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Welcome to NARUTO. This community is a collection of custom characters and stories based on the original story. Although there are central tales and episodes, many stories take place simultaneously throughout the Universe. The origins of this community begin in 2007 and since then it has had many reiterations and time-skips that have changed the landscape of the story and, of course, the Universe. For this reason we call this current role-play Universe 4.​
A total of 130 years have passed since Boruto Uzumaki has died.
The world has undergone a technological renaissance, national borders have changed and shinobi culture has in some cases become a relic. Many do not trust ninja and feel as though they have no place in society because they cause problems and are the source of injustice. 19 years ago what is called the 100 Year Peace (百年の平和, Hyaku-nen no Heiwa) ended which signaled a new era of war and world conflict.​

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the Universe, please feel free to ask them here or on the community Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions
• What constitutes "canon" in this Universe?
This role-play makes use of all Naruto franchise material, including (in list of most important) manga, anime, novel, video game and interviews. Anything within these materials that contradict the manga will be dubbed "non-canon", like the anime filler arc of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's arrival to Earth.

• Can I have custom characters, villages and clans in this Universe?
Absolutely. In fact, it is recommended that you create your own custom characters and things to join the story.

• Are there any bans to abilities in this Universe?
Yes. There are certain things that are banned or that have caps due to their supposed rarity in canon or because there are too many people in the current role-play utilizing these things and so diversity needs to be encourages.
Rules & Agreements—利用規約

Posting your character data sheet in this group or groups affiliated with this group means that you agree to be in compliance with the rules and regulations of this community. The rules are as follows:
[1.] Consistent activity is mandatory for all members. Inactivity will result in removal from the group. If and when other circumstances apply you are permitted to contact moderators for extensions and exceptions.
[2.] Submitting pornographic images or content not suitable for PG-13 viewership will result in a warning and subsequent membership termination.
[3.] Out of character conversations and disputes are to take place in the Complaints and Disputes thread or another approved avenue like Discord or the General Discussion thread.
[4.] NPCs (non-playable characters) are the responsibility of moderators and approved individuals to role-play when it pertains to missions, group stories, episodes and things similar. Otherwise they can be role-played by any group member.
[5.] Do not create a thread in this group without permission.
[6.] Use only the provided character data sheet format provided.
[7.] Canon characters are not allowed to be role-played (though with few exceptions: Orochimaru, Tsunade and bijū.)
[8.] This group and community follows T1-MP rules which excludes meta-gaming, god-modding and over-powered attacks, abilities and actions in role-play.
[9.] Thievery of techniques and art will not be tolerated by members of the group.
[10.] Custom characters, villages, clans and techniques are accepted within the community. Members are allow several characters but are expected to maintain at least one of them.
[11.] Judge decisions are to be respected and final. Disputes with judges can take place but once the decision is made there should be no qualms and disagreements about the matter.
[12.] Deaths occurring in the role-play are final unless reversed in story.
* Written by Michael Madlock
External Links—外部リンク

Listed below are links to information that contribute to the story and organization of the Universe. Other than Narutopedia, all links were established for this community and its role-play.
In the Naruto universe there are an infinite number of worlds. Each, including planets, can be broken down into different dimensions. The major dimensions are the Impure Land, Middle Land, Pure Land and the Land of the Dead.
Spiritual Plane
A world that exists parallel to the Impure Land. It is the place where spirits, ghosts and similar spiritual entities roam about until and unless they possess enough physical energy to enter the physical world.
Outer Space
Throughout the Impure Land there are many planets, solar systems, and galaxies. Not all of them possess life, however. The Ōtsutsuki clan originate from another planet entirely separate from Earth and have notoriously waged war against life-sustaining worlds.
The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. There are many different types of energies within the world.
Life Force
The life energy of all people and living things based on the strength of their physical energy. It governs one's stamina, durability and longevity. It does not carry memories or experiences and for the most part cannot be controlled. It can be further defined as physical energy that manifests into a force for sustaining and invigorating one's life.
Although not all of the data on this website is accurate or ties in with our Universe it is still mostly a reliable source for information regarding the franchise.
* Written by Michael Madlock
Official Timeline—タイムライン

