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Somewhere in the Land of Darkness, it was made clear that he had been inspecting the scenarios lined out for him before the scientist in the forms of screens positioned throughout the room it displayed numerous familiar faces, most particularly Izanagi Uchiha in Land of Darkness... Provided by the otherworldly force he was receiving constant surveillance throughout the world and yet he was keeping secrets regarding the Shinobi to himself for unknown reasons, some say it was due to an alluring whisper he heard in his head due to the wish of the God who had addressed the world. Rumors can be heard in the background regarding their plans and on what to do next; those who spoke are red tongue operatives who had been tasked to oversee the scientist prompting him to dart his eyes to the left stimulating such emotions in the men. Appeared to rather grimace as he smirked a bit, the eyes glowed in purple and proceeded to tap his fingers against the keyboards though he didn't need to. The silence filled the room as it also was filled by the light cast by the screens throughout the room. A man, of a rather skinny build, can be seen placing his arms wrapped behind his back his fist clasped into his open hand.
"There are always people driven to protect those that they cherish close and disregard what it cost." the scientist trickled.

Such a subject has resonated with some members of the Red Tongue in the room. The mindset of hating the concept of Shinobi was so deep-rooted within their childhood as well from the very beginning and he could see it on their face - but who is this man? The scientist held some incredible respect and power within Land of Darkness as the members of Red Tongue in a sense worships him, revering him as Father. For he was the man who had given them a second chance and power to defeat the wicked shinobi and to save the world from them. He took in war orphans and raised them as his children - though it is noted that he had brainwashed the children into giving their lives to the belief that gave birth to the Red Tongue Organization. He wasn't alone in this, no there are also others like him that enlisted others of similar thoughts. The members of the Red Tongue Organization were children and former shinobi influenced by self-centered desires to preserve themselves in so-called shinobi wars which started with them and settled by them it was a constant cycle. One that the Red Tongue Organization would like to sever and remove the gears before it could even proceed.

This explains why many members are rather driven to give their lives into the single ideal in which means eternal peace and unity for those who deserve it. Worshipping the
arrival of unity and peace gives them the absolute resolution of even sacrificing their lives to the great cause. Some may consider the organization a cult this appears to be true as they blindly believed in the great presence of a God that would save them from their own flaws.

Some hundred years ago...
A young boy can be viewed lurking within the blackness of the Earth exerting a glance as well as concealing his chakra signature from the children of Hidden Leaf Village, he witnessed the rear-end of Shinobi's selfishness. This boy was Chosa Akanohi, he was known as the last surviving member of the Akanohi Clan in the Land of Earth with a strong sense of justice and righteousness. This is where he bears witness to the Third Tsuchikage revealing his wicked nature as well as being the originator of the Fabrications. "Those shinobi created life as they wish... and let them die..." he thought. "And for what? So they could have more power than others?" he listened on and once again they exposed their true nature. They proposed that they are to conceal the actual nature of the Third Tsuchikage and conceal the incidents as if they had no relation to the Land of Earth. Despite the fact that the fabrications had sought for lives of their own they didn't wish to be created like this. Toying with lives can be awful in some instances this means they dared to play God with human life, even both artificial and natural. It started with shinobi. He was worried that he would be the next to fall as one of the many victims and begun to run.
"Those wicked ones... Why did I want to become a Shinobi!? I never wanted to be associated with those who think lightly of life!"

Arriving at a particular valley far from the spot... He exclaimed as tears fell down the cheeks he stumbled into a mysterious hole in which led him to a cerulean illuminated room and then a sudden burst of sky-blue light engulfed the entire room - leading to an eventual thud... and with knowledge inserted in a fashion of a prophecy from the mysterious man appeared on the screen. "Yes... Yes... We'll save the world." The sorrowful child laughed, though the tears continued to pour down his eyes eventually became purple with a particular glow.

