The Gorge of Gōjun-Aorun

Ugly Mazu

The Gorge of Gōjun-Aorun 敖閏
(otherwise known as "The Valley of the Western Sea Dragon King")

"The last remnants of a forgotten civilization...

The ruinous temples of those that worshipped the Earth-Bound borne of the Cosmic Dracons...

Within these holy sanctuaries lies a labyrinth, which contains the Eye...

Only by passing through the threshold, will one reach the final forebears of the Dragon-borne and the Io Linage...
" - Legend(s) of the Gōjun-Aorun local(s)

A land of dragon's hidden landmark, placed a great distance into the forestry of Ryūtakuji Province, the Gorge of Gōjun-Aorun is one of the deepest ravines found within the region(s). The area is throng with fauna, lush with flora, and filled with hidden mysteries - visitors to this concealed gem of the Land of Dragons note that it's beautiful scenery details a piece of the nation's richly cultured history(ies). Various temples had risen, and though eventually forgotten, to worship the Dragons that once roamed these lands, now sat pillaged and destroyed by nefarious looters and malignant marauders that had come to claim the legendary prowess of draconian followers & affiliates. Upon each sanctum wall, there had been etchings and art detailing the story's of the region people, their Draconic protectors, the powers they had bestowed, and finally the wretched poachers that had driven their "Gods" from the surface of the land - using their species dead to create sacrilegious weapons and tools containing their fallen brethren's ability and power...

Many of the civilians within this sector are bilingual, speaking the natural language of the people, as well as that of the Dragonkin, those that were born of or brought into the Draconic Blood Lines. Due to this, there is a slight prejudice to those that cannot speak DragonTongue - causing many to refuse sale, business, or even to acknowledge foreigners. Many of the surrounding clan's share a similar belief in a prophecy regarding a "Chosen" that will revive their connection to their benefiting Dragons... Some of the higher officials within this area have been seen to carry the regionally exclusive, "Wyvern", a mutated descendant of their sponsor's linages - each carrying characteristics depending on their individual bloodlines.

The regional export(s) of the area are Draconican Arts, Dragon Fruit, and Animal pelts. This area remains within a feudalistic regime, allowing them to reserve their funds for defensive military might - in order to repel those that wish to further plunder their people's heritage...
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Zaihiri, the Draconic Priestess and Daughter of Chaos, giggled to herself as she hid behind another statue of Ao. She knew she was being childish but she honestly couldn't help herself. The small woman curled her dark scaled tail around her legs to keep it out of sight. The ivy and foliage that covered vast parts of the temple tickled her cheek and she quietly blew it out of her face. She would be damned if she had to sit through one more lesson today.

Zai knew she would have to endure another mild lecture from Ao for her escape, but at the same time that was nothing compared to the punishment her father used to mete out. A dark look passed through the dragon girl’s silver eyes as she reached up to adjust the black cloth that covered the bottom half of her face. However with a quick grin and a shake of her head she banished such thoughts. Nothing could ruin her good mood today.

With a quick check to make sure the coast was clear, Zai quickly shot through the white marbled hallways oozing with the bright hues of the plant life covering them. Her waist length dark blue hair streamed behind her, done up in a simple set of French braids. The black scales that covered parts of her pale skin glinted in the sunlight as she burst outside. With a swift set of fluid motions she grabbed the branches of a tree and swung herself up into the safety of their coverage. She gazed at the giant temple she now called her home fondly. The white glistening marble of the regal temple was covered in vines and plants, in some places exploding with life and greenery. Behind the temple fell a giant waterfall, causing rainbows to dance in the mist where the water hit the majestic building. It really was picturesque. A large improvement to the cold and dimly lit caverns she grew up in, haunted with the never ending chants of her father’s worshipers.

Absentmindedly, Zai reached up to play with the small golden chains that were strung between her two spiraling horns. Something had been bothering her all day. A restlessness had taken hold of the half-blood as she had sat in her terribly boring lessons. She hated all this sitting around and “learning”. She knew these lessons were important but damn if they aren't boring. She needed a little fun in her life, a little excitement. Chaos. She wasn’t meant for a life of studying and quiet contemplation. Much to her Aunt and mentor’s amused disapprovement.

Zai turned to stare out into the jungle, her pretty face unreadable, Something was coming. Or someone. A whisper of change on the wind, and a shift in the very earth. The very dust in the air seemed to quiver in anticipation. Her time here was coming to an end. Maybe her time in this very land. Her mischievous grin was hidden once more by the mask covering her mouth, but not the excited glint in her bright eyes.

It sure was going to be a lot of fun...
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The sly Priestess moved with a grace that fit her heritage as one of the scaled ones, whose status as the apex of natural stood supreme, even in this day and age when their numbers were so few. Yet such existential burden could not damper nor hinder the youth as she happily skittered through the shadows of the massive temple making her escape into the world outside the marble monolith that the humans dedicated to their kind eons ago. The very trees she took refuge in seemed to echo this grace and age to them, that mirrored the importance and stature of the marble temple, and yet the calmness that covered the area help enhance the radiant beauty of the area - untouched by the masses of the outside world and kept secured by means beyond their understanding.

