



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In the midst of the training in the damp darkened room, long after his contemporaries had abandon the training grounds, Ryòjíń could be seen deep in the depths of the Uchiha compounds, his mind body and spirit was getting acclimated to the new energy source that he was continually gaining conscious control thereof.

Muscles and sinew glistening in the dim yin moonlight, he continuously trained his forms over and over, as an inebriated feline wistfully in slumber watched over the small child's progress.


The stream of his connections of things have changed, from that of overwhelming rapids to a calm connection and awareness.
It was in this heart of concentration that he took notice of the other new or rather, classic star bangled members that rejoined Konoha's ranks.

Out stretching a hand, he noiselessly summoned the Sharin Shuriken to his grips. Despite its weight of an excess several hundred tons, it felt light to his hand, curious for a lingering second how the training may have affected his physiology, no matter, this was not the time to ponder.

With a flick of the wrist, the wheel was jettisoned clear into the sky. Within the stratosphere, several overlapping sonic booms would've taken place if only there was enough air there to facilitate it, as it would continually and dangerously gain momentum. In the interim period, an invisible gust of wind would vest him with clothing, returning his robes and training armor unto his newly augmented vessel.

"Sincerest apologies and an abundance of gratitude for your time Menzu senpai, but I must bid you adieu. The duties of the Hokage bids my presence, if you will excuse me…"


with the last syllable, the boy vanished

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