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Ryòjíń Hyūga


Ryòjíń stumbled into existence, finding himself in the midst of the tumultuous Uchiha Compound.

Casually flipping the Shuriken upon his back, he smiled mischievously towards his orange haired comrade, happy to showcase the fruits of his new creation, secretly reveling in the fact that the two have experienced a stark disparity in energy expended to get there when suddenly,

his whole body tilted off axis..

He barely caught himself at the last second, his body taking a hard step preventing it from a swift collision course towards the cold hard pavement below; looking towards his trembling hands, he could see that his entire body was suddenly shaking…


What is this…

this couldn't be…

was this…

Chakra Deprivation??

Ryòjíń's execution of chakra control was nigh perfect, his relationship with the stuff is what most would consider to be of the same ilk & ease as breathing, and yet… here he stood,
nearly drained of all chakra after just two moves, that which would normally hardly leave a dent within even his usually sparse reserves.

He was used to little amounts of chakra, but this was
something else

Something wasn't right here,

he couldn’t feel Mowa's usual warm chakra within him at all… in fact,

This whole present area was ripe with all manner of rare and abundant chakra, yet it all neglected to reach him, mysteriously vanishing several feet from his presence, only to reemerge within his vessel filtered, augmented... transformed:

only a fraction of a portion of what once was.

Ryòjíń had felt something was off ever since he first woke up, but he had attributed it to maybe some kind telekinetic fatigue, but it was evident now more than ever that this was different, something was extraordinarily off.

"Sir I don't wish to go against the wishes of the Hokage" he started towards his previous squad leader, "especially in light of my recent inappropriate actions towards the Hokage office, which I'd like to take the opportunity now to sincerely apologize for" he said, taking a deep bow before the magistrate of the Kage office,

"but are you sure that I am in any condition to perform upon expectation in this up coming mission?"
Prosing his concerns as a question to assuage any worry on Keiwa's behalf

"Can you see if there is anything wrong with me, that the medics at the 9th perhaps might have missed??"
His internal anxiousness persisting on in question.

Of course unknowingly to the boy, Mowa would already know exactly what was wrong, for he was the exact cause and reason behind his present ailment..

If he chose to discharged him to his mission regardless, Ryòjíń would of course comply, leaving the vicinity towards the meeting spot of his next mission, but he hesitated for a moment, and spoke to his superior and comrade alike:

"Oh by the way! That reminded me,
I happen to spot a strange backpack on the way hereit looked sort of homemade"

He paused, considering his next words wisely,

"it sort of… reminded me of a childlike impression of the tailed beast that dwells in side of you"

he claimed, pointing directly at Kurama.

This would surely ignite a flame within the two present sons of the Sozo clan.

"Any way, we must be going now I suppose..."

He said, reaching towards Keiwa's inner feelings, knowing this more than likely would light a spark within them both.

He now casually turned towards the other direction,

The reigning Hokage's decisions would definitively decide their next course of action.​


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"Man seeks peace, yet at the same time yearning for war… Those are the two realms belonging solely to man. Thinking of peace whilst spilling blood is something that only humans could do. They’re two sides of the same coin… to protect something… another must be sacrificed"


Something was off, it wasn’t for the transfer of information of the Taiwa scroll that would bring Yozu back to reality, the gentle “ding'' it made, jumping off the building and standing within the compounds centre, using her right hand she would have opened up the scroll in a timely manner, having already had her Mangekyo Sharingan activated it took her a second to read the entirety of information that would have been passed onto her from Mowa Sozo, three clones where located in each corner of konoha, “what could surely go wrong now..?” It wasn’t until those words in her mind finished, one of the clones picked up a large mass of chakra gathering in a singular spot in one of the houses, thanks to the visual linking effect of Yozu’s sharingan she was able to see in full detail, starting with mass chakra gathering and then heat.

Given the fact the chakra gathering stimulated a heat source one could only assume that it was going to explode and much to that assumption, it did. The debris of the house flew outward and up,Yozu was able to see this in full effect due to her Sharingan. it wouldn’t be that long before a clone had picked up another chakra gathering, before the heat would even begin to formulate using Yozu Uchiha’s Wood Release that reside in houses and around them would wrap around the civilians and coat them in a thick layer of wood, while simultaneously removing them from the detonating house, thanks to Yozu’s efforts many years ago the houses inside of Konoha have her Wood Release within them if not created by the very wood of Yozu Uchiha, the moment the civilian would be successfully extracted, the wood inside would coil around the building formulating a Wooden Dome with chakra absorbing capabilities around the entire buildings structure, allowing it to detonate within the dome, dramatically reducing the damage by concealing these explosion.

