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  1. Tang Sanzang

    Thunder God's Temple

    Tang partially closed his eyes as the air released from Gyuki’s bellowing voice washed over him before he smiled at the words used to address him now that the two had arrived in what he assumed was a place shared by their chakras. Tang didn’t know it but Gyuki could have spoken to him without...
  2. Tang Sanzang

    Thunder God's Temple

    For obvious reasons Tang didn’t stop looking at his brother like that, he was just lucky Tang even listened to the instructions about being still because he was tempted to see how far he could push before his sibling would want to fight him for the sexual advances. “ Yeah yeah, let's just get...
  3. Tang Sanzang

    Thunder God's Temple

    " uh huh, yeah I said yes already didn't I?" It wouldn't be Tang if he listened to everything his brother had to say and was half agree without fully understanding, he did understand that the eight tails had been locked up and they wanted to imprison him somewhere else. He however was not aware...
  4. Tang Sanzang

    Valley of Lightning and Clouds

    Tang’s relationship to the Raikage was often used to his advantage, his brother and him had some understanding between them which was most of the time pushed to their limits with Tang’s laziness. In fact, normally Tang ignored Kyaro’s summons whenever he made it, his titles as the jounin...