Tsubu City (Capital)



Fire Republic
(火州, "Kashū", Viz: "Fire State")


Motto: "One flame, many embers."
"Ichi honō, ōku no nokoribi." (一炎、多くの残り火)​


At the moment it is apparent that even the Land of Fire Military seeks to tighten its hold over all that is in the Land of Wind as well as to make use of its propaganda to stain the living reputation of the Thirteenth Kazekage by stigmatizing her as a sympathizer who had been operating to destroy Land of Wind from within with the assistance of Red Tongue, a terrorist organization who had been operating against Shinobi. It was about to be announced by the man in question on the news, guaranteeing that even this statement is spread throughout the capitals through the platoons positioned in them, not only causing such an incredible sway in the people and Whilst making use of the leaders they substituted throughout the nation with some of those who are of the sympathizers of Red Tongue to spread the information throughout the nation itself in order to rid of the power in the country, whilst making the next statement even more plausible. At the same time, it also promotes them to eliminate anyone that is affiliated with the Thirteenth Kazekage Kasumi Yugata both her loyalists and clan in the Government, discharging them from their jobs whilst revoking entire access from them. But how could one discern whether one could be loyal to Kasumi? It was done through a simple process in which requires them to make use of the documents, records, and even more which they had secured in order to recognize and correlate a list of which could be proven to be high-risked officials as well as potential sympathizers who were given their position by Kasumi Yugata, even sharing the family name as Kasumi would satisfy. In their swift wave of replacements, the entire government would be completely overwritten by a new wave of Land of Wind's citizens each one is an individual who had no associations with the former leader with different opinions and thoughts. At the same time... It was made clear that the puppet they had placed in had also announced a new change in the leadership as well as how things shall be run.


"For those of my people who may wonder... Not just myself... there are also others who want to see to that end of the corruption that is lying throughout the Wind Government. We are going to eliminate the depravity in the Government as you can see... There never was a point in time where both Kazekage and Daimyo are one person... All of the power in a single person who could abuse their power to control... Henceforth. Land of Wind will be taking on similar policies as our closest ally, who had been proven to be useful as well as to maintain balance and check in an official individual. I declare this country, no longer a country ran by monarchy...but to be the Wind Republic. Every one of you has an equal opportunity to become a leader and not because of your heritage or royalty but to be voted in. No longer it will be done by succession but to be chosen by your people to represent you as they should. To act on your behalf, to ensure even the economy is to be reestablished eventually shall be what your leaders need to focus on. As your Chancellor, though this will be a temporary one for I intend to retire the moment the Administration is balanced."
He said, in a discreet location with a well-known reporter. The statement at the end could be interpreted that he'll be around as long there's corruption in the government.... In both National News and Radios in which was ensured to be spread throughout by even those who had taken control over the News and communication Buildings in order to blast such statement throughout, not only arousing such hope in others.... it is simply a new change for the Land of Wind. The moment this occurs the Military was prepared to teach and open up classes in which provide the citizens with direct access to the knowledge of how just a system of government in the Land of Fire works. In the details, it would explain the basis behind how things would work in the new system in which would be implemented into the Land of Wind. The Wind Daimyo would be renamed and altered into the Wind Chancellor, whilst providing a way for the governors as well as its people to veto, to demand, and even to vote. This would suggest that even the Land of Wind could have the right to voice and to maintain a balance and check. The people themselves would able to vote for their leaders as it had been done in the Fire Republic, this means one could have the voice to remove the strength of a Daimyo or even a Governor...

Within the details, it is described.

