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Founded by the First Mizukage, the Academy’'s goal has been to teach future generations of Kirigakure shinobi. Due to a generous trust fund set up by the four noble clans, all studies are free and the academy accepts any student which applies. Even though entrance is essentially assured, remaining a student of the academy requires dedication. Students are routinely put through rigorous physical and mental challenges to ascertain their progress and whether or not they deserve to remain in the academy. Once known as the “Village of the Bloody Mist” because of the exit exams which put student against student in bouts to the death, the abolition of said practice has only intensified the training received. Constant monitoring allows instructors to single out those showing promise in Kenjutsu or Iryōjutsu for future placement in applicable programs upon graduation.
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It’s been a few weeks since the whole innocent with the monsters roaming Kiri but now since the situation has been dealt with, the doctor having been executed, and her mother finally but briefly meeting the clan leader of the Chinoike Clan whom Tsutsui would come to call “The Blood Worms” due to their eyes and connection to blood.

Arriving to the mist academy nervous and meek unlike when she’s around Sōma who gave the girl strength by her presence, she felt vulnerable and easy to judge but what her mother always said stayed with her since they left the cult's hideout “A dragon doesn't care about the opinion of sheep” is her mother's favorite line to say and is starting to become the girl's favorite as well. Looking up at the large academy building, taking in it's beautiful color and infrastructure that is entirely unique, unlike Konoha's basic academy building and training area her mother talked about during her time spying on the hidden leaf.

Tsutsui takes a deep and shaky inhale of air to settle her anxiety, look straight ahead at the building before walking inside with her head held high and determination in her eyes “I can do this!”​