Thanks to the clones of Yozu Uchiha, they acted as her eyes and Yozu their hive mind relaying information to her the moment the sources of chakra gather, much like before. The wood release inside of the buildings and/or outside would successfully extract civilians by protecting them in a thick multiple layer of wood and turning the very building into a dome.

All of this is possible thanks to the Wood Release of Yozu Uchiha, once the wood had been created it is mentally and spiritually linked to the user allowing them to create and destroy with their Wood Release at a moment's notice with no additional chakra input, only the chakra to re-shape and control, not produce. This is what allows Yozu to ever so quickly and efficiently protect the civilians inside of Konoha and reduce the explosions damage by containing it in a Wooden Dome, should the explosions provide to much for the dome, the dome would open up at the top depending on the location of the buildings and reinforce the other remaining sides, forcing the explosion to either be projected in a safe manner, away from civilians and away from touching other buildings.

In conjunction, Yozu’s Clones could also manipulate the very buildings that consist of her Wood Release, as they are all in squads of three, the third would relay the information to Yozu directly and the other two essentially done what Yozu is doing right now, the first would become a hive mind connected to the second and the second would point out any source of chakra gathering that isn’t within the proximity of Yozu’s buildings in an effort to expand her protecting and containing.

With the efforts of Yozu Uchiha and her Clones, she would have shouted within the compound in an attempt to get her information across to any Shinobi/Kunoichi, Genin, Chuunin or Jounin that are within the compound.

Follow the vines of my wood Release and bring the civilians here, they are protected within a layer of my wood, tap the wood three times and it will release them. My fellow Uchiha, form groups of 4 with them and use your sharingan to seek out my Wood in a timely manner, go!

The next gathering of chakra was at the Uchiha compound, noted in every building inside of the compound was “gathering chakra rapidly” Thankfully, the people had been ordered by Yozu to come outside and aid the injured. However, she still using her very own Wood Release formed the same dome she had been producing outside to contain the explosion, once again however if any babies, children and elders would have remained in their homes, the very same wood would also constrict around them and keep them safe in a thick three layer wrapping of wood and bringing them safely outside to be released within the Uchiha compound. Once again the buildings formed into that of domes, full domes containing the explosions once again, the very explosions shaking the ground beneath everyone's feet. Causing everyone to shake, from the very explosions, thankfully they were contained or the effect would have been far worse.

Yozu Uchiha had maintained focus this entire time, the wood still forming to protect civilians and domes to keep explosions contained.


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The Grid – a set of sequential sealing arrays set up by Ketsugo Uzumaki. Set up in preparation for a plethora of reasons, and with the events of the Red Bombing, they had sprung into action based on the Uzumaki’s will and intent. As a result of the seal's nature and multi-faceted purposes, acted to protect Land of Fire citizens and served to preserve and maintain some of its locations. These seals were constructed by Yin-Yang Release, as well as those set by the Konoha Sealing Corps which were set to respond under particular circumstances.

Kami Shia


Two days had passed since the bombs went off in Konoha, Keiwa was able to find Ryojin a safe place to recover. The young shinobi took it upon himself to look for any survivors of The Red Bombing, along with two shadow clones. Searching the Uchiha Compound where he last saw Mowa and Yozu, Keiwa stumbled upon rubble and remaining wood from Yozu’s wood release techniques. The fires in the area had died down and some bark from the wood release had fallen off due to damage dealt from the explosions. One of Keiwa’s clones took it upon himself to pick up a piece of bark and examine it with his Naibugan, it could sense the unusual chakra. The clone would go on to pocket more of the bark from the wood release that contained chakra, the chakra flowing within it seemed very familiar to Keiwa’s clone in a way. Collecting enough so that he'd give them to his summoner after they were done searching for survivors.

Meanwhile Keiwa himself could find no one so he’d regroup with his clones after a few minutes of searching. The clone that collected the wood release handed the bark to Keiwa himself who pocketed the wood release so he could sense the chakra flowing within it. The clone collected over a dozen pieces of bark so that Keiwa could conduct his own personal experiments later on. However the more pieces that were gathered better the chakra signature was immitied. Despite collecting the bark Keiwa made his way to see if the Konoha Library was still standing. Quickly transitioning from one place to another using the body flicker technique, It would take Keiwa only a few second to reach his destination.