Wind Republic
(1.) Wind Chancellor (首相, "Shushō", Viz: "Prime Minister")
The Chancellor is the leader of the Wind Republic. They are the commander-in-chief and chief governor of all provinces, territories, states, and possessions abroad and domestic. This person is tasked with overseeing the welfare of citizens, approving the law, and preserving the culture and power of the Republic. The Chancellor has the ability to decree temporary law which can be disputed by the Wind Parliament and or the Supreme Court of the Wind Republic. With a four-year span, one could remain until they are to be retired and a new Chancellor can be voted in.
(2.) Vice-Chancellor (副学長, "Fukugakuchō", Viz: "Vice Minister")
The Vice-Chancellor is the representative of the people of the Wind Republic also known as the Governor of the People. They are tasked with keeping the governors in check. It is their job to represent the interests of the people to the government of the Wind Republic.
(3.) Governor (知事, "Chiji")
A governor is a member of the Wind Parliament. Their job is to represent the interests of the members of their provinces, the eleven provinces of the Land of Wind. Within the Parliament, they along with the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor propose, write and sign ideas into law. The Kazekage is the governor of the Kazekage Province.
(3.5.) Wind Parliament (風議会, "Kazegikai")
The Wind Parliament is a collection of governors throughout the Wind Republic, including the Kazekage who is the governor of the Kazekage Province. There are Eleven governors; each of their votes equal to a single vote by the Chancellor. The Chancellor can veto any majority vote by the Parliament but it would take 8 Parliament votes to veto a decision made by the Chancellor. The Eleven provinces of the Land of Wind each have a governor. All of the Wind Republic's colonies are represented by a single governor known as the Vice-Chancellor who is also apart of the Parliament making up 12 members. Governors are voted on in their provinces by anyone 16 and older. The Vice-Chancellor is chosen by the 12 governors and the Chancellor. If the Chancellor should become incapacitated, die, or resign they will be replaced by the Vice-Chancellor. If the same should happen to him or her the succession shall go as described: Governor of Kazaana, Shuran, Shizu, Kujaku, Mahobin, Sunagyu, Ten'inokaze, Furaijinha, Yamaorochi, Fuijinha, Kazekage.
(4.) Supreme Court of the Wind Republic (風州の最高裁判所, "Kazeshū no Saikōsaibansho")
A justice system that interprets law within the Republic. The representative of this court is chosen by the Chancellor; such a person is known as the Wind Magistrate (風治, "kazechi"). This individual appoints the chief judge of each province and is responsible for judgments against governors as well as overseeing Abuse of Power disputes charged against the Chancellor. Difficult to tackle or complicated disputes might also be sent to the Supreme Court for judgment. Governors reserve the right to veto decisions made as well as the Chancellor unless such decisions are charged against them.


"Will you stand with me and to have our voice heard?"
He smiled as he looked into the camera, not only he was able to hold his hands clasped together resting against his chest where the heart is, indicating he was being heartful he was able to encourage even the people into what could be a positive movement toward their future.
"We will thrive and succeed at where we would scoff at even the hint of poverty."

In such an incredible wave of change, one could say it was.... changing for the best, not only ensuring that the Government itself would change... How could they renounce when everything was in their favor? To deny is to accept death, even in the end, they must have enough suffering through poverty, instability in leadership, and even more. One could say they had enough of failures after the next and next and next with their Kazekage and Daimyo. And even the news of their beloved leader, not only failing them as a leader... she was also branded as a traitor throughout the nation. In the same moment, the defenses which were implemented by Kasumi Yugata would be dismantled by the might of Land of Fire's military; how could they discover this in actuality? It was due to the documents, access in which the Land of Fire's Technological Division had worked through to retrieve numerous documents as well as secrets that were exclusive to the Wind Country. Henceforth the Land of Fire's platoons splitting into 100-men platoons equipped with powerful weapons, enough that it could destroy even technology in a single blast and bombs designed to level even weapons into pieces. They were able to discover and locate with the Satellites and information they had acquired to dismantle the technology, devices, and even more in which invoked a military strike in each province in order to dismantle those that were implemented by Kasumi Yugata in order to prevent it from being used against Land of Fire, at the same time the Technology they had dismantled would be sent to the unfathomable ocean discarding its materials. At the same time... Those who are of the Red Tongue the collaborators within the Land of Wind would be processed to settle and hide volatile agents which can be settled in the most disastrous locations, both the capitals and vital buildings in which could be set to deflate accordingly to level the entire land from inside out. The trigger would be the heartbeat of a particular man, but who could it be? At the same time, it is noted that the tired soldiers were reversed summoned and replaced with a new batch of soldiers in a second in order to keep up their stamina and focus throughout the nation, with such plans which settled each about 100 men stationed at the gates, whilst increasing patrol throughout the capitals. Not only procuring and secure the assets throughout the Land of Wind it is also sent back to the Land of Fire's Military Bases. Though this is noted that the Military was also doing their job by feeding the citizens food and water as they promised. Whilst the Technological Division of Land of Fire had established a backdoor program in which can be noted to be one-sided access imparting the Land of Fire the ability to monitor, regulate and even keep track of the Land of Wind's movement, secrets, and even more...

