Nara Compound



It is home to diverse members of the Nara Clan sharing the same neighborhood as Yamanaka and Akimichi Clan and is apart of the three areas with the memorial as its center that represents the close-knit bond between the three clans, with the Sarutobi Clan as the overseer.​



The 'baaa' of a few lost lambs that had escaped their electric-run pens had resound through the now empty path, a slight crackling coming from the paths end. A car was overturned and the bonnet resting at an angle against a tree that looked as if it could break at any moment, the pressure of the car's weight against the tree made creaking sounds from both the car slipping and the tree giving way in the middle. Fuel from a pierced fuel tank steadily dripped and rolled down the body of the car and onto the floor while five regular citizens were unconscious inside the vehicle that was bound to set alight and explode at anytime.

Through the windows could be seen three children in the back - two boys and a girl. From left to right they were roughly 4-6 years old, 2-4 months old and 7-10 years old while their parents were heavily injured and pinned by the crushed dashboard of the car. The children had pretty moderate injuries from first glance, though they'd die either way if the car had set alight and exploded, also causing a forest fire in the process.

It was estimated that these people had 1 hour to 1 hour 20 minutes left before their injuries took them, especially the parents and roughly 40 minutes until the car sparked, causing an explosion resulting in their death either way....However, if someone were to come to their rescue, they'd need to be careful to not be the cause of said spark and move their death much further along.


It had been a really, really long day for Hikari. A small squad of Genin she supervised was tasked with tracking down some old bag’s cat that she let get out- and for some reason, they wanted to take a trip into the sewer. She could have let them go alone, and went about her merry day, but she wasn’t one to slack. Besides, if something had happened to them, that would be on her. They told her to watch them, knowing full well these kids in particular were the wildest bunch in the village. They didn’t even find the damn cat. So she showed up to Hyosui’s house, smelly and wet with god knows what on her clothes, for nothing?!

To add insult to injury, Hyosui had the nerve to tease her about getting a shower- which she fully intended to do. Their home was just as much hers as her own was to him, and Hikari practically lived with them on days she had to work. Her family living so far out from Konoha meant that she’d either have to commute daily or she got to stay with Hyosui. She chose the latter, for obvious reasons. Who wanted to spend ryō on fuel like that? She could stay at a hotel but they were good kids in terms of... behaving, so there was no reason to be wary of them staying in a room together.

She grabbed some spare clothes and disappeared into the bathroom, washing up three times just to make sure the stink was out of her hair. He made up for his teasing by having some toast for her when she came out of the bathroom and then they cuddled up to take a nap. They spent awhile talking about their day and whatever else came up, but Hikari fell asleep pretty quickly when Hyosui was talking about something- she couldn’t remember by the time she woke up. The way his chest vibrates against her ear and his voice rumbled in it lulled her to sleep.

She woke up at some point at night, but she didn’t know what time it was until she made it to the kitchen. She left Hyosui asleep with a peck to his cheek. They’d definitely slept long enough to be up til late at night now. Another all nighter before work, how great. Hikari rubbed her eyes vigorously to get the sleep out of them as she got out the bread and slid two slices into the toaster. She popped them down and walked over to the fridge, taking a peek inside it. The light illuminated the kitchen- and then darkness. The shut off was so abrupt for every electrical item in the home that you could hear the house actually grow dead silent. It was abrupt, but she hadn’t thought anything too intensely of it until these weird lines started to appear on everything that had been shut off by them. She shut the fridge and backed up into the middle of the kitchen and stared at the tv through the doorway in the living room.

And then she realized...

“Dammit!” She rushed over to the toaster and manually pulled the lever up, taking the floppy bread out and staring at it with clear displeasure. Throwing it down onto the counter she went back upstairs to get dressed to go outside, giving Hyosui a worried look. If he wasn’t awake already she would wake him and tell him to get dressed, but she wasn’t able to explain what was happening. This was obviously not just a blackout, but it was hard to say what it was exactly too.

