Nara Compound


Hikari followed Hyosui into the living room and sat down next to him, not leaning against him but she lingered fairly close so she could soak up the warmth of his large frame. She listened quietly to Ketsugo, nodding quietly to show that she was, and was the first to react to his offer to Hyosui. Her surprise was hard to hide, but she couldn’t help but laugh lightly following that.

”That’s a really great offer Hyo-yo. I think you should t-“ She cut herself off when she heard a knock at the door, excusing herself as she got up slowly and disappeared from the living room. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that it was Mariko.

Hikari swung the door open and tilted her head at her best friend, putting her hands on her hips. Flaming eyes scoured her body up and down, inspecting her for a moment before she smiled and grabbed her hand. She pulled Mariko into her chest and hugged her, however briefly, before letting go of her and giving her a nudge toward the living room. ”Finally. C’mon- Lord Ketsugo is visiting. It’d be rude not to say hello. Hikari toddled back to the living room and plopped back down next to Hyosui, watching toward the doorway to make sure Mariko didn’t need to be dragged in.


After the sudden and devastating declaration by the being known as Madoguchi, it would seem as though as he had retreated into the chakra source as fast as he had arrived. Due to this sudden retreat by the alien threat, the world leaders have ordered all citizens' return effective immediately.

Time-skip Implemented
Zone 1 & 2: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 AM
Zone 3 & 4: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 PM


It had been a day and a half since the power had gone out, and the explosions hadn’t been long after. After getting sick, she hadn’t gotten out much to see how things were coming along, but Hyosui filled her in every time he came home to her. Konoha was always a really chaotic place, but lately it was becoming too much for her to find herself supporting. She wanted to live a full life and become strong, but with how things were going it just seemed more and more like that would be impossible the longer she stayed in Konoha. What would have happened if Ketsugo hadn’t saved all those people and the Nara compound was on that list? In an instant, it’d have been over for them.

The snow was melting and soon it would be summer, and not knowing what was to come was beginning to bother her. She seemed more and more reluctant each time Hyosui left the house, as if he’d never come back, and it was noticeable now that she didn’t consider herself obligated to assist Konoha. Some could already consider her a rogue by this point, but she hadn’t left quite yet. Maybe she was waiting for something to redeem the land she’d supported proudly before.

She sat out on the roof of the Nara home in Hyosui’s sweatshirt that was far too big for her, watching down the road through the break in large patches of trees. Electricity wasn’t back, but the previous threat seemed to have retreated and just… disappeared. She wondered if the power would come back and if things could go back to normal soon as she sat there waiting to see Hyosui come back again. Her sickness didn’t last too long thankfully, she was already starting to feel better, but wasn’t quite well enough to get back to work. And frankly she didn’t know if she even wanted to anymore.
Hyosui wasn’t exactly a fan of the cold and that was ever -resent in the fact that he was always wearing his jacket. The lack of electricity made avoiding something like that a little more difficult despite them being shinobi. He sighed in relief at the idea of things returning to normal whatever palpable tension resided across the globe dispersed. Yet even with those things were said and done it was clear there was no room for peace in konoha. Whether it be the explosions or the constant attacks on the nation they bothered to call home. It was the one thing that always bothered Hyosui about being tied to the clan his ancestors worked so hard to cultivate as it was the one thing holding them back in his eyes. Konoha was Aniston built on the foundation of being welcoming on all fronts and if recent events were any indication it constantly invited violence to its very front door.

This was an off putting thought to say the least. In passing the young woman Hyosui held so dear was within eyeshot as he trekked down the wooded path. The look on his face was still the same as the one he had when ketsugo arrived on his doorstep all but 24 hours ago. It was genuine and filled with a sense of promise and hope that only she would understand. His hands were stuffed in his pockets as he soon arrived on the roof with her ready to nestle her body between his legs as he intended to take a seat right behind her which in turn would place her physique between his legs. Had she not moved he would greet her with a warm embrace placing his head atop hers and soon after speaking with his deep tone.

“I’ve seen that look before you don’t have to worry. I’m always going to come home.” Of course he knew that wasn’t true, it simply didn’t fit their job description in the least bit. The two of them were shinobi after all. Their dedication to a country who could hardly keep their head above water when it came to keeping the peace was far from capable of ensuring each of its soldiers could return home. This was the sort of lie people told each other when they knew what the truth was or they simply wanted to avoid the harsh reality the world of shinobi provided.


She was quiet as he joined her on the roof, but she wasn’t entirely withdrawn. He took his place behind her, with her nestled between his legs, and she leaned back against him with her own legs stretched in front of her. His chin came to rest atop her head and when he spoke, the vibration of his voice eased her slightly. This was her safe place. It had been for years. While still tense, she rest her hands on his arms as she brought them tightly around her small frame. He’d always come home. It was comforting to hear, but she knew it wasn’t a promise, and she couldn’t help but feel a little angry that he’d even try to claim that. Who knew what could happen? Especially in Land of Fire, in the playground of grown children who’ve nothing better to do but wage wars. The past would always repeat itself.

Hikari’s lips pursed for a moment, watching the skyline. The snow dripped from the trees across from the street from the compound. Without the electric hum of energy running through the village, it was almost quiet enough to hear it. “I wish that you could promise that to me.” She finally said, rubbing her thumb against his arm. “I don’t even know if my family survived those explosions yet. It seems like the only way I will know is if I go there myself to find out.”