A few years later...after that.
After he erased his presence in Land of Earth after a period of time with the exception of a diary he left behind in a secret room detailing the first encounter he had pretended to be a shinobi in the other nations - disguising himself as Chōten Kōzetsu the mysterious genius that had been noted to be immortal since the beginning of Shinobi with limitless golds and materials stored in secret bases that can only be opened by particular codes only he seems to know despite the truth. Chōten is known as the King of Technology who had been involved in every single development of Technology, he was the one who whispered such creation of things to the 'so-called' inventors behind the many things such as the light bulb and the computer. Just like a whisper he appears and disappears leaving no trace of his presence after giving the blueprints of things in which resulted in numerous devices and things influencing from the background to have many to be reliant on technology. From the wealth, Chosa was making use of it to establish orphanages and academies throughout the world - and adopted war orphans in the process to fulfill two of his purposes.

Waves of laughter of children can be heard throughout the environment, with the toddlers and teens jumped and hopped around girdling the man as he maintained his composure. The children themselves pretended to be superheroes, though the words they murmured were certainly strange.

"I'll take over the world!"

he said.

"Once I take over the world I'll destroy anything that'd be in my ways!"

she exclaimed.

Though innocent the words were instilled into the children, the scientist was striving to brainwash and condition them into thinking that they were right. And that this is what they needed to be in order to save the world. The children he had adopted were asked a question.

"But once you conquer the world, then comes the hard part."

He paused.

"What kind of world would you create?"

"Once we conquer the world, what kind of world we would create, father?" a child breathed.
"A better world!" Another exclaimed.

Prompting the man into suggesting that he had a good idea of how to make it a better world.

He smiled a bit at the flashback just then, not only he turned his head around startling the protectors into obedience he closed his eyes - then opened his left eye facing them in such an unnatural posture in which allows him to slouch his neck downward, almost as if he didn't have bones.

"What would it take to make a better world?" He chuckled, he indulged in asking questions to see what those brainwashed subjects had to say, though he secretly enjoyed messing with their minds more than one way. Though the giggles came off as rather otherworldly and this wouldn't be dared to be questioned by the guards who had seen him as a sort of god to the Red Tongue Organization, he was revered as Father. The scientist before you goes by Chosa, embracing his new life as Chosa of the Red Tongue, however.

And then...

A stranger approached the scientist, full of scratches all over his face.

"How's our little pet?" He said without concern for the man's injuries.
"Angry." The man murmured. "Are we going to hold her as a hostage to coerce him?"
"Patience." The scientist rebutted. "Where is she now?"
"In Room 4242." The man mumbled.
With a new sensation to embrace, he nodded a bit and departed from the room to approach the prisoner in time.

Basing on the appearance alone it can be rather awful and dirty - it served as a holding cell for the hostage. The room is equipped with unique technology that negates the attacks from within the room, containing it within though her presence is generally revealed to the likes of shinobi in Land of Darkness, like Izanagi if he so wishes. Though it is noted that the kidnapper thought it was perfect for a child as it has a television, bathroom, shower, and closets full of clothes in which was constructed by a particular alien who had grown fond of the child akin to a pet. What about the child? She would be facing the television, forcing her to witness the disaster that occurred outside the Land of Darkness, and on the other hand, it also shows Mowa, Tenwa, and Ketsugo facing Uragoe.

Across the hall, it unveils a silhouetted corpse inside the orb for the scientist to discover and analyze a pureblooded member of the Sozo clan in order to create weapons. It is clear that the cause of death was from a single punch shaped like a child that was located at the forehead rendering the woman braindead. Who could be responsible for this? Only times will tell... Though the scientist appeared to be giddy as he received a toy to play with though he ignored it allowing the computer to process and study the bones, blood, and even more. At the same time, the scientist appeared in front of the room taking a glance through the hole - embracing the sensation of humanity though it was almost as if he was drunk on the disturbances associating himself to a particular someone's emotions.

"Missed your family already?"

He paused, taking a glance at the prisoner through the hole that appears to be ridiculing the child from his location.