Pulling her hoodie over her head, she was starting to shimmy it over her body when the sound of an airplane overhead startled her. It was loud, like it was very close to the ground. She realized quickly that it was a very bad situation. Bolting out of the house she saw the plane overhead, missing all of its lights. And then there was a loud sound of screeching tires followed by a crash. It caught her attention immediately, echoing all around them. She didn’t even say anything, she just started running- out of the compound and up the street toward it. It didn’t sound very far, and she didn’t have to go far either. And one thing she knew for certain- Hyosui was coming too. She always counted on him being there.​
Hyosui was still fast asleep even after Hikari departed his bed with a kiss to his cheek just the same. What followed this was Hyosui rolling over in bed with one of his arms outstretched in search of her form which unbeknownst to him was already gone. He didn’t think much of it due to being in a relatively deep sleep per the moment. In the end his tossing and turning was only met with the soft embrace of the pillows as he continued to lay in bed a moment longer. It was clear the comforting nature his bed provided let alone the presence of Hikari however he knew he couldn’t sleep forever as he soon placed a pillow over his face. In doing this Hyosui let out a boisterous yawn into the feather stuffed fabric only to have it muffled in exchange. As Hyosui laid there with his chest bare and the subtle sounds of Hikari in the kitchen graced his ears he couldn’t help but to smile at the notion as a whole. He knew exactly what she was doing despite the hour of the day. If there was one thing she couldn’t help it was her love of toast. His lips curled into a smile as he tossed the blankets aside and came to stand in the bedroom door. While the rest of the house was still pretty dark there were two things that stood out as he was standing in the doorway. One of which was Hikari’s form staring into the fridge for a moment causing Hyosui to swoon for a moment before everything fell silent. There was eerie sense about how things began to play out as if someone had simply pulled the plug on everything.

The silence that came was clearly discomforting to a degree as there wasn’t even the soft hum of the toaster fast at work not even greeting Hikari’s ears with the “Pop” that often came with its use. The next thing he heard as she moved about was “Damn it” nothing about her exclamation was shocking to say the least. It was certainly warranted given the circumstances as she soon gave him a look of concern and he returned it without hesitation. He had seen the look before but there was something different about this time as things began to play out around them. Their brief slice of heaven disturbed by the world around them falling apart in a matter of moments. The sound of a plane being so close to the ground could only mean this was more than some simple black out. He was just as quick to slip into own clothes as he watched Hikari slip into a hoodie. It didn’t take him long to be hot on her heels in her swift departure moving about in a seemingly sporadic manner before getting a shirt over his head and no sooner heading out of the door with his jacket in toe.

When Hyosui stepped outside there was an immediate sense of urgency about his expression. His eyes would grow wide at the sight of the things to come as he saw the plane begin to fall from the sky. However the most immediate thing he could do was head in the direction of screeching tires followed by the sickening crunch of metal. He wasn’t far behind Hikari in chasing after the danger that came with approaching the scene. If there was one thing for certain if anything was hurt or let alone in need of medical attention between the two of them he was sure they could manage to at least tend to their basic needs.​


Something felt wrong before even coming upon the scene. Her stomach was twisting into knots. Instinct fired off with alarms in her body- there was something about this that would make this situation far worse than she could imagine. A worst case scenario, though all the worst cases she could think of had worse cases she couldn’t. It was incredibly cold outside, the snow coming down harder than it had been before. She could see her breath as she was running, and the bite of the air was felt in her throat and lungs. Normally she’d have taken her time so her breathing wasn’t as erratic, but she was driven by adrenaline, and she could pay the price for that later.