Although it includes some non-canon characters and historic moments, this timeline does encompass canon occurrences and tries to include all of the major ones. Please reference it for character biographical development. To calculate your character's birth date subtract their age from the Current year listed below.
AH—After Hagoromo
1205 AH
1203 AH—The full-scale invasion of Izanamimikoto and her army. Izanamimikoto had been stopped by the efforts of the world.
1184 AH—The destruction of Konohagakure by Amoghisaddhi Otsutsuki marks the end of the "Hundred Year Peace". World conflicts become common again.
1084 AH—Naruto Uzumaki the Seventh Hokage dies at the age of 93. World historians dub the day and year he dies the "Hundred Year Peace" to commemorate his efforts.
1073 AH—Boruto Uzumaki dies at the age of 70.
1016 AH—Konohagakure has been renamed as Leaf City. The world enters a stable time with very few conflicts and wars abroad.
1000 AH—Konohagakure is destroyed by the Akatsuki and the Fourth Great Ninja War begins.
996 AH—Sungakure and Otogakure attack Konohagakure. The Third Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi dies.
983 AH—Naruto Uzumaki is born and the Nine Tails Fox attacks Konohagakure.
969 AH—The Third Great Ninja War begins. Obito Uchiha fakes his own death and is rescued by Madara Uchiha.
958 AH—The Second Great Ninja War begins.
927 AH—The First Great Ninja War begins. The Second Hokage Tobirama Senju dies.
914 AH—Hiruzen Sarutobi is born.
890 AH—The Warring States Period end with the founding of Konohagakure. The Uchiha clan, Senju clan, and various other clans unite to create a single settlement. Also, a treaty with the Land of Fire commences.
755 AH—The Clan Wars, also known as the Warring States Period, begins. The average lifespan throughout the war time jumps between 25 and 33 years old. Children are used in the conflicts.
350 AH—The Uzumaki clan begin to archive information from both folklore and studies regarding the Sacred Jewels of the Seven Chakras.
266 AH—The Samurai Way falls out of favor as ninjutsu becomes more popular.
210 AH—Fed up with bad treatment, the Tailed Beasts become menaces to society.
200 AH—People, out of fear and hatred, begin to attack the Tailed Beasts. Some even worship them.
190 AH— War and strife spread around the world just as quickly as ninjutsu does.
170 AH—The Senju clan has an amicable split and in order to spread peace and the ideals of Ninshū abroad, a new branch which would become known as the Uzumaki is established.
126 AH—The Senju clan and the Uchiha clan are both established families.
124 AH—Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki dies and the great feud between Yin and Yang begins.
113 AH—Ninja clans spread throughout the known world.
103 AH—Ninjutsu is discovered by Indra Ōtsutsuki.
94 AH—Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki removes the Ten Tails from himself and splits it into 9 beings causing him to become incredibly weakened.
83 AH—Asura Ōtsutsuki and Indra Ōtsutsuki are born. They are the sons of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki.
60 AH—Hamura Ōtsutsuki returns to Earth to find a bride, taking her to the Moon with him. They begin to create the Ōtsutsuki clan of the Moon, returning every now and again to share their knowledge and abilities.
55 AH—Peace and security fill the Earth, for the most part, though there are scattered conflicts.
46 AH—Chakra is spread to many nations around the world.
45 AH—Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki starts his pilgrimage around the world in order to spread Ninshū.
41 AH—Izanamimikoto Yomi begins to take note of the human condition.
40 AH—Thrown into a rage at her lack of control and desire to take chakra from her sons who began to question her, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki turns into the Ten Tails and attacks them. She is later sealed by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki and Hamura Ōtsutsuki. Her sealing place became the Moon. Her chakra was sealed into Hagoromo. Hamura left the Earth to live on the Moon, keeping watch over Kaguya's sealing place.
22 AH—Hamura Ōtsutsuki, against his mother's will, begins to start a family who would later become the Hyūga clan.
15 AH—Scattered uprisings break out throughout the world and Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's mind further deteriorates into madness and paranoia.
10 AH—Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki and Hamura Ōtsutsuki begin to help their mother keep a reign on the Earth, doing whatever she requests of them. She has been cultivating a Zetsu army in preparation for inter-planetary war.
0 AH—Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki and Hamura Ōtsutsuki are born.
(Also born are Gamamaru and Chakki Vajra)