In the same moment...

This would be made clear that the failure in the barrier system would be revised and reorganized so that it would be focused to reposition numerous devices in which was produced by Land of Fire to be closer, as opposing to enclosing the entire country it is to be used on the cities and towns instead. This would be no issue as it was just a test and trial in order to see what works. And so... They were to implement a barrier which empowers them to incorporate the cities and towns with their individual barriers instead. But just how could they achieve this? You see... With the capabilities of teleportation and even more, it was no secret that they would have some hold of solar energy panels in which had been both laced and strengthened by seals in which can be recalled by the Land of Fire's Military at its discreet with numerous soldiers positioning the solar panels hooking to the devices in which allows the solar energy to be converted into energy in order to produce the barriers, though for a time it would need to be prepared for an hour or so... In order to fully complete the barriers throughout the cities and towns itself, in which houses Land of Fire's Military base, not only supplying the citizens with resources of food, water, and even proper care it also asks for a small dose of chakra from those citizens in order to create barriers in which can be used to protect their home and country. This would happen throughout the entire province in order to empower the devices with the chakra in order to formulate it taking about an hour or so... At the same time, the Military is also making some movements in order to encircle the cities with numerous devices around acting as a backer as well as a device that can be located at the tallest building in each province, acting as a receiver in order to create a connecting system of chakra throughout the capitals itself, not only creating individuals barriers in each capital with the assistance of the platoons it began to incorporate small doses of energies from the citizens within the cities in order to strengthen and empower adding to the solar energy being redirected into the devices in which produces the barriers. Their priorities are to establish a single layer of the barrier over each province which enables one to implement the first layer*, and then the tenth layer in the order... A long process in which requires time and precision in order to establish a barrier that enables them to detect enemies... It is noted that every single technology, device, established headquarters, people, and even more are tagged by the Land of Fire's military to recall whenever it desires.


Fire Republic Armed Forces
(火州軍, "Kashū Gun", Viz: "Fire Republic Military")
The ancient military forces of the United Provinces of the Fire Republic which was founded 1,600 years ago. It consists of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines Corps, and Coast Guard. The Chancellor of the Fire Republic is the supreme leader of the armed forces and the regulator of its military power. He or she appoints the Defense Minister (防衛大臣, "Bōeidaijin") who acts as the secondary leader of the armed forces. Said person directs the Department of Defense (防総省, "Bōsōshō", Viz; "Bureau of Defense") which is an ancient executive department of the Land of Fire charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government concerned directly with national security and the Armed Forces. Not only does it have the highest budget of any military in history, but the Department is the largest employer in the world with nearly 9 million active-duty servicemen and women. The Department of Defense is headed by both the Chancellor and the Defense Minister.

The Hokage is a general in the Armed Forces and is tasked with overseeing the Hidden Leaf Army, though does not possess full dominion over their deployment and engagements. Tiānzhèngjú (天政局, "Heavenly Administration Agency", VIZ; "Space Administration Agency"), also known as the HAA or SAA, Tiānzhèngjú is an independent agency of the Fire Republic responsible for the civilian and military space program as well as aeronautics and aerospace research. It works hand-in-hand with the Armed Forces to provide all sorts of support including data, transportation, and communication. Besides several satellites launched by independent companies for commercial purposes, there are satellites used by the government listed below. All of the satellites have been made with assistance from the Sōzō Corporations, a private contractor. This organization, using common sense, surmised that there might be an attack upon their capabilities in space. This would prompt an exploration in the schematics of the satellites and, if need be, the prompt recreation of new ones. At the moment though no such production process had begun for there was no indication that such a thing was necessary.



And then.
Over millions of explosive bombs are being discharged throughout the cities that are in Land of Wind, taking a claim over several thousand lives throughout without a delay or haste - this was planned. Devised by the most sinister minds that are apart of the Red Tongue in case of the failure that was an attempt to divide the Shinobi. The explosions themselves had lasted for minutes if not seconds, reducing buildings and cities into rubbles.


After the sudden and devastating declaration by the being known as Madoguchi, it would seem as though as he had retreated into the chakra source as fast as he had arrived. Due to this sudden retreat by the alien threat, the world leaders have ordered all citizens' return effective immediately.

Time-skip Implemented

Zone 1 & 2: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 AM
Zone 3 & 4: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 PM