Halfway to the scene she stumbled upon the first of the sheep, wandering aimlessly away from the farm further up the way. Immediately her mind was already contemplating what had transpired and this pushed her to quicken her pace in the final stretch. Hyosui and Hikari would arrive on scene moments after the incident to find a car upside down up against a tree. The windows were burst and the front of the car was crushed in, which led her to believe the car had flipped more than just what it had taken to land upside down. She could hear the strain that it put on the tree supporting it, and the unstable metal on the front of the car was not the best grip for it either. Her footsteps slowed as she came to the scene, walking slowly on approach. She observed everything the eye could take in as she rounded the car to the other side, including counting heads. Four people and a car seat. All she could do was pray the baby wasn’t in the car, but if she was thinking worse case scenario... it was. And she’s unfortunately be right.

As she rounded the car to the other side, her face creased up like it did when she was worried about something. She glanced at Hyosui, her heart dropping into her stomach. Gas... it trickled down the side of the car and she could barely make it out of it hadn’t been for the differentiation in colors. Where it was wet it was darker, but as soon as she saw it her mind processed being able to smell it too. ”It’s leaking gas. We’re not going to be able to handle this normally.” She knew that some of the Nara medics would be there soon, as most of them were outside to begin with when the crash had echoed- including Hyosui’s dad. They needed to act now though.

She tried the door first, but as soon as it started creaking she could tell that it wouldn’t. The driver side door had jammed into its hinges and she wouldn’t be able to get it open safely without metal scraping on metal. Which left her one option that had zero risk of sparks. ”Keep the car steady. Hopefully my good luck is kind to us. And get a knife from someone when they get here.” She stood there a moment longer unmoving before she shook herself out. Whether it was from nerves or fear or just preparing herself, she’d rolled her head and shoulders and shook her hands loose. As soon as he had the car steadied, she’d slip her hoodie off. It was frigid as hell out and she couldn’t help the painful chill that rushed through her body, but she’d taken getting sick over children dying. Laying her hoodie over the edge of the window and inside the car on the roof of it, she carefully and slowly crawled into the back of the car. It wasn’t too far off the ground, since the trunk wasn’t that long, which made it easier to do so without pushing weight down onto the car. The issue would be getting them unbuckled and out of the car.​
Hyosui wasn’t very far behind Hikari at all in fact once she arrived at the scene he was a few paces away himself. The cold was the least of his worries given the circumstances that sat before them. This family was in danger and that was only the start of it as his eyes darted around taking in everything one piece at a time. He could practically taste the tension in the air as Kiseki took in everything from her point of view and what followed was a heartfelt grab of her shoulder. Hyosui reached out with that same passionate look on his face that he always had and reassured her with a simple nod. He wanted her to know that even if they didn’t save everyone they were going to at least save someone. Even if this gesture didn’t remove her uneasiness he was still going to be by her side during the entirety of the ordeal so in his eyes she had no reason to be so on edge.

“We’ve got this more importantly I’m here with you together there isn’t anything we can’t do.”

At this point he was looking at the car practically crumpled up like a ball of paper in comparison to the tree. Between the shattered glass and the apparent scurry of sheep once they arrived while they didn’t fan out they were very clearly huddled together for safety. He was piecing things together as Hikari went to work. He was already doing some work of his own analyzing the best path to deal with everything as a whole. It didn’t take long for Hikari to spring into action being the first of the pair to take a look at the other side of the car and in the same stroke that she did so he could tell it wasn’t good news. She would’ve likely seemed even more worried than when they arrived but that was a part of what made them a good team. Hyosui despite his fiery personality was the calm and collected one in more situations than not. Yet Hikari functioned as a sort of anchor for him as well being the one to pull him from thought during times like these when thinking wasn’t going to solve their problems. In the end when she reached out to him with her words he listened and took them into account and deemed him the best course of action for himself let alone her. The only thing that followed from Hyosui was a brief nod and with the aid of moonlight his shadows reached out to touch more than just the sheep or even hikari’s own. Hyosui’s thinking was quick as he thought to himself even if he couldn’t physically aid in their rescue per the moment it was easy to hold the car in place as she suggested.

