Shippo Forest


A forest on the coast of the Land of Palm Trees. It is quite serene and dense, much like a jungle.​


Owner and Founder
Staff member

Saiken (犀犬, Saiken)

The six-tailed slug has mysteriously appeared in the Land of Palm Trees. Saiken's sluggish movements were catastrophically releasing a liquid corrosive substance that immediately decimated anything it came into contact with. With no destination in mind, the rokubi continued to move forward wanting to navigate and understand what was going on. Miles away from the Rokubi was a political group that held signs that read "Save the Forest". The beast's power was destructive and not meant to reside in mother nature. Crawling against the land, the Rokubi could not see the sea of people miles away from her and had only paid attention to the tallest buildings of the Land. Without an ounce of malice or aggression, Saiken would kill innocent people unintentionally.