[Uchiha Compound - Konoha Library]


After the sudden and devastating declaration by the being known as Madoguchi, it would seem as though as he had retreated into the chakra source as fast as he had arrived. Due to this sudden retreat by the alien threat, the world leaders have ordered all citizens' return effective immediately.

Time-skip Implemented
Zone 1 & 2: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 AM
Zone 3 & 4: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 PM


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Another successful mission, Reiwa and the Daughter of Mowa were saved and returned to Konoha in one piece.. Yet something lingers in the back of Yozu’s mind. Her son, Suhaku, who had been missing for days now. Every chance she had to request leave to look for her son, she was forced onto an S rank mission, this irritated Yozu deeply. She wished to see Ketsugo and demand leave to look for her son, perhaps he could shed some light on his last known whereabouts followed by her daughter Kimiko’s

Yozu took a deep breath, she was once more in her zen garden, perfectly poised and positioned for perfect meditation, the cold air hitting her face, the whistle of the wind and the chirping of the birds all becoming pleasant noises, she would place her right hand on the ground, her finger tips rummaging through the dirt, almost as if she was looking for something and there she found it, was a single large root this root connected to most trees in the area, she would take a moment and replace the moment where Suhaku left home, observing the direction he was taking. She opened her eyes for a moment, letting go of the root she would stand up, the dirt falling off her finger tips and her breath heavy. She spoke.

“I need to find out where all the Genin missions were located. Perhaps if I follow them, they will lead me to Suhaku.”

She was still rather furious. Her eyes blank,fueled with rage as she only wanted to find her son and it seemed like everyone was getting in the way of even that.

She would take a deep breath, heading through her house she shut the door behind her, now residing in the Uchiha compound, her eyes scanning the compound, construction of their compound still in progress, the people of the Uchiha seemed calm enough, Yozu walking down her battered up house, she walked past the people of the Uchiha clan, offering a gentle hand on their shoulder. She shared her own condolences and loss with her clan, everyone had lost something during these last few events.

It was apparent people were losing their edge, the great nations all seeming to suffer too. Could the Nations be unable to continue protecting the people? Yozu had many. Many questions she’d like to ask.

With that. Yozu would close her eyes for a moment, her eyes darting in the direction of Mito’s forest, sensing out Ketsugo. With Yozu and Ketsugo being incarnates they were able to easily sense each other out. Able to sense her other half was.. Occupied, yet he was the only one able to answer her demanding questions, perhaps for now. She will wait. She was growing rather inpatient as she hadnt seen her daughter either

Her eyes turned to her Clansmen, her eyes scanning them over, she held nothing but love for her Kin. Hoping they shared the same with her and each other. She had stood perfectly in the middle of the compound. Her foot tapping against the floor, her patience clearly wearing thin..​






There was something ominous and they walked toward the front door of the estate to exit. He could hear the footsteps of both men echoing through the estate. He could feel his heart pumping loudly with adrenaline and he could also hear Takewa’s heart as well. The annoying fly that whisked around the room since last night—he could sense it, even see it without directly looking at it stuck in place batting its wings. Everything felt it was in slow motion, even them walking. Sayū felt in touch with everything. It was an odd feeling and challenging task to explain exactly what, but he felt one with the universe and the energies that populated their planet. This feeling of “flow” wasn’t broken until he felt Takewa’s hand placed upon his chest. His eyes focused on the back of his heel, but startled by the hand he looked up at the man and then down at the hand. His bandaged right hand following up to his chest as he slipped his hand under Takewa’s and took grasp of the pills.

Heeding the advice of his mentor, he swiftly and without hesitation downed the pills before glancing over toward Hinome while Takewa responded to her question. He didn’t respond, only observed. Deciphering her tone and body language. Clearly, she was annoyed, yet in the same emotion, she was worried. A gentle soul she was. He knew why she was frustrated. They’d practically grown up together, he didn’t need to guess. He knew her like he knew the back of his hands. Slowly, yet surely a smile appeared upon his face as he walked up her only stopping with an inch of distance between their body. Sayū wasn’t much for public displays of affection, despite being in his own estate. Another party involved only made it uncomfortable for him. However, at this moment, he displayed affection. The one of a lover. His hand slowly rising up as he caressed the side of her cheek up down until his hand cupped her chin, which was then used to pull her in as he planted a gentle kiss upon her forehead.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be better once we are back. The world will be a better place.”