When his shadow reached out to touch the car there were no hand seals involved. In fact Hyosui's skill with the shadow possession technique was what made him next in line to lead the clan. His shadow would manifest in the shape of a hand quite girthy in its appearance. The hand would outstretch as if it intended to pluck the car itself from harm's way. However that wasn’t the case as it moved to grab the car with the grace of a surgeon. All they needed to do was hold the line for his parents and some of the other clan members and it didn’t take long before they themselves were on their way. He almost grew excited at the prospect of an eventful time but he knew this was no time to be even remotely chipper. In the meantime all they could do was work as safely as possible and await the arrival of Hyosui’s own mother and father. The pair of them alone were enough to triage more than a cars worth of people and even Hyosui could tend to their injuries but even traditional surgery required more than a single pair of hands. He could only hope that his parents arrived quickly and knowing how seriously they took the safety of Hyosui let alone other members of the clan it would only be a matter of time before they arrived.


It was obvious the car and the supporting tree were unstable. The bark cracked every few seconds. The talking outside has roused one of the boys, the 4-6 years looked around for a second before the situation had sunk in and he began to scream. The pain he was in and the aching in his bones was something foreign to him and so it was twice as painful. His adrenaline was rising and he was moments away from being in shock. It was hard for him to move, but being a child, he tried his best. He didn't really understand the concept of sitting still even if moving was painful. The window on his side of the car was cracked but not bust in like most of the windows and so his little palm started to bang on it, unaware that even the force of someone his age, banging on the window in utter distress could shatter the window and hurt him further.

The screaming had roused one of the parents - A female with long black hair and black eyes. This woman looked like she could possible hail from the Nara clan herself. Her vision was blurred and her memory slightly hazy. She looked around, she didn't recognise her surroundings or the screaming. She looked to her side through the broken window and gradually, her memories started to come back, her head whipping behind her to see her children. Her oldest son was screaming, her youngest son looked as though he was being suffocated by his seatbelt and her only daughter had a head injury after banging her head on the window during the tumble.

The woman tried to reach over and adjust the seatbelt that secured her infant into his car seat. As she shifted her weight, a shooting pain ran up her obviously crushed and numb legs and she yelled out. At the same time, the tree trunk began to snap, a large crack in the wood lining the front of the tree. The car shook slightly and she gasped, worried for her children. The woman began to breakdown in tears until she noticed two people outside of the car. She looked over and yelled "Hey! P-Please! Please just help my children. M-My infant! I think he's slowly suffocating uh uh...M-My daughter has a head injury too and my son sounds like he's in a lot of pain! Please! Please!" Of course she was desperate. Her children were the light of her life - They couldn't die. Not here, not now. She was fine with dying if it meant her children grew up happily and healthily, dying at an old age with no regrets. It's what every parent would want. The woman pleaded with the two, her eyes were blurred with tears and she was still sobbing. She couldn't see or feel her own injuries - Her pinned and crushed legs were numb and unknown to her, three of her fingers on her right hand were broken. Her head had bounced off of the dashboard of the car and was bleeding, her nose broken or fractured too. She looked over at her husband with a sigh and lifted her left hand to touch his face "Oh, my love...I'm sure we'll be okay. So please, wake up." The man was in deep unconsciousness. It wasn't surprising since his head bounced from widow to steering wheel, window to steering wheel many a times during the tumble. He probably had the worst head trauma our of everyone inside the car and it wouldn't be a shock to find out he had bleeding on the brain.

The woman looked out of the passenger side window and spoke to a boy that she saw "Excuse me, young boy...Thank you both. I have a favour to ask. Please, I'm honestly scared. I'm a civilian and I have never been in a dangerous situation like this in my life. Please...If possible, please hold my hand until more help arrives." It was no offence to the two youngsters, this woman felt as though she were going to die, however. This was because of what she couldn't feel. Her legs and back were so numb. It was her instinct that if she made it out alive, she may not be able to walk again. Maybe she could, though. Maybe she was just over thinking the jumbled feelings in her heart. She extended her hand out of the broken window, just in case the boy would be able to comfort her by holding her hand. Her head turned toward the girl on the opposite side of the car and she smiled "...Angels."