BH—Before Hagoromo
1 BH
—Kaguya Ōtsutsuki consumes the fruit of the God Tree and enslaves the Earth.
6 BH—Kaguya Ōtsutsuki sees the plight of the people and wants to help them, causing a fissure in the relationship she has with the other Ōtsutsuki.
10 BH—Ōtsutsuki clansmen arrive on Earth in search of the God Tree.
152 BH—Great conflict and war start up again and the God Tree has bloomed a fruit. People begin to worship the God Tree and fight over rights to do so.
182 BH—Izanagi Yomi enters his Deep Sleep in order to build spiritual power after his battle.
180 BH—Izanagi Yomi and Amoghasiddhi battle and Izanagi seals Amoghasiddhi.
200 BH—A rogue Amoghasiddhi Ōtsutsuki comes to earth in order to enslave it.
350 BH—The Hundred Year Conflict ends, but over 12 million people have died.
380 BH—Izanagi Yomi marries Izanamimikoto.
400 BH—Izanagi the King of the Underworld arrives and strategically deposits the Sacred Jewels of the Seven Chakras in order to increase the bloodshed and wars.
450 BH—The Hundred Year Conflict begins on the far eastern continent.
500 BH—The Samurai Way becomes the most sought-after military culture throughout the world.
750 BH—Due to the condition of the world in the last 150 years, a God Tree begun to grow. This is symbol of the bloodshed and carnage existing on the planet.
900 BH—As a result of war, famine and terror, Izanamimikoto festers in sadness and hatred. Izanagi Yomi, the King of the Underworld, takes note of her negative emotions and removes her from Earth to reside with him in the Underworld.
920 BH—Izanamimikoto is born on Earth.
930 BH—Countless natural disasters ravage the Earth, one after another.
980 BH—Warlords begin to fight over territory, causing great upheaval.
1,001 BH—No chakra exists on Earth. People use elementary weapons, spiritual energy and (a select few known as Shamans) nature energy to do combat with others.
* Written by Michael Madlock


Speed Tier System—速度階層

The information below the tier descriptions are the levels at which the tiers can be used, the first being the fastest and the last being the slowest for that particular tier.

Side Notes
• Nature energy and Tailed Beast chakra increases the speed of all abilities by at least one Tier. The exception to this is Tier 1; simply because you add nature energy to your technique in Tier 1 does not mean you elevate to Tier 0.
• This system is not designed to be in line with the character datasheet Speed Level section. That section is your character's base speed without any jutsu or enhancement. The system is designed to give tiers and limits to techniques, not necessarily people.
Tier 0: Energy & Speed of Light
Techniques in this Tier allow one to travel at the speed of light or energy similarly to the Heavenly Transfer Technique. It absolutely requires a life-threatening drawback (in most cases) and or extreme durability similar to the Fourth Raikage and Tsunade. Eyes like the Sharingan can keep up with such movement but response time is another issue.
— Amenominaka (Kaguya Ōtsutsuki realm warping)
— The Heavenly Transfer Technique
— Edo Madara Uchiha reacting to the Heavenly Transfer Technique ambush
— Moving with light as a medium
— Mass of energy or spirits (not necessarily faster than Space—Time Ninjutsu or other supernatural methods)

Tier 1: Supernatural Augmentation
Such supernatural methods allow for incredible acceleration. This type of speed-use would require considerable durability and or special expertise to execute.
— Yomotsu Hirasaka (Kaguya Ōtsutsuki portal jutsu)
— Six Paths Sage Mode & Nine-Tails Chakra Mode Combination
— Eight Gates Released Formation
— Nine-Tails Chakra Mode
— Complete Body—Susanoo Technique & Kurama Tailed Beast Mode
— Truth Seeker Orbs
— Six Paths Sage Mode
— Ten Tails Jinchūriki or God Fruit Consumption

