Shippo Mineshaft

Shippo MIndshaft
(尻尾鋪, "Shippo Shiki", Lit: "Animal Tail Mineshaft")

From a time where the mining industry was once prominent in the Land of Palm Trees, Shippo Mineshaft was carved out of a mountain to the easter coast of the land. For years it was a steady capital for a lot of mining activities, a place where some sort of precious gem, stone, or crystal was bound to show up. However, it didn't stay that way for long. The mineshaft became populated by ravenous and savage creatures, creatures some don't even believe in, not a single person surviving an encounter. They took root in the dark and carved out mineshaft, setting up their dwellings, laying claim to the space, and forcing those who used it to flee. Now, the mineshaft is a dark and desolate cave. Upon entering it you breathe in the stiff wet air, a layer of water is always glossed up and down the cave walls. As you venture forth it begins to break into many empty tunnels, most of which stand caved in and blocked off. The roof of the cavern is barely stable, leaking small streams of light through the broken and excavated rock. Should you make it deep enough to reach the main shaft, you'll no doubt make contacts to the legendary and mysterious monsters said to inhabit it.

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There was a lot occurring. Not just in this cave, but in the Land of Fire as well. He had been notified a few times of the events happening in Land of Fire, one of the notable ones was Ketusgo Uzumaki contacting him about meeting the Fourteen Hokage. Sayū responded with one word confirming the message. At the time this occurred, the wendigo had lunged forward and in order to avoid the pressurized gust it had immediately dropped down to avoid it. For all intent and purpose, the wendigo had transitioned from mid-air to being belly down on the water, signaling to Sayū that the beast had enhanced mobility and superior control over its body. In that same instance, each of the human's presents had been tagged by a Flying Thunder God Seal by Sayū. Fortunately for him, he didn’t require making physical contact with the other and could do it with chakra control and ejecting chakra from his Byakugan. However, it wasn’t just the Flying Thunder God, but also a part of his consciousness was imparted into it as well. Unknowingly, they each had a seal placed on their back which would seep through their clothing and become deeply ingrained into their body. This was a necessary precaution and this ability was recently attained by the Hyūga. He was glad he was able to attain it, as such provides a variety of attack, defensive, and support capabilities.

The children coming from the Land of Fire had begun in conversation asking questions. Had it not been for Samiya, he surely would’ve interrupted them to focus on the task at hand and ask questions later. He appreciated her bluntness. She was focused on the task at hand, he could appreciate that. Not only that but she calmly and without unnecessary information introduced everything she had collected since their encounter with the wendigo in a simplistic manner. She had showcased two very important attributes of a leader and a shinobi, and done so while being against all odds. Not losing hope when against an opponent stronger is crucial in this game of survival. It became clear to him that the Land of Earth had a gem with this one. But they weren’t the only ones. Land of Fire had its own gem(s) as well and two of them were with him, Kabuki Noh and Yua Fujibayashi.

They were both quick to notice the water dripping off the beast and he was proud of Yua when she had seen that clear advantage presented to her from the environment itself. That was another important skill, knowing how to manipulate and use the environment to one’s advantage. A wise man once said that in high-level combat situations, controlling the battlefield is important and crucial for victory. Clearly, Yua understood this and without needing to be told prior. She was young and unfortunately would not be able to move as her technique required incredible concentration. For now, Sayū stood between the beast and her. In the same moment, without looking toward Kabuki, he’d speak with a sense of urgency toward the young man. “Kabuki, you heard her, get to the wall and destroy it.” As he spoke the Hyūga’s left arm would begin to radiate a vibrant celeste color as he would extend it toward the beast. His hand had formed into a fist that was pointed toward the beast. This was in unison after the Land of Earth kunoichi had jumped up above the beast and used some technique to amplify her voice. With the crystals weighing down the beast and other dangerous aspects, and Samiya assumingly disrupting the senses of the beast, Sayū would take advantage of the beast’s vulnerability.