Once Hikari actually got into the car, everything would happen quickly, but she first had to calm the young boy that was screaming or he'd probably break an eardrum or three. She grabbed his hand from smashing against the window and held it gently, but tight enough to keep him from moving, and with the other hand loosened the chest strap on the infant so that it was no longer pressing against his throat. "Hey, it's going to be okay. I need you to calm down though, can you do that for me? Tell me where you're hurting." She said it in the softest voice that she could, hiding just how much it was trembling. She was a shinobi, it was her job to be calm in situations like these, and while there were some things about the accident that she would be unable to ignore as factual, it was hard not to get choked up about the back seat in particular. Most of the woman's chattering in the front seat had been directed at other's so she didn't give a response, but she heard what she had said. It almost made Hikari's stomach turn.


She was no angel, but that was a problem for another time. The longer she spent in this car the more at risk everyone was. She didn't have warm clothes on anymore, and it was starting to snow heavier, as well as the smell of gas eventually would just start to make her nauseous. Even she wasn't immune to things like this. While she spoke to the boy after he hopefully calmed down, she started with the baby, and thankfully it was right as help was arriving. An entourage of Nara clansmen rumbled the streets with their footsteps, and Hikari was so glad that one of them would undoubtedly be Hyosui's father. He was like a father figure of her own, which would be inevitable, and it comforted her to have them both there watching out for her.

Angling her body awkwardly against the car seat, she started to undo the seatbelt and loosen the small child extremely slowly so that the little boy didn't slip out of it and tumble to the roof of the car. She was there ready to take him into her arms, supporting his head in the crook of her elbow. The car seat unlatched without issue, but she had a feeling the two older kid's belts would pose more of an issue for her if the mechanism decided not to work for whatever reason. Shimmying on her knees back toward the window, she ducked down and was met by a pair of hands. The clan was preparing to administer medical attention on site, with blankets galore and supplies, and someone was there to help get the children out of the car. She handed off the baby and as someone took him from the person who'd received him, they wrapped him in a thick blanket and took him away to be taken care of.

Hikari held her hand out the window and asked for a knife, and she only waited a few moments before one was set in her hand.
"The others are older, they'll be at risk of getting cut up by the glass down here. If there's an extra blanket I suggest laying it down." Her voice almost sounded kind of remorseful as she carefully crawled back over to the boy that was awake. The cuts would be the least of their worries but it would at least help avoid unnecessary injury and for her- well everyone knew what would happen if she got cut deep enough. It was why she was going so slowly and carefully, and making sure that her hoodie was underneath her at all times to protect her from the glass. If her blood was in this car if it went up in flames the explosion would be three times the normal size.

"Okay, it's your turn, and then I'll get your sister out. And then I'll help your parents, but we have to get you out of here and checked out first okay? Just be calm, and moving around will hurt more. Stay as still as you can, and trust me. I'm right here, okay?"

She pat his hand gently before she reached down and attempted the clasp on the seatbelt. The knife was set aside momentarily to free her hands, just in case the belt released- and it did. As he started to slide out of the seat she was quick to catch him, shifting his body as he came out so he was laying in her arms like a princess. As she laid him down across the roof of the car with his head next to the open window, someone was sliding a blanket in to cover up the edge of the window and the broken glass. They took his shoulders in hand and as Hikari lifted his legs behind is knees, she helped slide him out of the car. He received blankets and medical attention immediately as well. Which left only the daughter. Things were going smoothly but now there was more weight on one side of the car than the other if Hikari moved. Right now she was still on the opposite side so it was balanced, but it would very easily be thrown off if she moved at all.