"I wonder how your family would react when they found out that you killed your mother?"
He giggled a bit, venerated in the thrill - he was a bit sadistic and perhaps enjoying it that a child had murdered her mother though this was clear that this was done without intention and in her survival for the woman was turned into a mindless monster trying to kill the child, taking a glance at what can be next to him in which contains her mother's items.​


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Hiwa Sozo
"Once you question yourself or your beliefs, it’s over, y'know?”

How long had it been? A sigh escaped her. It felt like eternity. She only left the room to amuse her captors or have blood drawn and partake in tests designed for her. At this point, she expected to have these things done everyday. They didn't torture her in a way a shinobi would think of torture, instead they gave her a room even if it wasn't the cleanest or nicest of rooms. She had a shower, though the water was lukewarm and perhaps it was made that was just to mess with her. They provided her with the essentials a young child would need but even so, Hiwa didn't truly need any of this. What she needed was her mother and to go back home.

Perhaps it was because she was thinking about home, but the tv that hung sloppily on the wall switched from a random dot pixel pattern of static that she listened to day in and day out until her captors had something they wanted her to see, this time they showed her a split screen. One had footage of the Land of Fire, while the other held video of her father - Mowa, her Uncle Tenwa and Ketsugo Uzumaki. Up until this point, they had been "torturing" her with showing her the world. The world she could no longer grasp now that she was an animal in a cage. Perhaps she was slowly getting used to her surroundings, she'd been here for what felt like eternity so it was only normal for her to feel like it was her new home. Sometimes, she'd even catch herself thinking 'At least my captors seem like they're fond of me'.

The video she was shown made her heart ache and she longed to be with her family, back in her Land. Just as she was about to reach up at the screen like some sort of signal, the Land of Fire was basked in flames and bombs blew up her homeland. Her eyes were wide with shock and her arm dropped to her side. The split screen then showed Mowa, Tenwa and Ketsugo fighting Uragoe. She couldn't help but clutch her chest. It was killing her to watch this and this was the worst form of torture they had used yet. It became apparent that nothing could be worse than being captured and forced to watch as her home and family were being destroyed. Only one though crossed her mind - 'Are my family safe!?' And just then, she heard an all too familiar voice.

"Obviously you've never had the love of a mother and father before, if you did you wouldn't ask me such a ridiculous question. I'm seven, of course I miss my family. Anybody would. But you wouldn't know that, would you?"
Her head slowly turned in his direction. Her eyes were filled with a bitter hatred like no other. If looks could kill, this man would be dead 100 times over. The burning rage and defiant passion in her eyes was that resembling her Will of Fire, but her will was now a blade in her eyes pointed at the throat of her captor and it was obvious that she wished for his death. For someone so young who was nothing more than 'The Hokage's troublesome daughter' not too long ago, she'd been through so much and now she was at the point of being someone who wished for another's death. What would her grandfather say to her if he could see her now? Would he tell her that what she's doing and what she's thinking isn't the way? Maybe it wasn't. But she knew - She knew with everything she had that if Heiwa were alive, if her grandfather was still living, he wouldn't let her rot in here and be tortured like this.

Hiwa knew what it was like to let go of it all. Her will, her love, her passion. She let it all go when she overheard her grandfather had been killed, but realized that he was always going to be with her as long as she kept the will of fire alive in her heart and so she planned to do just that. There was nothing that these scum could do to her that would break her down, because she was going to get out of here. Her mother was going to come and get her and she knew that for a fact. Hiwa continued to stare daggers deep into the man's eyes as if the longer she looked, the quicker the time would go and perhaps he'd breathe his last breath.



After the sudden and devastating declaration by the being known as Madoguchi, it would seem as though as he had retreated into the chakra source as fast as he had arrived. Due to this sudden retreat by the alien threat, the world leaders have ordered all citizens' return effective immediately.

Time-skip Implemented
Zone 1 & 2: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 AM
Zone 3 & 4: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 PM