There was not a moment of hesitation after as he walked through the door and awaited Takewa’s arrival outside of the estate. That soft, loving expression now outstripped by the previous one that raced through his blood, causing it to boil uncontrollably. Adjudication for Heiwa. The Hyūga Lord was correct in his assumption as he smacked his lips together lightly before licking his lips. He could taste it. That pungent taste when blood is in the air. It was sweet to him. The man inhaled deeply as he closed his eyes so he could better feel everything. Feel the moment. The smell of blood, the smell of burnings, the sound of agonizing screams, and then—he sensed it, or rather, sensed them. Mowa Sozo, the adopted son of Heiwa Sozo, and with him, Ketsugo Uzumaki, the protégé of Heiwa Sozo. But he wasn’t the only one, there was also Yozu Uchiha, another student of Heiwa Sozo.

Then it occurred to him.

What had they done for him? Was it not the duty of the student to carry on the legacy of their master? Their sensei, slaughtered for all they know, and they stand here—neither investigating nor curious. Yet instead, they either idling with their time within their clan compound or engaging in heated combat against one another. They were not worthy. They were the first and foremost reasons why this world did not deserve the Pillar of Peace. Removing them would be equivalent to the surgeon removing a tumor. And he would be the one to remove them. His eyes snapped open and as they did the veins around his became bulging due to the increased blood flow. With an instance, the Uchiha Compound scouted out and within the same instance, it was entirely surrounded with his presence sharing similar seals to the ones that surround the Hyūga Compound, Heavenly Domain. Lastly, within the middle of her glance, a Flying Thunder God etched into the ground and one upon her back. It was not visible for it was scribed into the earth, which merely took a second which was plausible due to him ejecting chakra through his Byakugan and precise chakra control.

All that was left was the arrival.

“Let us begin cleaning”

The words escaped his mouth as he reached over toward the shoulder of the original Takewa. Just as his shoulder had been tightly grasped, they both had been instantly transported to the Uchiha Compound. The sound of their feet landing on the ground caused a ghastly echo through the compound. It must’ve been shocking for them. The sudden arrival of the two who seemed to be unexpecting of a guest. Especially for Yozu Uchiha, who appeared to be occupied in thought. The two arrived in a tasteful fashion. Back-to-back, Takewa Sozo facing the Uchiha Clansmen while the Sayū Hyūga faced the Uchiha Clan Lord. A sinister smile painted upon his face and his head tilted to the side as he scanned the Uchiha up and down. He nodded his head as he did so—the whole y-axis of the world would begin to shift up with him causing an intense sensation of vertigo to everyone excluding the two gentlemen that had arrived. The effects are absolutely sickening. They’d begin to feel such as powerful sense of dizziness that they’d vomit on the spot. This was, of course, had the correct precautions not been taken. In the same moment he nodded his up and down, and then stopped, so would the shift of the y-axis.

“I cannot even begin to fathom the disappointment, couldn’t even put it into words. This urge that has overcome me, this rage, it seems that it’ll only be satisfied by your demise. It seems the Supreme Surgeon had entrusted his legacy to tumors. From here forth, we will conduct the rest of the surgery and start anew. This world will know peace once again … or it shall burn.”

His words were tainted with disgust, rage, and absolutely no remorse. This was a man who could no longer be reasoned with. Once he had set his sights upon a goal, there was absolutely no person, nothing, that could cause him to waver. As the last words escaped from his lips, out of his sleeve fell out his katana, Nagaregyaku. As it fell out he gripped the katana by its gold and white handle and pointed the tip of the dark-steel blade toward the woman, his intentions clear with the stage having been set.