"Hyo, are you holding up okay out there? ... If I move to the other side, the car will tip- it won't be balanced anymore. I need you to keep it from tipping, okay? There's going to be more weight on the passenger side."
Hyosui’s father was among the first to arrive his crisp black hair almost an exact mirror of his sons. Rather than being short it was much longer to the point of being shaggy by comparison to Hyosui’s even having a matching streak of red on the opposite side. Where Hyosui’s was parted to the left his fathers would be parted to the right. Things were getting a bit hectic to say the least it was as if the land of fire was falling apart at the seams in the grand scheme of things. This was only a small piece of the pie but it was their piece of pie. He could hear the woman in the car crying out in hysteria as things transpired her concern was apt given the situation yet just the same as Hyosui’s father arrived things were being handled with care. He knew with just a glance that Hikari was trying her best and he could only commend her for that, especially considering it wasn’t easy to see something like that up close and personal. He let out a sigh centering his mind and just the same his father came to stand next to him, hands clasped together forming the rat seal where Hyosui would soon join in. It wasn’t a necessity for him to do so but he felt there was a sense of comfort that came with the notion of doing it alongside the very man that raised him. His hands met one another in a perfect fashion given the simplicity of the seal itself and soon his shadow and his fathers were interwoven. The other members of the clan that arrived were quick to lend aid to Hikari meaning that all Hyosui needed to focus on was keeping the car stable alongside his father. Their grasp on the vehicle was firm even amidst the creaking and breaking of the tree itself with each passing moment. The medical team that arrived alongside Hyosui’s father was quick to tend to the injured as other members of the clan began to wrangle the sheep to ensure their safety just the same.

The medical team that arrived and began tending to the baby were at Hikari’s behest taking the first child and tending to them without hesitation while others stood by and merely waited for their opportunity. Triage from those on hand was immediate meaning the very moment that Hikari laid that young man upon the roof of the car they were eagerly slipping their own shadows into the frey. They were delicate in comparison to the shadows used with the intention of combat. Their shadows moved much like a claw machine built with utmost stability in mind cradling the child from the roof of the vehicle and moving him to safety with the little hesitation. Had everything gone according to plan this young man would be placed into the arms of another kunoichi, her hands already gloved as they sat far enough away from the vehicle as a whole to tend to their wounds properly. If there was one thing that was for certain Hyosui, Hikari, and all the others involved were going to try their best to ensure that this woman didn’t outlive her children let alone die amidst the aid the nara clan sought to provide. Hyosui’s gaze was fixed on the vehicle just the same as his fathers was. However he wasn’t exactly focused on the vehicle itself but the stability he was going to provide so Hikari could operate within. He nodded his head to his father giving him a sort of affirmation that they were going to be okay. When Hikari called out to him as king if he was okay he responded in kind. His deep tones would reach her ears with haste as he shouted his response.

“I’m fine! My dad and I are going to hold the car in place together while you work!”

He was confident in this notion alone yet he knew nothing was perfect. He knew very well that every well thought out plan still had its flaws. This was murphy’s law after all if something can go wrong it will. However Hyosui wasn’t going to keep those things in consideration as it stood he was more focused on the idea that he didn’t want anything to happen to Hikari let alone this family. He was focused and taking the situation as seriously as possible as he and his fathers shadows were fast at work being sure to keep a tight grip on the car with each passing moment. The two of them were ready to adjust even in the event that the tree itself were to snap completely or worse. He took another deep breath centering himself in the situation and being sure to stay attentive of everything going on. However something still wasn’t sitting right in his mind, something was keeping him more edge than necessary.​


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The Grid – a set of sequential sealing arrays set up by Ketsugo Uzumaki. Set up in preparation for a plethora of reasons, and with the events of the Red Bombing, they had sprung into action based on the Uzumaki’s will and intent. As a result of the seal's nature and multi-faceted purposes, acted to protect Land of Fire citizens and served to preserve and maintain some of its locations. These seals were constructed by Yin-Yang Release, as well as those set by the Konoha Sealing Corps which were set to respond under particular circumstances.