Tier 2: Space—Time Continuum
Techniques in this tier use Space—Time Ninjutsu to warp, open portals and or summon things.
— Amenotejikara (Sasuke replacement Space—Time Ninjutsu)
— Flying Thunder God Technique (initial level) and Summoning Technique
— Seventh Gate of the Eight Gates
— Kamui intangibility
— Kamui with two eyes & Shin Uchiha's Space–Time Dōjutsu
— Kamui with one eye (mastered)
— Speed of actual lightning (+ Susanoo activation)

Tier 3: Chakra Augmentation
Fighters harnessing elemental releases who use said power to augment their speed. Such is rather chakra-taxing. At this point it is nearly impossible for the eyes to keep up with this person. The exception is biju tails speed. Certain jutsu that command or revoke physical laws too fall into this category.
— Jinchūriki using nine tails of chakra power respectively
— Speed enhanced by the highest tier of the Lightning Chakra Armor Technique
— Jinchūriki using six to eight tails of chakra power respectively
— The Sixth Gate of the Eight Gates
— Sage Mode
— Jinchūriki using three to five tails of chakra power respectively
— First level of the Lightning Chakra Armor Technique (using lightning as a medium) and other elemental vitalization techniques
— Jinchūriki using two tails of chakra power
— Speed using fire as a medium
— Speed of sound
— Speed using wind as a medium
— Speed using water as a medium
— Jinchūriki using one tail of chakra power

Tier 4: Ultra-Conditioned Body
Using limited chakra or physical training to enhance one's speed gives the user of this tier the power to move at speeds difficult for the eyes to see.
— Speed gained from opening the Eight Gates up to the Fifth Gate
— Speed gained using super chakra enhanced Body Flicker
— Speed gained from many years of strenuous physical activity under odd conditions (example: a Sage outside of Sage Mode would have a more conditioned body than before they underwent training)
— Enhanced muscular physique plus Body Flicker or speed influenced by Tailed Beast chakra (no tails included)
— Speed gained by artificially enhanced muscular physique
— A basic Body Flicker

Tier 5: Trained Combatant
Ninja are generally quick in the first place; genin are able to keep up with a train or outrun a horse.
— Speed where your base acceleration is like a Body Flicker
— An excellent shinobi like Rock Lee or Might Guy, weights removed;
— An experienced shinobi with a honed body and genetic advantages
— An experienced shinobi with a honed body
— A novice shinobi with intense training
— A novice shinobi

Tier 6: Average Human Movement
The lowest tier—most full-grown humans run at this top speed which is a good 8.3 miles per hour, though with low stamina.
— A trained runner
— An actively fit person
— A fully grown man
— A full grown woman
— A fit teenager
— A small child
How to Increase Technique Tiers
• You can increase a technique's Tier by adding Tiers together. For example, a user of a technique which lands in Tier 3 can add another technique from Tier 2 in order to elevate their technique or character speed to Tier 1. The only tier that doesn't work on is Tier 6 added with any other one.
* Written by Michael Madlock


Healing and Medical Class System—医療制度

This system is to be followed by all medical specialists, all medical ninja and all healers in the Universe—regardless of the means in which they heal themselves or someone else. Shinobi healing techniques—though oftentimes called Medical Ninjutsu (医療忍術, "Iryō Ninjutsu", English TV; "Medical Ninja Techniques")—can simply be referred to as Iryōjutsu (医術, "Medical Jutsu", English TV; "Healing Techniques".

Side Notes
• In each class there are both "standard" and "elite" levels of healing and medical knowledge.
• Some shinobi are capable of using healing techniques outside of their class. Although this is extremely rare, a person's kekkei genkai can negate this general rule.
D—Class healers are those who are generally at the start of their education, learning the most basics of the human body and how it works. Some—like the veterinarians of the Inuzuka clan—use this stage to learn about animals as well.
• Between 0-20% mastery
• Can recognize and diagnose basic illnesses.
• Must memorize body systems and their functions before moving on to the next class.
• Cannot use chakra to heal.