They had much to do in this time, that was absolutely for certain. Takewa would not spend much time at all inside of the compound before they stepped out, Sayu - was already outside with a very particular look upon his face. However, Takewa was a different story. The man not only was acustomed to the smell of blood on a level that was different then a typical shinobi, but he had become desensitized towards it. . . it was just another scent on the winds to him. There was strong contrast between himself and his student - whom was filled with adrenaline, ire, and spite at those that had failed the late Pillar of Peace. Takewa was calm...collected....and most of all - cold. It was less an excitement for what had certainly been a long time coming, and more of a disappointment that it had come to this. What was evil really? Did such concepts even truly exist or were these just words that people labeled that which was beyond their comprehension? He did not take pleasure in this. . . not yet at least - but to his eyes this was something that needed to happen in order for the world to heal. His mentor, his teacher, his father - had died in the service of an ideal of peace that was meant to be shared with a race that couldnt even stop fighting each other to do the most common and simple living concept that there was - self preservation. They had not come together for Madoguchi, they had not come together for a great many things at all in the past. Perhaps if they had and were more close knit with each other Heiwa could have survived the encounter to this day. While they had walked out, Takewa was bandaging the top section of his head and pocketing something in his jacket. The contents of which were unknown he had done so far too quickly for Sayu or anyone else to be aware. As he watched the man he could tell what it was he was doing, his chakra pathway, ocular nerves and brain were at levels of activity that clearly told a story - and he himself could detect strong chakras scattered about the village. He started to remove from his pocket a case - brandishing the leaf village symbol upon its face as he opened it and removed cards from within looking them over:

"You're looking for them aren't you? Ketsugo Uzumaki, Yozu - Of the Uchiha clan. . . Mowa Sozo"

He said the last name with some slight contention in his voice. Something wasn't right about that and it sent his head reeling for a moment. Cords, wire, threads and strings untangling between the creases of his mind that he simply couldnt put together. Mowa Sozo. . . Sozo - his family name. Wasn't he? Fragments - scattered and misplaced throughout the universe...his mind was telling him that there was something off about that, something. . . different then what he remembered. With each name he had pulled out a ninja info card bearing their face upon it, flashing them before Sayu until he had gotten to the last - which he himself looked at for a moment longer then the rest as if he was trying to piece together what was so off about this to him. In the moment that he did this he saw Sayu reaching over towards his shoulder after the mass wave of chakra that he had pulsed out and knew what it was that was about to happen: "Source give me strength, we just ate breakfast!" and with that they were taken away in a mass flicker if light.

Soon they would be standing there within the compound and before anything as far as dialogue could transpire between the two - the wine colored hair man would begin coughing and gagging a bit, trying to resist tossing his lunch as they appeared. Wet droplets shot from his mouth in spite of his hand appearing to cover it while his opposite hand clung to the crutch that he was upon. The man was an anomaly, appearing so weak and brittle to those that simply looked upon him with common eyes; however to anyone that viewed him with doujutsu or other chakra detecting means they would find that they could sense nothing from him. Even the biological facilities of his body would seem non-existent as if there was simply a smokey silhouette of a person standing before them. He finished coughing and would rub his throat, clearing it as his hand would move and reveal that there was a sickly looking discoloration at his throat after such. Pale white splotches and sickly green patches where his windpipe was located. Then - he would look around, standing among them. His eyes were unamused and lifeless and as he looked at the clan of Uchiha around him. Soon, a low hum coming from his body would turn into a loud frequency projected at the gathering of shinobi around him. It would be evident that the members of the clan save for the exception of Yozu would be able to hear it, their faces would have contorted into a blend of discomfort and confusion. However at the current nothing would happen. Sayu - certainly had his own plans, ideas, fantasies, about what he would do once he got to this scenario. Takewa? His mind was different on the matter. He wanted answers more then anything - explanations as to why? Where? For whom were they not there for his mentor, Heiwa? Though admittedly - the Uchiha clan had birthed many problems from its womb that had become a major issue for the world as a whole. . . it was difficult - for him to put aside his personal feelings on the clan itself in the matter. And with that being said he would simply look over at Sayu, and let him take direction on this - ever curious as to what he would do and how he would do it, it was in a way. . . a study for him. As the Lord of the Hyuga drew his blade in confrontation Takewa chuckled, laughing a bit only for it to turn into more coughing, covering his mouth with his fist he looked around at the other Uchiha that were not part of the exchange with Yozu and Sayu, reaching in his jacket pocket to pull from himself a bright green cube that almost looked like glass. What this would do? Who knew - but the man that held it leaned upon his crutch as his nub pant sleeve which was tied in a knot dangle down below him. Too apprehended with the unwilling relinquishing of his lung to go on with its purpose, it would seem for now. However the more he coughed it seemed that his disguise had started to wane, and his hair was turning from a deep wine color, to revealing the bright carrot tinged orange that truly lay underneath. It annoyed him really, which caused him to stare at the shinobi around him. . . with a bit more of a glare then intended.