That wasn’t a bad idea now that she mentioned it… Hyosui could easily tell the idea of it peaked her interest if he noticed the way her ear twitched. It always did that when she was focused on something. Now that this thought had been put in her head, she was considering it. But she would only go if he went with her. There was no way she’d go alone. Not to get there, find out Hyosui was all she had left, and then come back to find out that he was gone too. She tried to just change the subject and push it out of her mind, even though something like that was hard for her. “How is cleanup going?”​
It was clear in her tone and response that she knew it was a simple white lie. It wasn’t a surprise that she even responded that way. This sort of thing was what made their relationship so stable given everything the two of them had going on in the current affairs of Konoha.she was right after all he couldn’t promise that but he knew just as well as she did that it was the thought that counted. He just wanted to comfort her in the best way possible. He chuckled softly since she was so ready to call his bluff and her level of honesty was a comfort in itself. He responded with a simple answer yet it was just as honest as her’s was “I do too.” He looked across the yard and watched as the snow continued to melt and couldn’t help but think about how no one had actually stopped to fix the power grid. Even the hospitals were without power and that was a laughable thought in itself. While the shinobi world had grown in its technological advances it couldn’t have possibly forgotten the fundamentals could it? He let out a soft sigh as he sat with her between his legs listening to her speak.

He knew her tone of voice hadn’t changed at all let alone her concerned Eleanor. He was worried about her just as much as she worried about him but this time was different. Those were reckless words to speak in a time of uncertainty yet Hyosui wasn’t opposed entirely even as the next in line to lead his clan. He was sure his father would understand in the long run if he didn’t come back considering this was almost in his best interest. He was rolling the thought around in his head seemingly savoring the idea as a whole before he thought to speak. “If they’re anywhere near as stubborn as you are I’m sure they managed to pull through.” It was another one of those white lies. He couldn’t guarantee her anything of the sort he simply wanted to comfort her.

When she asked him about the clean up process he almost wanted to laugh. The Nara compound was looking better and better with every passing minute but the rest of the village was preoccupied. There was clearly something more important than the village’s restoration. “I wish it were going better. It seems like even the homage doesn’t care how long it takes. The Nara are just working on auto pilot as it is.” He shook his head a moment before resting it atop hers. He just needed a moment to rest he could almost fall asleep just like this but there were more important things afoot.​


She listened to him quietly. Even after he’d updated her on the progress they were making, she sat in silence between his legs. Her head tilted back to rest against him and she stared at the sky, mulling over what he’d said about her family. The silence stretched on, and in that silence he could feel her wavering belief in those words. Her lips pressed into a thin line and after awhile, she sat up. She turned slightly, still sitting in his legs but sideways now, and looked him in the eye. Her jaw was tight and she had an odd look in her eye, one he didn’t see often. Fear.

“That’s the thing- they aren’t as stubborn as I am. Maybe my dad is, but my mom? Not really. And my brother is still a kid. I know there were explosions farther out than the village- we could feel the ground shaking every time. They came in all kinds of directions and who knows how far out they went. Ketsugo said that he managed them, but he couldn’t guarantee their safety and neither can we. I-“ She frowned, looking across the Nara compound. She didn’t really want to leave her second family, but… “I need to know. I can’t ask or expect you to come with me, but I can’t stay here wondering. I have to go see if they’re alive.”

As she said this, she heard commotion across the compound. People were arguing amongst one another. Family members, friends- their disagreements didn’t sound as simple as just that. They were angry. It didn’t make much sense to her, considering they’d been working side by side for the past day and a half. At first she just thought that it was just everyone being at their wits end, but she quickly learned that was not the case. One of Hyosui’s clansman came running through an archway and just as he did, shadows lashed out to grab him, impaling him through each of his limbs as they did. He screamed, being dragged back into the yard of the house he’d run from. Something- something wasn’t right. Another scream echoed from a different direction in the compound and Hikari stood up quickly, trying to look over the roof to see what was happening. She was on high alert now… Death was in the air. She was shaken as it was, now it was worse.​
Hyosui could hear the concern in her voice and it was a sentiment he could understand to a degree. He had his parents by his side every step of the way even during the red bombings. They were always there for him when he needed them or at the very least they tried to be. His lips curled into a soft hearted smile at the thought but he couldn’t help but realise she was always without her own. When she fixed her lips to say she couldn’t expect or even ask he almost wanted to laugh. The fact that she couldn’t even second guess his loyalty to her was a simple joke within itself. However things like that were the foundation of a healthy relationship, doubt in the face of adversity or even the subtle gestures of loyalty were things many people strive for yet the two of them had an uncanny bond so to speak. Alive that word danced across her lips and just the same as it filled the air quite the opposite happened.

It was the epitome of the picture Konoha painted for itself as a land filled with turmoil and destruction even in the likes of the Nara clan. They were so often the level headed individuals who stood by leaders but whatever was going was having a similar effect on his people too. Their calm and collected nature seemingly an afterthought as he watched the first of what was likely to be many be dragged away. Hyosui scoffed for a moment as he popped to his feet without a moment's hesitation. He wanted to help but just the same as his predecessors his brain was already running the numbers per say. He wanted to do nothing but help but they were two against what essentially equated to thousands in the grand scheme of things. He grit his teeth in anger this merely prompted him to cast even more doubt on the man the land called Hokage let alone the village itself.

Hyosui reached down and grabbed Hikari’s hand as a means of comfort but had she turned to look at his face she would find it filled with an impending sense of turmoil. He knew he had only a handful of options and they were dwindling by the moment. Whether or not he was going to stay and help his people in the short term or not was out of the question. He had a sense that there was more going on than than senseless murder at the drop of a dime. He was frustrated and this wasn’t making matters any better in his head. Had Hikari taken this time to leave he wouldn’t fault her but the outcome of the Nara clan would still claw at the back of his mind with each passing moment.

"It's now or never."