Anime Examples: Hana Inuzuka

C—Class healers are those who've usually started learning from those of the B, A and S—Classes and can use chakra to create a catalyst in a patient's body to start the acceleration of the body's already normal healing processes. They've studied the body further and can identify more illnesses and sources of damage than before. Their jutsu requires hand signs and immense concentration. They cannot be used on the fly and require time and effort to produce significant results. Some have taken up internships at hospitals and have been recognized as medical-nin in their village's organizational system.
• Between 20-40% mastery
• Generally genin or chunin
• Heal minor wounds such as cuts, bruises and light burns.
• Recovering minor blood loss.
• Damage, even after healing, often results in scarring of the patient.
• Healing requires a lot of chakra.
• May have learned the Chakra Scalpel technique for surgical purposes.

Anime Examples: Rin Nohara, Ameno

B—Class healers are of the elite and are often called doctors or specialists. They can turn their chakra into poison and require fewer hand signs when using abilities like the Mystical Palm Technique. Many of them are only required to use the signs once in battle and can heal themselves and others while in movement. Although healing still requires considerable chakra and concentration, their impressive knowledge of the body and nearly mastered chakra control allow them to expedite the healing process like no other and turn their medical techniques into offensive, death-dealing jutsu. Those of this class should be able to identify small changes in a patient's skin, voice, body language and other actions to diagnose them after inspecting them for but moments. They are usually well-learned on modern medicine and its technological advancements and have used them in laboratories and hospitals.
• Between 40-60% mastery
• Generally elite chunin or jōnin
• Can heal external wounds, fractured bones and deeper burns, disregarding severity. The more severe, however, the longer it takes to heal.
• Lost limbs cannot be reattached but the bleeding, regardless of how intense, can be stopped.
• Can restore damaged internal organs but those with more damage take more time. Some cannot be healed at all.
• Cannot heal nerve damage.
• Usually no scarring after healing has occurred.
• Has learned to create poison in the laboratory or with their chakra.
• Offensive medical techniques like the Chakra Scalpel can be used to harm.

Anime Examples: Shizune, Naruto Uzumaki (Kurama influence)

A—Class healers are extremely rare master healers—the number of them that have existed can be counted on one hand, as these types of healers only appear once in every ten generations. They have become complete masters of chakra and have intellectual capacities that generally cannot be taught. Through study, hard-work or genetics, they have a plethora of knowledge and wisdom to offer, knowing the ins and outs of the body like no other. Those of the A—Class can determine a person's illness simply by glancing at them and require mere seconds to heal psychological damage or stop bleeding. Jutsu like the Mystical Palm Technique require no hand signs and can even be channeled through objects, summoning creatures or people to heal large numbers of patients. A—Class healers usually have or have had several pupils under them, some of which do not make the cut. They've developed their own jutsu, released priceless research on their studies and appear in science textbooks. It is simply play for them to decipher the mechanics of a medical technique while some can even mimic said techniques and improve their power completely. Even among this class, the elite have learned to facilitate healing without hand signs, usually accompanied by fūinjutsu. Many have learned to create poisons or elixirs with no scent or color to ensnare opponents.
• Between 60-90% mastery
• Lost limbs and internal organs are completely healed. Extremely rare!
• Damaged nerves can be healed to a certain extent.
• Critically and fatally damaged cells can regenerate, preventing scars.

Anime Examples: Tsunade, Sakura Haruno, Orochimaru, Kabuto Yakushi

S—Class healers are said to be mythical; some believe they do not exist. These healers are so otherworldly that the human body is nothing more than a tool for them and there is nothing they cannot heal. Whether legend or secretive, these types are known as Gods of Medicine (薬の神 , "Kusuri no Kami", English TV; "The Supreme Healer"), and for good reason. They can restore limbs with nigh effortless power, heal intense damage without hand signs and stabilize entire populations on their own efforts. Those of the S—Class are very-well learned, understanding the multitudes of scientific studies—especially those having to do with medicine—as though it were second nature. On a whim they can transform their chakra into a poison and then into a medicine and as a result of the power, may be biologically immortal.
• Between 90-100% mastery
• Can heal damage to the Chakra Network.
• Can generate artificial cells/organs.
• Gained control over the body's telomerase (hay-flick limit) which may render them biologically immortal.
• Do not require hand signs to restore great damage.
• Healing oftentimes creates immunity to certain ailments patient suffer from.