Just as he had done before, from his Byakugan he released a powerful burst of chakra toward the beast. Regardless of the fact that the beast was prone or not, the burst was so condensed and focused that it would rip right through the body of the beast. Again, it was focussed on the scrolls dodged in the body of the wendigo. This was in timing with Yua and Samiya attacking and initiating after Samiya when she would’ve concussed the beast momentarily. Had the wendigo not found the appropriate counters, it would be removed from the world of living with extreme prejudice.


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The rampaging beast was brought to a halt, this crystal like substance began to grow over the very beast itself in what could be a guessed attempt of detaining it. The crackling sounds of the crystal growing over its very own body caused the beast to simply open its mouth a green gas-like substance began to emit from its very mouth, the green gas should it be inhaled would without a doubt cause a nose enhanced sensory shinobi to collapse from the pure rancid scent it released. However with the process of its body becoming crystalized its attention would have been drawn to the jumping Kunoichi known as Samiya. His head had turned upward, almost dislocating from its neck as it opened its mouth and released a huge gush of wind from its gut.

"you fools.. you think I am a low-life Wendigo?!"

The creature screamed with pure rage, it even went as far as to rip its own body from the crystals, completely destroying its very own arms and the same skin coating his stomach, all left behind, the creatures blood began to splatter everywhere, coating all the insides of the cave like a popped water balloon in an empty bucket, however the beast wasn't dead.. yet.

For sure it would be on its last legs after removing its very own skin and very own arms to escape the crystals, the very nature of this beasts rage was uncontained. Unfiltered, pure.. Rage. Even should the Kunoichi's assault of her vocal cords continue the beast was unfazed by the high pitch tune. The creature had taken this moment to once more rush who could only guess to be the Jounin given its larger stature and impressive stances. The beast did one last assault. its fate was sealed even should he somehow win this fight, he would only bleed out and die. So as a creature born from Rage manifested. It would attempt to take down as many with him as he could.

With that. The creature had once more rushed toward the Jounin known as Sayu. This time it was clearly injured, its running.. wobbling and beast like. He would continue to run toward Sayu even after his technique would have inevitably hit him. However he wasn't a stationary target anymore. He was mobile he took this opportunity to attack. The technique the one known as Sayu had used wouldn't "kill" the beast, not quite yet. It would however rip through his torso with ease, the beast at this point with close proximity attempted to catch Sayu with his maw. After taken the hit directly into the torso, the beast would fall forward and attempt to slam his maw shut and take down Sayu with him.

The moment the creature died. The very cave itself began to crumble before the Genin had even made their move. It would seem the beast had an automated trap system, this would have been discovered would they have paid close attention to the markings on the wall in previous notions. The entire mine shaft began to collapse. They had only 60 seconds to obtain the scrolls and leave. The entire mine shaft was shaking violently. Anyone caught inside when the shaft collapses and somehow manages to survive would be left to the mercy of the Wendigo horde, hidden in the walls as they too began to scurry for their own lives in an attempt to save themselves.

The timer had started the moment the Beast had hit the ground and attempted to take down Sayu with him.

The beast had one scroll lodged in his head.

The other Scroll is on a pedestal that the team still had yet to figure out how to open correctly.


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With their opponent defeated and a scroll in the hands of Samiya Kanari and Hino Akanohi, the genin and their jonin commander settle in a forest near the Shippo Mineshaft to gather their thoughts. While they do this, they see a group of masked men in all black leading a young blindfolded and drugged child through the forest. What is the meaning of this?

Role play continued here:
Shippo Forest.


After the sudden and devastating declaration by the being known as Madoguchi, it would seem as though as he had retreated into the chakra source as fast as he had arrived. Due to this sudden retreat by the alien threat, the world leaders have ordered all citizens' return effective immediately.

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Zone 1 & 2: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 AM
Zone 3 & 4: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 PM