Yet the serene calmness of the environment would be disturbed as the ground shook with footfall patterns of a massive creature, the weighted sound resonating from the depths of the temple, amplified by it's design as it covered the forest in a nearly omnipresent status as the footfalls grew closer and closer to the entrance of the temple. One after the other the large steps closed the distance to the aged forest outside the temple as a massive scaled head broke from the fire lit interior and into the natural light of the world outside. This creatures head alone was larger than entire beings that walked the planet, and even it seemed small compared to the neck that lead from the base, combining into a large yet lean scaled frame of a draconic body. Wings the size of entire villages gently tucked into it's sides as to make it easier to walk upon the ground in the corridors of the temple. With a few more steps the entirety of the scaled beast was freed from the confines of the temple as it's tail slowly slide along the marble floor and finally across the dirt path that lead to the home of the Priestess and her family.

The Keeper of Balance, Zeta emerged from the temple with a large huff as his slender, yet massive frame, moved into the forest his horned head swaying side to side as his ever glowing eyes scanned the nearby area for the sly Priestess who managed to slip away in a brief opening.
"Zai..." the voice boomed with aged wisdom and a sense of urgency "Now is not the time for this Zai... we must return to the inner chambers before Ao grows more irritated than she is.. and your father will only make matters worse." The avatar of balance found himself doing what he did best, attempting to keep a semblance of peace within his family, while attempting to keep the ever present visions of the greater Balance of the world at bay - even as the visions became more and more present as the Balance of the world itself was constantly thrown into chaos.

Entering into the forest his tail slithering behind Zeta would come to a stop next to the tree Zai perched herself in, yet he didn't stop because his perceptiveness fell onto her location, but because of an approaching vision of the state of the world. The eternal glow that consumed his eyes in appearance grew in intensity as a circular halo slowly appeared behind his head as his voice resonated with a mythical awareness as every syllable that left him echoed with a sense of increasing mysticism.
"To the lands... far from here... where the Earth reaches the sky - a man shall arrive. Chosen for powers of our kin. The capabilities of order... chaos... peace... and destruction. Yet he is the cause of The End and yet... one of many who will guard against it...." The glowing light would begin to fade as his massive head shook too and fro as he suddenly turned around and headed back into the temple with a haste he had not shown while leaving. Muttering under his breath that the meeting of the Three must continue with or without Zai present. For time was drawing close for the arrival of many a great things... and destructive ones...


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Zai watched Zeta return to the temple with an unreadable expression on her face. Her flippant mood from earlier had been replaced by her feeling that something was coming. She might not have the powers of Sight like her Uncle, but even she could sense the change in the wind. The Priestess swung down and landed silently onto the forest floor. Her tail gently grazed the foliage around her as she headed back toward the temple.

It was easy to sense the vision that overcame the Keeper of Balance. While she could not say what it entailed, she had come to recognize the signs of the Sight overtaking her Uncle once again. She imagined it was a heavy burden he bore, balancing and protecting the future that was constantly being pulled in one direction or another by polar forces. Zai lifted her face to the breeze and closed her eyes, savoring the scent of the wild orchids and passion flowers that were common near the temple. She imagined Zeta had little time to smell flowers or run through the jungle that surrounded the temple. She felt a twinge of pity for her ancient ancestor, one she doubted he would understand.

Zaihiri had little desire to attend the Council. She knew she would have to face her father for the first time since she had left to seek out her Aunt, and that idea did not sit well with the dragoness. She was in little danger, she knew, with both Zeta and Ao there. She also knew the Harbinger of Chaos had bigger fish to fry than her at the moment. Still, she didn’t relish the thought of having to once again face the corruption he forced upon her. And the power he tempted her with. Zai irritably flicked a braid over her shoulder and sighed. If only she was strong enough to just drive her hand through her father’s chest and rip out his probably shriveled heart. Maybe someday, but now was not the time to face her father to the death. Even with how reckless the young half blood was, she was not so cocky as to believe she stood a chance of victory in her current state.

As Zai entered the shade of the temple she readied herself for the storm to come. Whatever was coming, whoever was coming, would upset the balance Zeta tried so hard to protect. In what way it would fall, Zai doubted even the Keeper of Balance knew. Zaihiri, The Draconic Priestess, gave a quick grin to herself as she made her way to her Aunt. Whatever happened, she was bound to have a good time watching it unfold. It had been far too quiet here for far too long. It was time for some noise.



After the sudden and devastating declaration by the being known as Madoguchi, it would seem as though as he had retreated into the chakra source as fast as he had arrived. Due to this sudden retreat by the alien threat, the world leaders have ordered all citizens' return effective immediately.

Time-skip Implemented
Zone 1 & 2: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 AM
Zone 3 & 4: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 PM