Anime Examples: Hashirama Senju, Madara Uchiha (jinchuriki), Naruto Uzumaki (Six Paths Yang Power)

* Written by Michael Madlock


Strength Tier System—速度階層

The information below the tier descriptions are the levels at which the tiers can be used, the first being the strongest and the last being the weakest for that particular tier.

Side Notes
• Nature energy and Tailed Beast chakra increases the strength of all abilities by at least one Tier.
• This system is not designed to be in line with the character datasheet Strength Level section. That section is your character's base strength without any jutsu or enhancement. The system is designed to give tiers and limits to techniques, not necessarily people.
Tier 1: Diamond-Crusher
It is nigh impossible to obtain this tier. Training in order to acquire it is out of the question; it is physically impossible.
— Ability to crack or splinter objects that are as durable as diamond
— Tsunade entered this tier when she broke through Madara Uchiha's Susanoo.

Tier 2: Mountain Breaker
Although almost unheard of, this tier is indeed possible to obtain. Those with it possess strength that can tear metal and end an opponent's career.
— With their hands or feet can crush and pulverize stone to dust
— Ability to lift incredibly large objects (Tsunade lifted Gamabunta's sword which is estimated to be around 400 tons.)
— With a single strike one would be able to destroy a mountain (seen when Sakura released her forehead seal and was capable of upending the earth, the debris of which dwarfed the Ten Tails Fission Clones.)
— Naruto when using the Boil Release: Unrivalled Strength

Tier 3: Superhuman
This tier is obtained usually by supernatural means; there is generally no way to acquire it through physical training. For example, Chakra Enhanced Strength.
— The force from a kick or punch within a few feet may still cause damage despite no connection
— One strike is enough to rupture organs or kill a person
— Possesses the ability to upend earth in a few meter radius around oneself
— Naruto in Sage Mode was able to lift a gigantic summoning creature and toss it in the air

Tier 4: Conditioned
Most people will never reach this tier; it is obtained by specific and intense training.
— An excellent shinobi like genin Rock Lee (was able to uproot a tree with one hand.)
— Can fell a tree with a single strike
— Can tear holes through walls with punches and kicks
— A single punch could break an opponent's rib cage

Tier 5: Peak Human
Shinobi train in order to increase their strength. Although you may not be able to lift much more than the tier below, you have more capabilities.
— Strength training would allow you to lift weapons like the Executioner's Blade.
— Can break teeth and or knock someone unconscious with a strike
— Novice shinobi with intense training
— Novice shinobi

Tier 6: Human
The lowest tier—the average man can lift maybe 155 lbs (70.3068 kg) and cannot maintain their strength for long.
— Amateur trainer
— Full grown adult
— Young adult
— Young child
How to Increase Technique Tiers
• You can increase a technique's Tier by adding Tiers together. For example, a user of a technique which lands in Tier 3 can add another technique from Tier 2 in order to elevate their technique or character speed to Tier 1. The only tier that doesn't work on is Tier 6 added with any other one.
* Written by Michael Madlock



As mentioned in the Directory, there are certain things that are banned or that have caps due to their supposed rarity in canon or because there are too many people in the current role-play utilizing these things and so diversity needs to be encouraged. If a character becomes inactive or dies in this realm they can be revoked of their placement on the limitations list.

(術, skills/techniques)

This lists the likes of Release, Jutsu, and even more. Some are anticipated to be even exceptional to receive or decided to have a cap upon due to the origins behind them. Some may have to take selective release by other methods (E.g Madara Uchiha) or unlocking Six Paths Senjutsu whilst making use of the Six Paths Sage Mode to obtain Yin-Yang Release.

A limit of (5) nature energy users has been placed on the group.
— Naraku Uchiha (Land of Demons)
— Ketsugo Uzumaki (Konohagakure)
— Kamui (Land of Iron)
— ?? (??)
— ?? (??)

