Dispute: Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning should be considered limited to Sarutobi Clansmen or at least the Hidden Leaf.


I am submitting this as it has come to my attention that other RPC's outside of both the Hidden Leaf Village and the Sarutobi Clan have tried to use the jutsu Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning, and while it isn't listed as a hidden just on Narutopedia it should be considered one here. The RPC, in particular, is Ogamu Retsujล from the Land of Jungles. Here are my reasons for why it should be considered classified as a hidden jutsu:

1. Within the entirety of Naruto and Boruto up to its current point only two shinobi in the canon have been seen using it and both are members of the Sarutobi Clan. Asuma Sarutobi and his nephew Konohamaru Sarutobi.

2. I have only been seen use by Hidden Leaf Village shinobi and by that same logic should be treated how the Chidori is and be banned from being used by non-leaf shinobi.

3. This has happened before with a Suna Shinobi attempting to use it and it wasn't allowed due to no Suna Shinobi ever having knowledge of this technique.

In conclusion I feel that the technique in question should be limited to either the Hidden leaf Village or the Sarutobi Clan. Thank you for listening.
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In the case of Liam Vs The Viability Of Ash Burning Pile as a Hiden jutsu of the Sarutobi clan the Blue Team has ruled in favor of Liam under the following factors and conditions:
- The jutsu has only been seen in canon content of the anime and Manga being utilized by members of the Sarutobi Clan.
- With the users being members of a clan, housed primarily and almost exclusively in the land of fire, attaining knowledge of the jutsu would inplausible without at least some extensive time traveled to the country in question, and having extremely good standing with the clan itself or IC approval and guidance of an authorized clan member via RP with a live human being. Not meeting these parameters anull the viability of having the jutsu in the arsenal of a foreign shinobi.
Following conditions:
- Moving forward it will be the responsibility of the clan lords, and village heads to discuss and see to it that IC there are established guidelines for any further establishment of jutsu that were previously not set as Hiden to be done as such. This meaning that all jutsu set by the canon content of the anime and manga as Hiden - shall remain so. Those that are not and the clan lords/village heads would like to change, must be done in character.

- OOC discussion between parties pertaining to the viability of making a jutsu a Hiden is encouraged - however not final in the categorization of a Hiden jutsu. Such matters can be discussed but need be finalized by some statute of IC interaction to finalize the procedure.

- Parties having Hiden jutsu from countries that they have not traveled to nor have a prior relationship should update their bio to support the ruling and conditions of the court case accordingly.

The mod team would like to thank you very much for your patience in our deliberation of the dispute, of course rl obligations and other projects are worked on as well so consideration and patience taken to this is well appreciated. If you feel this conclusion has been reached in some form of error - either party of the case is welcome to submit an appeal, otherwise the mod team would like to thank you for your activity, participation, and contribution to this ever growing community and the dispute precedents that will form the foundation of our ongoing operations.

Blue Team.