Wood Release
A limit of (3) Wood Release users has been placed on the group.
— Naraku Uchiha (Land of Demons)
— Yozu Uchiha (Konohagakure)
— ?? (Konohagakure)

A limit of (??) ?? users has been placed on the group.
— ?? (??)

Yin—Yang Release
A limit of (4) Yin—Yang Release users has been placed on the group.
— Naraku Uchiha (Land of Demons)
— Mowa Sozo (Konohagakure)
— ?? (??) Hamura Incarnate
— ?? (??)

(瞳術, Visual Jutsu)

While this may be apparent, there is a restriction on how many people can unlock a dojutsu from canon clans at a time as some are meant to be even rare than your common power. It must be earned in-character.

Mangekyō Sharingan
A limit of (8) Mangekyō and Eternal Mangekyō users have been placed on the group.
— Naraku Uchiha (Land of Demons)
— Hitomi Uchiha (Konohagakure)
— Yozu Uchiha (Konohagakure)
— Fuko Uchiha (Konohagakure)
— Kouwei Uchiha (Konohagakure)
— Kirinji Uchiha (Konohagakure)
— Rika Uchiha (Konohagakure) Potential
— Midori Uchiha (Konohagakure) Potential

A limit of (2) Rinnegan users has been placed on the group.
(1.) Naraku Uchiha God Tree
(2.) Yozu Uchiha

A limit of (3) Tenseigan users has been placed on the group.
— Himura Otsutsuki (Akatsuki)
— ?? (??) Hamura Incarnate
— ?? (??)

Six Paths
(六道, Rikudō)

It is true that many had been tempted by the thought of possessing the might of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki the Sage of Six Paths. However, there is a clear restriction on how many can exist with any sort of power at a time. Though it may vary based on in-story action. (character's death, removal or otherwise)

Some much-powerful beings tend to reincarnate throughout time itself dedicating to let their feud never cease (e.g Asura Otsutsuki and Indra Otsutsuki.) Some may be so incredibly powerful that it simply reincarnate without decree (E.g Hamura Otsutsuki.)
(1.) Ketsugo Uzumaki (Ashura Incarnate)
(2.) Yozu Uchiha (Indra Incarnate)
(3.) ?? (Hamura Incarnate)

Six Paths Chakra
By combining the chakra of Asura and Indra or becoming Jinchuriki of Ten-Tails (or Nine Tailed Beasts + Asura and Indra) one could attain the chakra of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Or in the case of Hamura's incarnate they may need the main branch's byakugan and chakra of the Moon's Otsutsuki to attain it.
— Naraku Uchiha (Land of Demons)
— Mowa Sozo (Konohagakure)
— Yozu Uchiha (Konohagakure) Indra Incarnate
— Kimiko Uchiha (Konohagakure) Potential
— ?? (??) Hamura Incarnate

Six Paths Senjutsu
This is possible by eating the fruit of the God Tree (e.g Kaguya Otsutsuki), becoming the Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails (E.g Hagoromo Otsutsuki, Madara Uchiha or Obito Uchiha) or Jinchuriki of Nine-Tailed Beasts (E.g Naruto Uzumaki). Some could attain the Six Paths Senjutsu through the might of Tenseigan in which allows them to manifest the Truthseekers Orbs—a fact that only manifest once one obtain Six Paths Senjutsu.
— Naraku Uchiha (Land of Demons)
— Mowa Sozo (Konohagakure)
— ?? (??) Hamura Incarnate

Six Paths Sage Mode
A rare yet effective transformation in which make use of the Six Paths Senjutsu in order to enhance their overall power much like Senjutsu offers, but on a greater scale. Not many could obtain this power that easily. (Naruto Uzumaki.) It is usually given by Hagoromo Otsutsuki or taking the chakra of someone who did received it from Hagoromo Otsutsuki.
— Mowa Sozo (Konohagakure)

(一族, Ichizoku)

Sometimes clans can have too many members at a time. And so this list was created to encourage others to opt for different clans than those listed below in order to encourage diversity in the Roleplay. If you make a member of the "capped" clans you are expected to make a genin or chunin that is not of that clan and it needs to be one of your active characters.